Top 10 Bear Blinding Flashlight Reviews

Imagine a scenario when you, along with your friends, went camping. You guys set your tent, made a campfire, enjoyed food, and went to sleep.

All of a sudden, you heard something moving outside your tent. You could barely see the shadow, but it’s big! Out of curiosity and fear, you went outside, but the darkness wouldn’t let you see anything clearly.

Suddenly you realized that it’s nothing but a big, furry wild bear! OMG, what are you going to do? You’re totally blank!

Right at that time, you truly could have used a bear blinding flashlight to save your life. And if you feel confused about which flashlight is going to be suitable for you, we will help you to get your perfect one forward.

So, let’s get going.

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How to Use a Self Defense Flashlight?

Before you know how you can use a self-defense flashlight, first, let us give you an idea about it.

Tactical Flashlight

Well, a tactical flashlight is mainly made for tactical use that is for the military or police. Typically, they are smaller than traditional lights and can emit intense light. And most importantly, they’re made durable by using weapon-grade aluminum.

Though they’re primarily used by the police and military units, they’re a great tool for self-defense. So, you can also call them self defense light.

Now, let’s get to know how to use a self-defense flashlight. Well, you can use it for mainly three functions.

Identifying Threats

You should know that attackers mostly hide in dark areas, whether it’s human or animals; it’s their favorite spot.

In that case, you can use a bright flashlight to identify threats in a dimmed environment. All you have to do is to simply shine a light so that you can measure the threats you’re facing.

Temporarily Disorienting the Attackers

Has anyone ever shined a bright light into your eyes when it’s dark outside? If yes, then you probably got disoriented or even blinded for a while.

This is a natural reaction that your would-be attackers are also going to feel if you can shine your flashlight into their eyes. That’s the time you can either flee from that place or attack! Wisely pick your decision at that time.

Extemporary Weapon

You’ll notice that some tactical flashlights come with a toothed or serrated bezel. Though manufacturers boast that you can break a car window by using it, it’s not that easy!

However, you can use it to strike an attacker during an attack. As mentioned earlier, as soon as you disorient the attacker by shining light into the eyes, hit his/her face with the bezel.

Try to hit as strongly as you can. Hey, hit only if it’s a human, don’t even dare to attack an animal!

bear blinding flashlight

10 Bear Blinding Flashlight Reviews

Almost fifty models were picked and tested in our lab. Each model went through intense examination. Thus, only ten of them could pass the tests, and we’re going to describe them below.

#1. Streamlight Pro Tac HL-X 88065

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You can never guess what kind of situation you can face while camping in the woods! That’s why you need to have an effective tactical flashlight like Pro Tac HL-X 88065 from Streamlight.

Anodized aluminum has been used for constructing it to ensure the utmost durability and to resist abrasion. Aside from that, there’s an anti-reflective coating on the glass lens so that light can pass freely to give you more luminosity.

Speaking about illumination, this tactical flashlight comes with a tail switch along with three selectable programs. Among them, it can run 1.5 hours by giving 1,000 lumens on high mode, 3 hours for 400 lumens on medium, and 20 hours for 65 lumens on low for extended run time.

Not only that, but Pro Tac HL-X also boasts strobe mode so that you can use it for signaling or disorienting the attacker. In this mode, it can run for 2.5 hours. Hope you get the help soon!

The most amazing aspect of this bear blinding flashlight is its dual-fuel feature. You can either use a 18650 rechargeable battery or CR123A two li-ion batteries to run this bad boy. With this, you’ll get 2 CR123A 3-Volt batteries with 10 years of storage life.

Plus, it has the ability to survive for 30 minutes under 1-meter water and absorb impact even if it falls from 2 meters. And you can rely on its claim as it has been tested by the PLATO FL1-2016 and ANSI standards.

Besides, you can carry it in your pocket and get busy in other work by using both your hands, thanks to the belt clip. You can also move the tip of the clip up and down according to your convenience.


