15 Best Coolers with Wheels in 2022

Those who are travel-freak will better understand how essential it is to have a good-quality cooler. If you like to join in outdoor activities and want to have some fresh drinks with your friends and families, wheeled coolers are the best option to choose from.

Inside of a cooler, you can pack foods, snacks, beverage items, fruits, and a lot of things together. And thanks to its efficient wheels, which will allow you to transport these items conveniently. So, if you are preparing for a camping trip, beach party, or picnic, getting yourself the best coolers with wheels is a must!

In this comprehensive write-up, we have reviewed some of the top-quality coolers with wheels. After giving a read, we are pretty sure that you will be able to pick your desired one.

Read on!

Benefits of Cooler That Has Wheels 

Before moving on to the reviews, it’s necessary to know the advantages of having coolers with wheels.

A modern camping cooler makes your transportation simpler, safer, and enjoyable. This efficient stuff allows you to store a couple of essential things, including food, cold drinks, snacks, fishing poles, and many more.

Not just for storing, there are some more benefits of using coolers with wheels, these are as follows:

  • These Are Simple to Transfer

Instead of using a regular bag for camping, it will be a good idea to get your hands on a specific cooler with wheels — why? Because these are specially designed with portable wheels so you can move it here and there without burning the midnight oil!

  • Able to Pack Tons of Items

Fortunately, most of the cooler around the market has got plenty of space, and these will permit you to keep all the essential things together. So if you are someone who is planning for a family picnic, there is no better option than the cooler.

  • Keeps Drinks Cool

It is another core benefit of using a cooler. This basically plays a vital role in keeping beverages and foods cold.

Planning about making a long-term picnic? No worries, get an efficient cooler, simply keep your drinks and foods inside it and enjoy yourself! The quality of food won’t drop at all.

  • Ensures Longevity

Compared to the typical camping bags, a cooler could last for more time since these are made of high-quality material, mostly with UV inhibitors, to save it against hot temperatures. Alongside it, a couple of models are included with a water-resistant feature for ultimate longevity.

15 Best Coolers with Wheels Review 

Let’s move on to the below-mentioned reviews to get adequate knowledge concerning coolers. Make sure to read this write-up from head to toe to know which one is ideal for you.

#1. YETI Portable Wheeled Cooler

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There is no surprise that the YETI Portable Wheeled Cooler stands the first position on our review. Its overall shape, exquisite color, big-sized durable wheels, and rigid construction makes it one of the most reliable and versatile pieces of cooler out there in the marketplace.

The first noticeable thing about this cooler is the wheels that it packs, have a look at it, what do you think? Doesn’t it look big enough? Yes, it is way too large in size compared to the mainstream. Want to take it over the sand, rock, and mud? No worries, it’s puncture-resistant wheels and friendly with all types of terrains.

Speaking of the built-quality, the Rotomolded Construction makes it quite sturdy and long-lasting. Besides, its StrongArm handle is a better combination of high-quality aluminum and comfy grips for ensuring durability and comfort at the same time.

Easily, you can keep 45 cans of beer and 55 pounds of ice on the inside of this cooler, plus, you can put a few necessary items on it to while you go on a picnic or camping trip. The total capacity is around 38 Quarts.

The food and beverage items will remain cold for not more than three days, which is not that sufficient for some of the users, yet more than enough for the vast majority.

It is packed with commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the lid and walls to ensure that the ice cubes will stay pretty much cold for a decent time. Last but not least, the UV inhibitors will protect your cooler from intense heat and damage.


  • Puncture-resistant massive-sized wheels
  • Made of high-quality material for ultimate longevity
  • Handles are durable and comfortable
  • Average loading capacity
  • Much protective against hot temperatures


  • Unworkable drain plug
  • A bulky-type cooler

#2. Igloo 110 Qt Wheeled Cooler

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For regular fishermen and campers, this particular wheeled cooler from Igloo could be a great option. Instead of a vertical handle, the champ includes a telescoping horizontal handle that minimizes 50% effort in terms of lifting.

Even if you keep this item under the sun, it won’t get damaged at all, guess why? The infrared technology and UV inhibitors are designed to protect the cooler from excessive amounts of heat and damages.

Besides, the inner-body and lid are covered up with dense Ultratherm foam to provide ice retention for nearly five days at 90-degree Fahrenheit, pretty impressive, right?

Well, the capacity of this bag is up to 110 quarts, which means you can take all your necessary items with you on your next trip, including foods, 168 cans of beer, water, fishing equipment, etc.

