Best Kerosene Lanterns Reviews

Kerosene lantern still exists and in a much more refined structure that will illuminate a room gorgeously. However, you need to seek out the best kerosene lanterns from the market to reap the most benefit.

Do not worry, as we have the perfect ensemble to help your dilemma.

Benefits of Quality Lanterns

While electricity is a blessing, it might not always be available, especially in remote places. Or as a hotel or restaurant owner, you may want to bring light to the room in an unconventional way.

For all that to happen, you will need a source that produces light without the help of electricity.

These lanterns follow a simple mechanism of burning kerosene in a contained environment to produce light and heat. The glass of the lantern protects the ignition and keeps oxygen combustion flowing.

Nowadays, there are various models of lanterns, but the primary mechanism is the same.

Kerosene is most useful to use as a lantern oil as it has a long shelf life. Depending on the shelf life, the oil should be burned.

If it is stored in a plastic container, the oil stays safe for use for an entire year. The life span increases to 10 years if the oil is stored in a metal container.

However, in both cases, kerosene oil should be kept in a dry environment. The oil refined from crude oil also produces less harmful substances than wood, coal, or petroleum. As a result, they can be safely used outdoors.

It can also be easily used indoors, but the room should be adequately ventilated as the oil still produces some harmful gasses that may cause harm to the body if inhaled.

This paraffin oil is also corrosive, which increases the shelf life and makes it cost-effective. It also has the ability to burn for a long time and has exceptional combustibility.

All you will need is a matchstick to light the lantern up. All these attributes make a kerosene lantern a natural substitute to electric lights and these lanterns can also be used to adorn the house, provided that necessary precautionary steps are taken.

Top 10 Best Kerosene Lanterns Reviews

Using lanterns correctly is extremely important. Otherwise, major havoc can arise if the fuels are not appropriately combusted.

Often with faulty engineering of the outer case, the fuel cannot appropriately combust, which may produce carbon monoxide along with other harmful gasses.

So, if you are considering buying a kerosene lamp, you should choose the best from the market to stay on the safe side. Luckily, we have gathered some of the best products from the market for your benefit.

#1. (Best Pick): Coleman One-Mantle Kerosene Lamp

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It is hard to come across electricity when you are camping in a remote area and to ignite a campfire for cooking on the grill grates could be taxing.

Besides, you need to gather wood and keep stocking them for every night you stay. Burning wood is also not economical, nor is it helpful for the environment. But an oil lantern can fix all these problems.

Coleman is a good model to look into if you are planning to get a non-electric light source. This lantern only needs a kerosene refill for it to produce beaming light of up to 50 watts.

More importantly, it stays lit for more than 5 hours with only 2 pints of kerosene. This is cost-effective as the paraffin oil is not that expensive.

Also, the oil can be easily stored and carried as it is non-corrosive, and based on the measurement, the user can store the exact amount needed for the trip. This lantern is also safe to use indoors as it has adjustable knobs in increasing or decreasing the lumen intensity.

There are 6 settings for adjusting the light, and you can easily read or rest with the produced light outdoors — no need to light a campfire that creates uncontrollable heat and light.

However, the constant use of fuel and burning of the fuel can quickly form rust or destroy any metal.

The manufacturers have taken the necessary steps to avoid such problems; the Coleman metal is coated with porcelain, which is hard to penetrate, thus protects the metal from deteriorating.

Moreover, the porcelain also keeps the interior of the lantern cool. The lantern cannot burn if there is insufficient oxygen; that is why, with proper ventilation, a globe made of glass is used to ignite the gas. However, the glass is extremely heat-resistant and will not easily break.

So, it is safe for use and travel. It also has a long handle, which is called a bail handle. This can be used to carry the lantern or hang it for decorative use. The handle does not get heated up easily and can be held without mittens. But caution should always be exercised.

  • Heat resistant globe
  • 6 adjustable modes
  • Easy to light up
  • The steady base for set up
  • Convenient handle
  • Available in fancy military green color
  • Rustproof
  • Cannot be used in the rooms are not properly ventilated

#2. Dietz #2500 Jupiter Oil Lantern

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Lanterns date back to 1800, and during those times, it was the most convenient way of obtaining a brightly lit room.

Dietz is a brand that has been producing such lanterns since 1840, and they surely know a thing or two about manufacturing lanterns that will fit this generation.

The construction of fuel lanterns is essential as even a small malfunction can cause the product to heat up. That is why Dietz takes precautions while making the external pieces of the light stand.

Like any other lantern, this also needs to be filled with kerosene which ignites in the presence of oxygen.