  • Strong and sturdy due to anodized aluminum
  • Three selectable programs for convenience
  • Versatile, thanks to the dual-fuel feature
  • Can be used in water owing to the waterproof attribute
  • Easy to carry by the belt clip


  • Generates heat quickly

#2. Klarus G15 LED Flashlight

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If you’re planning to go out camping with your mates, then you should equip yourself to deal with uncertain issues. Like encountering a wild bear! Well, among all the things that can fortify you, the G15 LED flashlight from Klarus is one of them.

Well, this boy has an aluminum body with an anti-abrasive finish. Along with that, it has been hard-anodized with Type III to make it long-lasting. And its anti-corrosion ultra-clear glass with AR coating helps the light to pass through for utmost luminosity.

With this light, you’re going to get 8 output modes that boast intensely bright 4,000 lumens at turbo. Aside from that, you’ll get high, medium, low, and our favorite moonlight mode.

Plus, the G15 also offers SOS, strobe, and beacon modes so that you can always be ready to tackle any survival situations. Besides, even if it submerged in water up to 2 meters, it’s going to shine well, thanks to the IPX8 waterproofing.

The most amazing feature of this bear blinding flashlight from Klarus is its mode memory. As a consequence, whenever you turn it on, you’ll get the exact mode when the last time you switched it off.

Moreover, you can use it for a maximum of 200 hours, which equals 40 days if used 5 hours per day, thanks for using a 21700 Li-ion 5000mAh battery. You can charge the batteries pretty fast by the inbuilt micro-USB port that supports 2A fast-charging.

When the battery is fully charged, charging, or low, you can easily know it by the battery indicator. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your battery is going to be safe from being over-discharged, as it has LVP or low voltage protection.

Not only that, but its side lockout switch will also prevent the light from accidental activation.

The G15 from Klarus has a decent 4.75-inch size with a pocket clip to keep it in your pocket with ease. You’re going to get a USB charging cable, Klarus Lanyard, 21700 5000mAh IMR battery, Pocket clip, and a manual.


  • Hard-anodized to make it long-lasting
  • 8-output modes for various use
  • Can survive under 2-meter water
  • Supports 21700 5000mAh battery for 200 hours of runtime
  • Compact size for ease of storing and carrying


  • Heats up in turbo mode

#3. GearLight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight

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Want something that can deal with the toughest and extreme conditions? Then consider the S1000 tactical flashlight from GearLight. So, let’s get to know more about it.

It’s made of military-grade top-notch aluminum for giving it as much enduringness as possible. Well, that is the reason why it can survive even falling from 10 feet height, a truck running over it, or even when it’s kept underwater. With this bad boy on your hand, you can hit the woods with confidence.

As it stands, this tactical flashlight has the power to focus on objects that is far away up to 1000 feet. And it’s 10 times brighter, which will be enough if you want to illumine an entire room. You, therefore, can search your surrounding to find if any animal or assailant is hiding in the dark at ease.

Plus, the power it gets to illuminate is from 3 AAA batteries. You can also use a rechargeable battery for powering it up. Though we can’t say how long it’s going to brighten your night, you can rest assured that you can use it for continuous hours.

Besides, the S1000 from GearLight comes with 5 lighting modes — SOS, Strobe, Low, Medium, and High. Additionally, an amazing aspect of this light is its wide-to-narrow zoom, which you’ll find very useful to detect any wild bear hiding in the bush.

As well, it’s pretty painless to carry and store. As it’s pretty compact in size, you can easily keep it in your backpack, pocket, or purse.

Now the best part of this S1000 is that you’re going to get two flashlights. As a result, you can keep using one and keep another one in your backpack for backup. You’ll also get holsters, lanyards, battery holders; you only need to buy the batteries separately.


  • Robust due to using military-grade aluminum
  • Shock and waterproof for extreme use
  • Ideal for camping for the ability to focus on object 1000-feet away
  • Convenient with 5 different lighting modes
  • Easy to use owing to the compact size


  • Switching mode is pretty sensitive

#4. Streamlight 88039 ProTac

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If you want to add a great piece of tactical and solid gear to your arsenal, then consider the 88039 ProTac from Streamlight. This one right here got some unique and valuable features that are going to back you up in times of danger.

