6 Smart Tips to Help Bear Proof Your Property

Living or visiting a bear-prone country is always a matter of great concern as you feel a continuous risk of getting attacked.

No one would like to get killed by a bear attack or let their properties get damaged.

That’s the reason you require proper precautions and safety measures to save yourself and your properties from such horrible incidents.

But, how would you do that? Well, there are certain tricks and initiatives which might help you to save yourself and your goods from bear attacks.

To make your task a lot easier, here we have come up with the most effective tips to help bear-proof your property.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Why Do Bears Bother You?

bear bother you

Bears usually don’t have any grudge against you or your properties. They don’t attack your house out of anger or hatred.

It’s just about the lack of enough food that makes them come out of their comfort zone and enter into your territory.

The winter season is known as the sleeping season of bears, so you won’t find them roaming around in the winter to bother you.

When it comes to hibernation, specifically during the spring, they come out to look for food. But spring is not a good season to find out enough good food for bears.

So, they start looking for bugs, worms, ants, termites, honey, and ripen fruits all around and end up coming closer to your house and property.

This might be the reason you see bears bothering you sometimes, causing damage to your property unknowingly.

How To Bear Proof Your Property?

Bear proofing your property is not as difficult as it seems. Just by following some simple steps, you can easily secure your home and property. So, what are those protective measures?

Let’s find out.

#1. Get Rid Of Garbage

As you already know, bears have an acute sense of smell, so anything that has a strong smell will attract these big boys out there to visit your territory.

This is the most intriguing attractant for bears because of which they might come closer to your trash bin and thus attack your other properties.

So, you need to keep your bin clean as much as possible. It’s better to put the garbage into the bin just before pick-up time.

If you find this quite annoying to store trash in your house for that long, then you can use a bear-resistant garbage container instead. In that case, bears won’t be able to get access to garbage no matter how hard they try.

You can also put your bin into your garage or any other storage area to protect it from bear attacks. Don’t forget to pack the trash into a double bag to avoid odors each time you put them into the bin.

Most importantly, keep your trash can clean and deodorize to make it odor-free and environment friendly.

#2. Close Doors And Windows Wisely

Sometimes bears enter into houses when the owner leaves some window or door unlocked or open.

So, while leaving the house, you must close or lock all the doors and windows through which bear could have access to your home and properties.

Not only your home but also your car, garage doors, and windows need to be closed and locked as well.

If you are parking your car outside and there are different scented items in it, such as gum, candy, trash, air fresheners, lip balms, and lotions, then you must lock your car doors and windows carefully.

Otherwise, these items will welcome bears to come closer, and thus they may get damaged.

Whether it’s your house, car, or garage, if you leave any of these wide open without locking, then there is a big chance of property damage due to bear attacks out of your knowledge.

You can even reinstall sturdy doors just to save your valuable properties from being harmed.

#3. Keep Attractants Away

Due to a strong sense of smell, bears tend to get indications of food from a far distance.

There are certain smells bears can’t ignore and they are known as bear attractants. You have to know about all these attractions so that you can keep them away for your overall safety.

Starting from trash to ripen fruits, beehives to grills, pet food to bird seeds, compost to berry bushes, and even bathroom toiletries; all these can work like bear attractants.

I know you might find it quite hard to keep all those things away just to keep yourself and your goods safe, but believe me, this is really effective, especially when you are visiting such a bear-prone area.

When you are living in a bear country or region, you may not be able to keep all these away, in that case, you have to protect yourself by taking other precautionary measures.

#4. Install Electric Fencing

One of the most effective ways to deal with bear attacks is to install electric fencing around your properties.

If you want to save your fruit trees, garden, or yard from getting damaged, then this would be your best bet. Electric fencing is not something that would harm bears, rather it just produces electric shocks.

For this very purpose, you will require an energy source of 12 volts, an energizer, a grounding rod, fence posts, and high-end steel wear.

This might cost you a decent amount of money, but this is worth spending when you get an effective solution to your problem. For an area like 50 by 50 feet, a heavy-duty electric fence will cost around 1100$.

#5. Get Homeowners Insurance

Sometimes you are unlucky and bad things happen even after taking proper protective measures.

Getting homeowners insurance might help you in this case even if your property gets damaged by bear attacks.

This insurance basically helps you to cover your home’s interior and exterior damage done by any accident.

So, in this process, if any of your home properties get destroyed or damaged because of bear attacks, you will get an equal amount of money to repair or recover the damage.

This is a smart idea to become stress-free especially when you own a house near the bear territory.

#6. Use Bear Deterrents

You can also install animal deterrents to repel away bears from your property.

There is a certain bear repelling system where an infrared motion detector is used to water spray the bears once they come closer. This creates a scary situation for outsider animals and repels them away.

Moreover, the motion-detecting dog barking system is also an effective sound deterrent you can use other than the first one.

There are also certain spray deterrents available on the market for instant use. If you somehow fall into a situation where there’s no other way than facing the bear, then you can use these deterrent sprays.

Final Words

Bears don’t usually enter your house or property to attack or kill you.

The acute sense of smell of a bear is what makes them curious enough from a far distance to come closer to your place in search of food.

So, knowing effective tips to help bear-proof your property might give you a great advantage for the safety against all sorts of bear attacks.

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