Additionally, the design of this light stand is just like old school lanterns but much more sophisticated.

With a sleek black body, the lantern will stand out in any corner. There are two handles on each side that can be used to carry the lantern. It also weighs less, about 3.2 pounds.

This means, storing and carrying the product for any outdoor campaign is possible. The body of the lantern is sturdy, and it is 15 inches tall, which can quickly provide a lot of intensity for a campout.

At the very top, there are hitch pockets that can be used to hang the lantern from the ceiling.

As it is compact, it will not weigh a tin shed roof down. The ignition space is in the middle, and it is covered with a strong glass boundary that protects the surrounding from getting overheated.

This has a large fuel tank that can store about 80 ounces of fuel, letting you light up the lantern for 75 hours. The wick is also long and can quickly burn for a considerable amount of time.

With the fuel and the wick, it can produce an output of 12 candle power.

  • 15 inches height
  • 7 to 8 inches wick
  • Sleek body
  • Versatile placement options
  • Lightweight
  • Only uses kerosene or synthetic kerosene substitute as fuel

#3. Coleman Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern

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Traditional lanterns can be low on versatility as it often functions on one type of fuel. Some lanterns cannot work under variable weather conditions too.

If you are searching for a modern lantern that features like one but offers more options, then the Coleman powerhouse will surely be your ally.

Coleman is known for manufacturing futuristic lanterns, and an intriguing feature about their product is that the user can control the light intensity using the adjustable knob that is attached below the globe.

The knob is made of heat resistant rubber, which is why it will be safe to touch with bare hands.

The adjustment knob is continuous rather than having multiple numbers of sets. Also, the main body of the lantern is silver, which can help in keeping the product cool, and the top part is a shiny black shade.

Instead of a globe, the main compound is cylindrically shaped, which ensures more oxygen capacity, and this will help in burning the gas for a more extended period.

The Coleman lantern is versatile as it allows the user to light the lantern with signature Coleman fuel or kerosene.

Unscented kerosene also works with this product. It should be known that Coleman fuel works best with these models.

However, normal kerosene is just as effective. This product also claims to be great in all weather conditions as it can produce up to 800 lumens of light.

So, even the winter season can be tackled with the heat this lantern can produce. The intensity of the light can reach up to 22 meters. This makes it safe to use outdoor as it can easily cover a wide radius of the area.

This lantern can hold 2.5 pints of fuel and can burn for a total of 20 hours. And this feature makes the product cost-effective as less fuel is needed.

The light stand is also adequately ventilated for avoiding hazards, and the porcelain coat protects the interior from forming early rust. It also a long bail handle for easy carry.

  • Sleek design
  • Dial system adjustment knobs
  • Comes with a filtering funnel and 2 string tie
  • Easy carrying facility
  • Spacious fuel tank
  • Reaches up to 22 meters
  • Costlier than other kerosene lamps


#4. Dietz #1 Little Wizard Oil Lamp Burning Lantern Blue

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There are many lanterns in the market, but almost all of them come in similar shades of black, ash, and silver.

If you own a retro restaurant or want to bring color to the dining space in an unconventional way, then the Dietz little wizard can help you arrange that charm.

Unlike any other lantern, the mechanism of this one is also the same. However, it has fancy exterior shades which make the product much more enjoyable. The body is protected against early wear down from the heat with thick color coats.

This not only makes the lantern look more attractive but also increases the longevity of the product. The light compound is cylindrical and has a stand that holds the wick in place.

This stand is connected to the key outside the cylinder, which is used to turn the lantern on or off.

The key is made of suitable material that will not burn the user’s hand, and the main cylinder is held by a top and bottom portion as well to provide it with more stability and body.

This protects the glass from breaking from accidents. The glass of the lantern is heavy duty and can resist a high amount of heat before cracking.

Additionally, it comes in a compact size, which is great for travelers to carry with them. It can be easily packed, and the cylinder will not break.

Also, it has handles on either side, which can be used for holding and it also has a hook at the top. The hook is securely attached to the body so that it can be hanged easily.

Moreover, this lantern has a fuel tank that holds the kerosene and soaks the wick for combusting oxygen. The fuel is stored at the bottom of the product, it is not visible from the outside.

So, the user will not know how much of the fuel is exhausted. However, the tank can hold 36 oz of fuel, which can light the wick for 45 hours in total.

The wick is also long and thick, which allows it to burn longer. The lantern can produce 9 candle power output, enough to take it outdoors.