Most importantly, it’ll meet your expectations in terms of durability since it’s constructed with aluminum. Along with that, it has an abrasion-resistant Type II military-spec anodized finish.

Not only that, but its tempered glass lens is also impact-resistant; thereby, it can hold up to falling from 6.6-feet. Besides, it can survive even if kept 3.3-feet underwater for 30 minutes. You, therefore, can use it as toughly you need.

Plus, the 88039 comes with an anti-roll head so that it doesn’t roll away when you set it down during sleeping. That way, whenever you feel like you’re in danger, you can turn it on and check around!

Aside from that, this flashlight boasts C4 LED technology that can produce up to 130 lumens and provide up to a 50,000-hour lifetime.

In addition, with this light, you’re going to get a tail switch with a push-button offering ten-tap programming. That way, you can choose one out of three different programs that include high/low/strobe, low/high, or high only.

On high mode, it gives 130 lumens for 1.75 hours, whereas on the low mode, it provides 20 lumens for 13 hours. And if you select strobe for sending signals, it’ll run for 3.5 hours.

Moreover, it uses two AAA batteries for powering up that can run for a pretty decent time to support you. Though the size of this bear blinding flashlight is equal to a marker, it’s big on performance. Thus, you can take it in your pocket and face the bear bravely.


  • Anodized finish to resist abrasion
  • Suitable for aggressive use due to impact resistant
  • C4 LED technology for producing 130 lumens
  • Push-button to select light mode conveniently
  • Pocket-sized for painless storing


  • A bit annoying to work with a tail cap switch

#5. Streamlight 75434 Stinger

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Before you decide to install your tent, you must check around whether there’s any trace of a bear or any wild animal. In that case, you’ll need a wide beam in order to explore a large area. Try out the 75434 Stinger from Streamlight; it can help you regarding the issue.

This flashlight boasts C4 LED technology along with optimized electronics to supply controlled intensity during battery charge. What’s more, it offers an extensive 50,000-hour lifetime.

In addition, this flashlight offers 3 lighting modes and, of course, strobe. For a super-bright beam to search a big area, you can select the high beam. The medium beam will run for a long time by supplying a bright light. And on the low mode, it’ll run for extended times by giving light without flare.

Unfortunately, if you face any threat like a bear or other animals, you can disorient them by using strobe mode.

In terms of longevity, you can count on it as its body is created by using machined aircraft-grade aluminum. It has a non-slip rubberized grip so that you can hold it tightly and comfortably even if your hand is wet.

Danger can come anytime; that’s why you need to keep it by your side all the time, even when you’re sleeping. Since it integrates a rubber ring that doesn’t roll, it’ll stay still by your side.

Plus, the 75434 from Streamlight uses a shatterproof polycarbonate lens along with a scratch-resistant coating. Besides, it can resist water, which is why it’s been IPX4 rated as well as it resists a 1-meter impact. Thus, you can use it fearlessly under any circumstances.

Moreover, it accepts 3.6V Ni-MH 3-cell that can be recharged a maximum of 1000 times. As well, it accepts a NiCd battery. And you can see whether the battery is charging or not by the charge-continuity indicator. Within 4.5 hours, your batteries will be charged completely by the smart charger.


  • Machined aircraft aluminum to give enduringness
  • Rubberized grip to offer a comfortable grip
  • Polycarbonate lens for protecting the light
  • Convenient to use, thanks to the 3 lighting modes
  • Helps to disorient attackers by the strobe mode


  • Costs a bit more

#6. GearLight S1200 LED Flashlight

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Whether you’re going hunting, hiking, or camping, you need a convenient and reliable flashlight that can save you. With that thought in mind, we bring you the S1200 LED flashlight from GearLight.

Regardless of the conditions, you may fall in, you can use it without any fear of damaging it, thanks to its strong aluminum body. Due to its high-strength construction, you can rely upon it during floods, storms, and earthquakes.

Plus, it has water-resistant capacity; thereby, you can use it in snow and water according to your need. Actually, it’s designed brilliantly – making it almost indestructible. Besides, it can evade death even if it falls from 10-foot height or immersed underwater momentarily.

