How to Pack a Backpack for Camping in Bear Country?

Finally, you are going on camping but you are also afraid that you are going on a bear country. Camping in bear country is not as simple as a regular packing. It needs deep research to ensure safety and enjoyment.

Let’s see how to do it perfectly.

Here is How to Pack a Backpack

taking all items in a backpackWeight Distribution

You need to put many items in the sack, so, weight distribution is really important. Wrong weight management can make it difficult to carry to bag for a long-time.

However, it is not a difficult task. The idea is simple, keep heavy-items closer to your back and deeper side of the bag.

If you keep the heavy ones on the upper side, it can hamper the center of gravity. This simple step can make your hiking easier.

Choosing Items

While going on a camping, most of the people become confused and make the mistake of choosing the right items. Actually, there are too many items to take but you have very limited space in your backpack. So, be wise and cut down unimportant things.

However, don’t compromise with safety items. Camping in the forest is not an easy task and there are lots of dangers.

It is important to carry survival items like GPS, lantern, flashlight, first aid kit, rain gear, water, stove & fuel, knife, etc.).

These are important items and you can’t survive a single night without these. The good news is you can keep all these in a backpack.

Foods Precaution

Having sufficient food is important but you should also remember that bears are very sensitive to smell. They can smell the foods from far away. So, you must follow two simple steps. Carry less smelly foods and have a smell proof backpack.

Another way is carrying a bear canister where you can keep foods and they are not unbreakable by bears.

Take Bear Spray and Horn

You don’t know where a bear is hiding in the bush. So, taking the safety items is important. We recommended having a bear spray and bear horn in the side pocket of the backpack.

Having both of them is worthy because the spray can work when you are too close to a bear. But if you see a bear is blocking your path and you can use the horn. The loud sound will scar the bear and help you to clear the path.

How to Keep Your Backpack Safe from Rain and Snow?

Rain in the forest is always unpredictable. Taking the precaution is important otherwise it can end up your camping in wet and cold. There is nothing more measurable than ending up with everything wet in the middle of the forest.

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Few simple options can solve this problem. Here are they:

Get a Backpack Rain Cover

Buying a rain cover is the easiest way to protect it from rain and storm. Backpack rain covers are not expensive and an easy fix to the problem. It will prevent the water to get inside the backpack and protect all the items inside. The cover is easy to remove so it will not hamper your accessibility to the bag.

Trash Bags (Alternative)

If you forgot to buy a rain cover then you can use this alternative. Trash bags are heavy and water-proof. Just keep your backpack inside the trash bag.

However, if the trash bag you have is small, you can do the opposite. Put water-sensitive items in the trash bag, and put the bag inside your backpack. The rain-water can get into the backpack, but will not damage the items.

This method is not recommended, but you can do this only when you have no other option. If the backpack is not water-resistant it can get damaged.


Before going to a bear country, don’t forget to learn about the place. Unnecessary movement and getting close to the bear can be dangerous.

Take all the essential items and always stay careful.

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