  • Comes in three vibrant shades
  • 9 candle power output
  • Convenient key to turn it on and off
  • Can burn for 45 hours
  • 5 to 8 inches wick
  • Less lumen intensity compared to its peers

#5. Lamplight 52664 Farmer’s Lantern, Black

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If you want a lantern for a purely recreational purpose that serves a classic look and will elevate the interior of your house?

Then the Lamplight Farmer’s lantern is the perfect product that will extinguish your want for rusty house décor.

Although marketed as a decoration piece, the farmer’s lantern can also provide quite a usage with the help of its carefully constructed interior.

Like other traditional lamps, this one also has a similar built cylindrical space where the wick and the oxygen meet hands to produce fire.

The wick is held securely inside and will not fall apart and cause the product to catch fire. The exterior of the lantern is matte black, which will fit perfectly with any rustic exterior. It also comes in brown which will look extraordinary with wooden furniture.

It does not have adjustable knobs for controlling the light but has a key that is turned right and left for igniting the lantern.

The key is well made and is also matte black. The lantern is made of metal and weighs about 6.2 ounces. It is heavier than most lanterns but feels more regal because of the weight.

Also, it has handles that will help the user to carry the product. It has an excellent length to it, and the glass cylinder also has metal lines to keep it in place. It will also attach securely to the base of the lantern.

The fuel tank is at the bottom of the product, which will hold kerosene. This is later burned for combustion.

The user can store 5 ounces of kerosene, and since the product is made of metal, the fuel will stay clean for a more extended period of time. This much fuel can provide light for 15 hours and reach a wide area.

  • Body made of metal
  • Matte exterior
  • Hold and keeps fuel safe
  • Stores 5 ounces of fuel
  • Can burn for 15 hours
  • Safe key
  • Has more weight
  • Costs more

#6. Hurricane Lantern

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A novelty lantern can quickly create an ambiance of royalty and at the same time, bring warmth and light to your main space or dining room. Such a product can be used for decorative pieces that will make your space look as posh as ever.

The product is built with a bronze or silver touch. These hurricane lanterns aim at producing lanterns that are reminiscent of the older models.

The primary service of this model is to be used as a decorative piece. But to add more to the product, the user can light the lantern up using lamp oil or kerosene as a fuel.

Like most lanterns, it also has a cotton wick, which is used to contain the fire. The fire space is surrounded by a glass exterior to protect it from getting extinguished.

The glass itself has a high heat resistance and will be able to tolerate burning for a considerable amount of time before the glass splits.

So, the cylinder looks like a tear shape, and inside it, the wick is placed on a wick stand. There are metal handles around the glass globe, which prevents the jar from slipping sideways and also prevents the expansion of the glass.

This lantern only weighs about 2.5 pounds, which makes it extremely lightweight. There is a hook at the top of the light stand which will allow the user to hang it anywhere. Since the product is so compact, multiple lanterns can be hung in one place.

In order to keep it compact, a soft metal is used for manufacturing these lanterns. Nonetheless, they work great indoors and outdoors with the amount of light it produces.

Although meant to be a novelty lantern, they are safe for use and provides the desired outcome while looking spectacular.

  • Novelty lanterns
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The regal bronze silver shade
  • Teardrop-shaped cylinder
  • Can be suspended
  • Can wear down easily

#7. Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern

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If the average brightness from available lanterns in the market is not enough for you and you want something that brightens from every part, then a lantern with an unconventional exterior is what you need.

The Feuerhand hurricane promises such a model that will brighten the room like no other lantern.

The focus of this specific model is that it has a bright silver exterior that highlights the light produced from the fire by 2 times.

The silver paint reflects the light and helps it be brighter. Moreover, the paint also adds another layer of protection to the external body and prevents rust formation.

For the silver paint which provides extra protection, this lantern can be called a galvanized lantern. The product is made with quality material and promised to be original. All the parts are made with caution so that there is no leakage of fuel.

If the fuel leaks, the whole product can easily catch on fire, which is why the lantern comes with a seal that assures that the product is leak proof.

Feuerhand hurricane is 10 inches tall and has a robust outline. The container is almost of a square shape which has been properly ventilated for easy passage of oxygen.

In this product, the glass needs to sustain enough heat for which the company uses thermal heat resistant Suprax glass.

This particular model can easily contain heat without cracking. As a result, the lantern can be used indoors and outdoors without any worry.

It can be ignited using standard lamp oil or kerosene. The kerosene can be odorless too, and the tank can sustain 10 ounces of fuel.

With a flat 1 to ½ inch wick, the fire can burn for 20 hours with an intensity of 7 to 8 candle power.