Most importantly, the S1200 from GearLight has the ability to produce 12 times brighter light. Additionally, its zoomable feature will help you to focus on objects that might seem a suspectable threat to you. You can even use its zoom out option to sweep up a large area.

With this LED flashlight, you’re going to get 5 mode settings, namely high, low, medium, strobe, and SOS. Its strobe function is going to help you to disorient animals like bears. And if by any chance, you get trapped by animals, you can use the SOS to send a signal for help. It’s going to be your lifesaver!

Unlike others, this flashlight consumes a very low amount of power. Interestingly, it uses 3 AA batteries or a single 26650 or 18650 rechargeable battery to bless you with light. Also, its tactical tail switch will allow you to use it by using your one hand.

Nevertheless, the S1200 is a medium-sized handy, reliable bear blinding flashlight that you can put in your camping gear, backpack, and even in your pocket.


  • Aluminum body to handle extreme conditions
  • Perfect for rigorous use due to water and shock-resistant
  • Offers adjustable zoom in and out feature for convenience
  • Efficient owing to low consumption of power
  • Easy to operate by the tactical tail switch


  • Not so bright beam

#7. GLANDU Bright Flashlight 

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We all love to get extra from something, then why not from a light? Well, this light from GLANDU is not only a flashlight but also a searchlight that can serve you in a lot more ways than you can imagine! You can use it the way you want, whether as a torchlight, floodlight, or spotlight.

The best part of this light is that it can produce intense 6000 lumens ­– making it the ultra-brightest. Not only that, but its 2 LED bulb also produces a vivid, focused beam that has a distant covering range of 800 meters / 2600-ft.

With this beast, you can easily search around your camping spot to detect any possible threat.

Besides, its main lamp offers 3 brightness modes, namely high, low, and flash, making it a long-life spotlight with high lumens. It also has sidelights offering high, low; and red and blue warning light that you can use in haze and fog weather.

Plus, this spotlight from GLANDU has been made with a combination of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. This mashup gives it the capacity of being dustproof, waterproof, and anti-shock. And when it gets dirty, clean it up by wiping with a moist cloth.

In addition, it integrates an ergonomic sheath handle along with a rubber double button. As a result, you can hold it pretty comfortably and operate it easily with your one hand for long hours.

Moreover, it has three built-in 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries that are 10000mAh. They are long-lasting, and you can recharge them over 1000 times.

What’s more, this flashlight has an output function that serves as a power bank for an MP3 player, smartphone, and iPad in an emergency.

You can hang it on your shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap while doing exercise outdoors. Meantime, its main light will brighten your path, and sidelights will lighten the space under your feet. So, this is a must-have flashlight that you should own while camping to stay safe from dangers.


  • Super bright – producing 6000 lumens
  • 6 light modes for several uses
  • Red and blue lights to send warning signals
  • Ergonomic handle to offer comfort
  • Offers additional functionalities by the output function


  • Feels pretty flimsy

#8. GearLight TAC Tactical Flashlight

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Some of you get confused while going through lots of modes that most of the flashlights offer. Well, if you’re one of them, then get your hands on the TAC tactical flashlight from GearLight.

With this flashlight on your hand, you don’t need to cycle through unending modes. Rather you have to give one simple touch; it’ll deliver a powerful beam right at the place you need. Its beam can easily blind a bear for short times while, in the meantime, you can reach a safe place.

You can use its adjustable zoom to focus on faraway objects or zoom out for lighting wide areas. It gets the power to provide you with such intense light by using 3 AAA batteries. Moreover, it works with a 18650 rechargeable battery too. Either way, it’ll run continuously for hours to eradicate the darkness around you.

Though the TAC from GearLight has the capacity of producing such powerful light, it’s small and handy for every day carry. Besides, you can attach it to your pocket or belt by the inbuilt removable clip for immediate access.

If unluckily you face tactical situations, then this is the flashlight you can confidently depend on. Thanks to its strong mil-grade metal body, it can back you up in any sort of circumstances.

