How to Keep Cooler Cold the Longest

Planning on camping or social event with your favorite people? But, wondering how to keep the cooler cold the longest? You are in the right place.

Summer season is usually about the pool parties, camping in the woods, or anything that enlightens the mood. Everybody wants to be outdoor, drinking, and enjoying either on the beach or somewhere else.

Everyone prefers their plan to be smooth, games in check, people ready and drinks/food cold. There are many factors that you need to consider while thinking about keeping the cooler cold for the longest time.

So, here are the tips, tricks, and ways for your event.

Always Choice The Right Cooler

One foremost thing that you must keep in your mind while reading these tips is to assure the choice of cooler. If you love to be outside and explore the places less traveled, you will need a cooler more often.

Well, you may have plenty of tips and tricks to apply. Yes, there is a long list of things you can implement.

However, you may still need to be careful about the choice of your cooler.

The first thing that you need to know about the cooler is its types:

  • Basic: They are to serve the purpose of short-timings. Simple picnics and outings can survive on this cooler type.
  • Soft Side: They can have less insulation, but these types of coolers can still serve the best of the purpose for you.
  • Heavy Duty: They weight more than the other types of coolers, but they are the ones longest and they are bear proof coolers.

However, the other factors that you may need to consider for buying a cooler are:

  • Price
  • Features
  • Storage capacity
  • Size

If you are going to buy a cooler, you need to take care of all the above factors. Price is important as it should worth every penny.

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Moreover, you can select the cooler based on features keeping the type of picnic or outdoor activity you are going to perform. The rest of the things are about size and storage – whatever you prefer for your day.

Out in the woods or on the beach, for both of the days, you need to keep yourself fresh and active, and to follow it, you will need relevant food and drinks. So, to keep them cool for the longest time or at least till you are out, you will need the best cooler.

Therefore, always be careful while choosing the right cooler. Keep the reviews into consideration and check out all of its features and abilities before purchasing it.

Just make a wise choice!!

So, let’s explore the ways and different hacks to make your events thrilling and more exciting as ever.

Ways to Keep the Cooler Cold for the Longest

Once you have chosen the cooler with all the cool features and best from the top of the products, the next thing you want to learn is about all the tips and tricks you can apply to keep the cooler cold for the time of your choice.

Remember that the tips may only work well with high-quality coolers. For the simple plastic coolers, you can only manage for a little time.

However, if you follow the following tips right, you will end up with the finest cooling system on your trips.

Pro Tips: It is better to bring an ice cooler separate than the food cooler…

Now, about keeping the cooler cold, here are some of the tips to help you:

Always Use Airtight Cooler

The airtight coolers are much more convenient than any other cooler. So, just get the airtight cooler because the one allowing air to enter is not going to give you what you want.

When we say to choose the coolers wisely, you need to look for all the features and know if it is airtight or not because it is important for keeping it cold.

Pre-Freeze the Cooler

The best way is to pre-freeze the cooler. This may not be something new as you might have observed it in the gatherings.

But, this little trick will always help you in keeping the cooler cold for longer. Pre-freezing works in keeping the ice cold too. So, it eventually takes a long time for melting.

Use Block Ice

Crash ice is an option, but it is not a good option at all. It will melt on your way. So, never rely on it. Use the block ice.

Ice blocks are more helpful in keeping the food cold for an along time and also it takes a lot of time to melt. At least longer than the crash ice. So, always prefer block ice.

Add Some Salt in the Ice

Salt is used to lower the freezing temperature and it helps in keeping the ice colder and frozen for a long time. If you can add seawater, it will even work better to maintain the freezing temperature.

Keep It in a Shade

Hopefully, you know it already. Keeping the cooler right under the sun will do the damage. So, keep it under shade.

You can find it easily in the woods and a beach too. So, just remember it and avoid keeping the cooler under the sun.

Freeze the Items Before

Another idea is to freeze the items before. If you are going to put them in a cooler later, you must freeze them. It will help you to keep the contents cool for the longest time. And most importantly, items will be not warm the temperature of ice.