  • 2X more illuminating
  • Galvanized outer body
  • Thermal heat globe
  • Can be hanged using a hook
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Stores 10 ounces of fuel
  • The originally imported lantern costs more

#8. Wal front Blizzard Hurricane Oil Lamp

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Most lanterns can be quite flimsy and are meant to be used as decorative pieces. If you stay in a place where the electricity supply is not constant, then you will want a lantern that is durable and will last a long time.

The Wal Front Blizzard can qualify your tests and provide satisfactory results. As the name suggests, the blizzard is exceptionally durable and made to sustain rigorous use.

That is why the exterior body is made of a metal substance that will not break or wear down quickly. Moreover, the thick color paint protects the metal from corroding before its time. The paint also reduces the chances of leaks.

The overall design is sophisticated with proper ventilation, which makes sure the fire gets an adequate supply of oxygen but at the same time prevents the wind from extinguishing the lantern.

It is a moderately big lantern that has a secure base and the top part which holds the globe in between.

There are two metal wires around the globe for housing it properly in the space. The light intensity of the lantern can be controlled using a knob.

This way, the user can increase the life span of the fuel by reducing the intensity whenever needed. The oil inside the lantern will not go bad either as the body is made of metal, and it is a suitable container.

As it is meant for heavy use, the lantern has handles on both sides, a long bail handle that falls freely on any side, and a hook at the top, so, the user can carry the lantern conveniently. The handles do not get heated up either, so it is safe to hold.

  • Can be carried 3 ways
  • Does not leak
  • Made of metal
  • Can store the fuel for a more extended period
  • Intensity can be adjusted
  • Available in 3 shades
  • The lantern is not compact

#9. Dietz #90 D-Lite Oil Burning Lantern

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Lanterns from this brand have been mentioned in our list before, and another model also deserves a place here because of the design and productivity it brings to the table. The D-lite has its flock of customers because of its unique color pattern and structure.

This model comes in a shiny black exterior which coats from the bottom to top while the interior surface is golden. The black exterior not only makes the product look fancier it also helps to retain the heat.

Also, the golden interior aids in igniting the fire as gold are known to retain heat better than most colors.

These two colors add beauty along with benefits to the product. The globe in the middle is housed between the base and the top portion of the lantern. In this product, the globe is an oval-shaped cylinder that is held by a golden base at the bottom.

The oval opens into a funnel-shaped top part from where the interior gets its supply of oxygen. Additionally, the metal wires holding the globe is also golden. The candle is more than 13 inches in height and has a low weight, which makes it portable.

Hence the user can carry it outdoor for camping for repair work during night time. For easy mobility, there are two handles on each side of the lantern, and also a golden bail handle is available.

Furthermore, the lantern is compatible with standard kerosene oil, which can be stored inside the fuel tank. The fuel tank is at the bottom of the lantern, and it holds about 31 oz of fuel.

It can burn for 27 hours by providing 14 candle power output. The base can also hold a wick of 7 to 8 inches wick.

  • Provides high intensity of 14 candle power
  • Elegant design
  • Oval shaped cylinder
  • Golden bail handle
  • Holds 21 oz of fuel
  • Comparatively more expensive

#10. Shop4Omni Silver Hurricane Kerosene Oil Lantern

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There are many big and bulky lanterns which are readily available but if you want a smaller lantern for maintenance purpose, then be sure to look out for Shop4Omni products as they provide promising features.

This lantern is unique because of the elegant bronze brown color it boasts. Moreover, the entire lantern, including the handles and the metal wires, are also painted bronze. This makes the product stand out more and also helps in heat generation.

The product is 8 inches tall and weighs only 7.2 ounces making the lantern extremely compact. For this reason, users can carry this lantern even for night time hiking if a torchlight is unavailable.

This lantern can also be a great decorative piece for a themed Christmas party. As it weighs less, it can be easily suspended.

Additionally, the glass cylinder is square-shaped with the edges tapered and attached to the base and the top. The ventilation happens from the holes situated at the top of the lantern. This provides oxygen into the cylinder and helps the fire to burn.

Also, the glass itself is sturdy so that it can sustain the heat generated inside the lantern. A circular metal hoop holds the globe in place, and the hoop is connected to the base through two v-shaped wires.

The user can carry this lantern using the handles on the side or with the bail handle that is attached to the base.

It also has a hook on top. This makes it convenient to carry and to store.