Moreover, this bear blinding flashlight has the capability to deal with extreme weather such as heavy rain and snow. Not only that, but it can also survive accidental drops.

Interestingly, you’re going to get 2 Tac flashlights; thereby, you can keep one for backup for emergencies. You’ll also be provided with 2 18650 battery tubes, 2 AAA battery holders, a user manual, and a warranty card.


  • Easy to use for single light mode
  • Adjustable zoom to easily zoom in and out
  • Effortless to carry by the removable clip
  • Strong metal body to ensure robustness
  • Suitable for aggressive use due to weather and shock-resistance


  • Comparatively heavier

#9. Maglite ML300LX LED

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Whether you need a flashlight for security, work, or for occasional use, the ML300LX from Maglite can give you all that you need.

It’s a 2-Cell D flashlight that has the capacity of giving 524 lumens output. Aside from that, it offers three output modes — high, low, eco. On high, the runtime is 6 and a half hours, 20 hours on low, and 69 hours on eco.

Besides, it’s a well-built tactical flashlight that comes with an anodized aluminum body for resisting corrosion along with ensuring durability. It also boasts a knurled design and a matt finish so that you can get a tight and secure grip while holding it.

Plus, the head of ML300LX integrates a polycarbonate window as well as a smooth plastic reflector to produce a bright beam. Additionally, you can adjust the focus to either spot or flood by turning its head ¼; that’s simple!

Moreover, this flashlight has one button switch by which you can access different output levels. If you click it once, it’ll set on high. If clicked twice, then it’ll set on low, and 3 clicks will activate the eco mode. Though the process is awkward, you’ll get used to it by time.

The ML300LX from Maglite offers activity-based functions – General, Outdoor, Law enforcement, Tactical. For switching between them, you need to unscrew the tail cap. Then, press the button switch and hold it during tightening the cap until you can see a flash.

Well, it’ll give 1 flash for general, for outdoor it’ll give 2 flashes and so on. Therefore, by the number of flashes, you’ll get to know and select the mode you want.

Moreover, it uses 2-D cell alkaline batteries for power. Nonetheless, it has a pretty decent size and weighs very little; thereby, you’ll be able to carry it conveniently.


  • Anodized aluminum body to prevent corrosion
  • Comfortable grip, thanks to the knurled design
  • Easy to adjust the focus with the twistable head
  • Offers activity-based function for using convenience
  • Takes 2-D cell batteries to give long runtime


  • The window gets scratched easily

#10. RovyVon Aurora A1 XP-G3

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If you are looking for a light that you can attach to your keychain, then the Aurora A1 from RovyVon is the one you must try out. It’s an impressive little keychain flashlight that’ll make you fall in love with it.

Now, this everyday carry flashlight is made of stainless-steel material completely to make it long-lasting. Not only that, but it also has thermal insulation so that it doesn’t get heated quickly.

Plus, thanks to the robust materials, it doesn’t get discolored that easily. Above all that, it is scratch-resistant, which means that it is suitable to use as aggressively as you need.

You may go camping in the wild where it may rain or snow. No worries, this mini torch is IPX5 water-resistant, which makes it suitable to use under extreme conditions.

Besides, even if you drop this Aurora A1 from 1.5-meter height, it will still illuminate your nights, thanks for making it impact resistant.

This is probably one of the smallest and lightest flashlights you may have ever seen. But don’t misjudge it by its size, as it has the power to provide a maximum of 650 lumens. With this light in your hands, you can keep yourself safe from the dangers that lurk in the dark.

Aside from that, this mini flashlight from RovyVon offers four lighting modes — high, mid, low, and strobe. All you have to do is to double-click it for turning it on. Pretty simple, huh?

Moreover, it uses a 130mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery to provide you with light. And whenever the battery gets low, you can charge it by using the inbuilt micro USB charging port.

Most importantly, it charges within 45 minutes! Now, that’s fast! Amazingly you can operate it effortlessly as it integrates an electronic side switch.