Place Ice on the Top

You need to learn to organize the box smartly. Keep some ice in the lower part of the box, add the stuff and food with some ice, and then cover the top with more ice. Just remember to use the block ice for a better outcome.

Cover It with Insulated Materials

Once you are done packing the things in it, you must cover it with any of the insulating material. It can be a towel, synthetic nylons, or napkins from the kitchen. Cover up the pile and close the cooler tightly.

Keep Cold Water

You might have heard from people to drain the melted water from the box. Well, do the opposite and keep it. The ice is eventually going to melt, but the cold water will still keep the drinks cold. And it might work better than the ice.

Create a Dry Zone

Are you worried about the dry items in the box? Yes, they can get wet, and may their condition get damaged. So, you can save them from getting wet, yet cold by creating a dry zone for them.

With bigger coolers, you may get the stand from the company, but you can buy a spare to organize your box as you want or need it.

Use PVC Ice Packs

PVC ice packs are new in the market. They are good at keeping the ice frozen. Since they are the pipes and also won’t melt in the box, the dry items are also safe with them.

It seems little more or extra investment, but it is better to be prepared than regret for not having enough options.

And the major benefit of them is that they take less space enabling you to keep more items in the cooler.

Put As Much Ice As Possible

This is the obvious thing that you need to keep in mind. If you are going for a long trip such as hiking, hunting, or camping, you need to put as much ice as possible. Do not just rely on the less amount of it. Even the better idea is to keep an extra container with you.

Maintain the Airflow Under the Cooler

The coolers have the non-slip rubber feet and it allows the airflow in the cooler. So, if you get the best cooler, you may get this feature along.

However, if you don’t get it, you can place some wooden blocks to raise the cooler a bit. It helps in keeping it above from the ground. Directly touching to the ground may melt the ice quickly.

Burry the Cooler

If you are out, you can use a tactic of burying the cooler in the ground, it helps in keeping the temperature cold. It is because the ground is quite cold underneath and it will keep the items cold for a longer time.

Let Cooler Float in the Pool

Are you partying around the pool? Use this tip to keep the cooler cold. It will be both beneficial and fun while you are enjoying your time in the pool.

Create a Bench Cooler

If you are handy with the creation and wooden things. You can create your bench with the cooler. Well, maybe laziness is the new cool and with this type of a cooler in the wooden bench can make you lazy especially in the summers.

Use the Old Refrigerator

This may sound crazy, but you can turn your old refrigerator into the cooler. Now, next is to follow the tips or pack it with insulating materials. For the more funky touch and easy to drag it with you in the backyard party, add wheels on it.

So, now you have all the tips and tricks to have a thrilling day out there on your next trip or gathering. Remember all of these and you can enjoy a day without getting worried about your food.

But the tips don’t end here…

Hacks for Thrilling Summer Adventures

The summer season is not easy without having cold drinks. If you are the one with crazy plans and have some adventurous mind, you may need more tips to keep the cooler cold.

Yes, if you are going to live in the woods for a long time, more than you have planned, you need to know some hack to keep the supply of cold drinks on.

These are just some general hacks to help you make most out your next adventure.

  • Always keep an extra container.
  • The best idea is if every person can hold his/her container.
  • Try to manage the storage space efficiently.
  • Keep the burden less if you are going to walk more.
  • Add the light to the cooler if you are going to have a party at night.
  • For better results, use the huge blocks with bigger sizes and maybe fewer items in each box to keep items cold.

So, now you can slip the eggs in it for making an omelet in the morning. Well, the tips and hacks may not end here.

People have different experiences on their trips and if you can ask the close people for more advice and hacks, you can enjoy the day even better.

Bottom Line

So, it all starts with choosing the right cooler for your trip. The next step is just to keep every necessary tips and hack in mind. Be smart enough to make them the part of planning and organizing.

The bottom line of all the tips and hacks is that you a good choice for cooler and consider the tips. Now, just keep it all in mind enjoy a thrilling day with your loved ones either camping, enjoying a beach party or a pool party.

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