  • Painted with elegant color
  • Circular hoop protection
  • Proper ventilation
  • Compact and portable
  • Long-lasting wick
  • Strong metal body
  • It may leak if the base is not adjusted properly

Things to Consider Before Buying

Kerosene oil lanterns are not tricky to use, but whenever a fire is involved, taking precautions beforehand is necessary. That is why, before purchasing a lantern for yourself, you should know which factors to look for.

Outer Exterior

The material with which the light stand is manufactured is essential. If the body is made of cheap plastic material, then chances are the structure will slowly start to melt, or the product will easily catch fire.

Most often high-density plastic substance or some metal alloy is used to make the outer body. These help the lantern to be more lightweight and portable.

If the user is not looking for compact lanterns, they can choose metal lanterns, such models are more robust and will last a more extended period. Metal lanterns can also sustain more heat and will corrode less.


Fire cannot exist without oxygen, so there must be a way for oxygen to pass through the glass globe. After combustion, the gas also needs to leave the chamber; otherwise, the created fog will block the light or extinguish the fire.

The best kerosene oil lamps under pressure will have proper ventilation either through the top surface of the body or through the bottom. Some lanterns have circular cutouts to let the air pass in.

Proper ventilation of the room is also necessary if one wishes to use lanterns indoors.

Otherwise, the fume produces from the lantern can cause harm to anyone inhaling. This generation of fume is not much, but if ventilated properly, they will be zero chance of harm.

Storage Capacity

The total time for how long the lanterns can stay ignited depends on how much fuel the structure can hold. That is why all lanterns must-have storage for fuel, and since the wick needs to be submerged in the kerosene, the storage is usually below the base of the product.

Most lanterns can stay lit for 20 hours and this capacity can sway from 25 to 30 oz of fuel. Kerosene stays cleaner in a metal container rather than other substances, so, if the storage box is lined with metal, the kerosene can be stored for a long period inside the lantern.


The glass may not crack with the heat, but it cannot be touched as it will burn the skin. Hence, the only way to hold the lantern would be to hold it by the handles.

The handles need to be heat resistant; otherwise, it will be of no use. Some lanterns have a bail handle that is attached vertically; some can free fall.

There are also bigger handles attached on both sides. The top portion might also have a hook that can be used to hang the light. So, if the user wants a decorative handle, they should look out for bail handles and hooks.


It is most effective if the cylinder is made of glass as it is most resistant to heat. If the user wants to use a lantern for a longer period, they should purchase lanterns with thermally protected globes. The globe also comes in various shapes and sizes, but, depends on the taste of the user.

Each shape has the same output, but a wider space can help the wick burn longer. Touching the bare cylinder hand while ignited can be risky.

Temperature Adjustments

In every lantern, there is a key that ignites or extinguishes the fire. If the fuel burns out, the lantern will turn off automatically.

Some lanterns also have knobs for adjusting the heat according to the user’s comfort level. Some knobs have number sets, and others can slide continuously.


Kerosene lamps mostly use kerosene as fuel. Any other refined crude oil will not work even though it belongs to the same family.

Some lanterns can use duel fuel and also support unscented kerosene. Depending on this, the user should choose the proper kind of fuel for their product.

Kerosene Lantern Accessories

There are a lot of items required to operate or use the lanterns. These are often included in the packages:


After a certain period, the wick burns out completely, and it needs to be replaced by a fresh one. The most common form of the wick is a cotton wick which is cheap and works efficiently.

However, there are synthetic wicks that burn for a longer period. If the wick is big in length, it will also burn for more time.


For easy dispensing of the fuel inside the storage container of a lantern, a funnel is required. A plastic funnel works fine, but it should be cleaned from time to time using a clean cloth.


In case the lantern becomes too hot, few mittens made of heavy material should be kept close. The mittens can easily absorb the heat and allow the user to hold the lantern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding oil lanterns:

Can kerosene be stored in a humid place?

Kerosene should not be stored in humid places as it will lose its potency. It should be stored in dry places.

Will the heat from the lantern be enough to warm a greenhouse?

No, the heat from the lantern is not enough for a greenhouse.

Can lanterns be used outdoors?

Lanterns with good ventilation can be used outdoors.

Where does one keep the fuel inside the lantern?

There is a chamber at the bottom of each product where the fuel is stored.

What are the holes in the product for?

The holes help in ventilation for the passage of oxygen.

Can lanterns be used as a decorative piece?

Compact and lightweight lanterns can be used for decorative pieces.

Final Words

It depends on the user’s choice if they want to use different lighting techniques for their house. But using a lantern is an easy way to bring a twist to the theme, and it also has no negative effects on the environment.

The best kerosene lanterns will only increase the beauty of any room or bring light to a room if there is no electricity.

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