  • Boasts terrific endurance owing to stainless steel
  • Prevents heating up, thanks to its thermal insulation
  • Can be used in the rain due to water-resistance
  • Small size – making it the ideal EDC flashlight
  • Easy one-hand operation by the electronic side switch


  • Not so well battery life

What to Look for Before Buying?

It’s completely upon your likings while choosing a bear blinding flashlight. However, you must also know some of the most important factors before making your final purchase.

In that way, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the right one for you.


The most vital factor that you have to consider is the brightness of the LED light. Technically, the energy-emitting capacity of your light is measured in lumens. That means higher lumens equal to brighter light.

However, you should also keep in mind that your flashlight will generate a great amount of heat if the lumens count is higher. And since all the tactical situation doesn’t require the brightest light, you really don’t need to get something with the highest lumens number.

Another important thing to mention is that with the highest lumens number, your bear blinding flashlight will also die pretty quickly. You can look for flashlights that come with several features like turbo mode, power saving, etc. so that you can control the lumens according to your surroundings.


Now you don’t want to keep spending your money on new flashlights oftentimes, do you? That’s why you must get a durable one.

Top-quality tactical flashlights are usually constructed from anodized aluminum. This anodizing process makes a layer of hardness over the aluminum, though the strength varies depending on the quality and procedure.

Not only that, but it also heightens the resistance capacity of this element to corrosion and rust. Owing to this same process, the probability of chipping and peeling of the exterior casing gets lower.

Apart from the aluminum, titanium and magnesium can be anodized too. So, if you want a durable one, get something that is made of anodized aluminum.

Battery Life

Another important factor to consider is battery life. Now, most of the tactical flashlights offer the option of using either a normal or a rechargeable battery. But typically, they depend upon Lithium-ion batteries. This kind of battery provides a great advantage of higher current rates and higher voltage.

Depending on the model, the battery usage rate can vary. So, you should better pay good attention to reading the technical specifications of your preferred flashlight to get an idea of battery life.

Well, if you don’t charge the battery, the flashlight won’t be able to back you up the way you want. That’s why you should definitely get one that has a rechargeable battery as well as a battery charger.

Fortunately, some of the high-quality tactical flashlights offer features like battery level indicators to notify you of the battery level.

Water Resistance or Waterproof

You’ll have to take your light to various remote places. A water-resistant bear blinding flashlight will allow you to use it under heavy rain, which is a great benefit.

Yet, it can only withstand such conditions for short periods of time. And don’t even dare to submerge them in any sort of liquid.

On the other hand, there are waterproof blinding flashlights that you can take to swim for a few minutes. And when you finish swimming, you’ll see that it’s working without any issues.


How would you know that you got a top-notch flashlight? Well, it must come with additional features like programmable ability and modes. These features sometimes include strobe, zoom, intense luminosity, etc.

That’s why the more features your flashlight offers, the more adaptability you’ll be able to get to confront different complex situations out in the wild.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the strobe function of a flashlight?

Seemingly, this feature is commonly used by law enforcement as the bright strobing lights are perplexing. They use this kind of light for mortifying aggressive suspects.

What is the difference between a flashlight and a tactical flashlight?

There’s a lot of difference between a regular and tactical flashlight. A regular one is basically made of low-grade steel, plain old plastic, or cheap aluminum.

However, made from aircraft-grade aluminum, tactical flashlights are coated with armor to provide durability. These types of lights are lightweight, corrosion, weather, and shock-resistant.

How many lumens do I need to blind an attacker?

You can blind an attacker for a few minutes by using more than 100 lumens. At night 150 lumens can blind an attacker; however, 300 lumens is enough to blind an intruder in the daytime.

Will 1000 lumens literally blind me?

Nope, it won’t. It may irritate you and can affect your vision to a mild state so that you can’t look directly at the light. But you can look at the side of the source of light without any difficulty.

Final Verdict

A bear blinding flashlight can literally help you against wild animals a lot while camping, hunting, or fishing. You can even use it to check out your backyard and take it out while exercising.

We described all the essential details above for your ease of understanding. So, without any further delay, get any of our flashlights before you encounter danger.

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