The ride will be pretty smooth and free from hassle, its portable soft-ridge wheels allow users to move this item from place to place. Plus, the comfy cushion-grip handle is designed to keep your hands away from fatigue.

Here you can get a specific drain plug, which is designed to cast melted water or ice-cubes away. Its unique “Maxcold Technology” is responsible for keeping your food-items and beverages cold wherever you go.


  • Reduces 50% effort while lifting
  • Cushion-grip with portable wheels
  • Saves the cooler from extreme heat and damage
  • Foods will remain cold for up to 5 days at 90-degree Fahrenheit
  • Large holding capacity


  • Seems a bit heavy

#3. Coleman 6201A748

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Slightly small than our previous pick, but it could be enough for those who need to pack around 160 cans together. This wheeled cooler from Coleman comes with an inexpensive range.

Like our previous model, your foods and beverages will stay cold for up to 5 days at 90-degree F. So it’s clear that you can go for a long day trip with this cooler. The wheels that it includes is way too durable and ensures ultimate portability.

You can sit on its sturdy lid while you want, this masterpiece can take approximately 250 pounds of weight with ease. Inside the bag, you will get plenty of space to store all the essential items you required.

We are fond of its puncture-resistant wheels, designed to ensure safe and better transportation even if the bag is completely loaded. For your convenience, its leak-resistant drain enables you to eliminate melted water and ice without tilting the bag, thankfully.

You know, it is a space-saving cooler, which means you can store it in tight or small areas. Two-way side handles as well as a large tow handle will definitely help you to lift the bag very smoothly. Additionally, the wheeled cooler offers a built-in cup holder that can be used to keep beverage items handy.


  • Affordable wheeled cooler
  • 100 quarts of storage capacity
  • Lid can take around 250 pounds of weight
  • Puncture-resistant wheels with rustproof drain
  • Compact design makes it simple to store


  • Low-quality hinges
  • Handles are not that comfortable

#4. Seavilis Milee-Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler

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The first noticeable thing about the Seavilis Milee-Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler is its 7-inch massive-sized wheels, making it ideal for handling all types of terrains.

Instead of typical “plastic handles,” this son of a gun equips a military-grade nylon handle for ensuring flexibility. Besides, the dense insulated design provides ice retention, nearly 6 days or so.

Want to pack all of your necessary items, don’t worry! You can get enough space on it to keep food, drinks, and other essential things. The rotomolded thermoplastic construction makes it one of the most rigid wheeled coolers out there.

With the assistance of its no-leak drain plug, you will be capable of minimizing melted ice and water in a smart way. The stainless steel locking plates can be used as a bottle opener.

It won’t get damaged from sunlight even if the temperature is way too high, the cooler is designed with UV inhibitors in order to stop plastic breakdown. Another plus point is the anti-skid feet it includes. These are much stronger and keeps your cooler away from minor damages.

The cooler is strong like Hercules when we talk about its weight capacity; the beast can take up to 220 pounds of weight effortlessly. Because of its bulky frame, you might have to face a bit of hassle while transferring it from place to place, but we hope the flexible handle will halve your efforts.


  • Equipped with giant-sized wheels
  • Flexible handles for better portability
  • Durable rotomolded thermoplastic construction
  • Won’t get damaged from sunlight
  • Anti-skid feet for user convenience
  • Able to bear heavy loads


  • Way too costly
  • Overweight

#5. Igloo BMX Family Cooler

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Are you in search of a compact-sized cooler? Then here is what you should look for, the Igloo BMX Family Cooler. Though there are no particular wheels on the bottom, you still can transfer it with ease from one place to another, all the credit goes to its lightweight structure.

Despite being light in weight, this cute-looking cooler is much durable due to its blow-molded construction. And the reinforced base is responsible for improving the protection and overall strength. Good to know, the stainless steel hinges are free from wearing and tearing issues, thankfully!

The UV inhibitors can extend the lifetime of the cooler by protecting it against sunlight and extreme amounts of heat. Alongside it, the rubberized T-latches keep the lid tightened and secured.

This affordable cooler comes with a capacity of around 52 quarts. Besides, the Maxcold technology enables you to keep your food and beverage items well-cooled for at least 4-5 days, isn’t it enough for you?

Well, the threaded drain plug is friendly with a garden hose. With its assistance, you can drop the melted water and ice from the cooler without tilting it. The swing-up grip handle adds extra comfort so users can feel much better at the time of transportation.

You can take assistance from built-in tie-down loops to fasten the cooler during traveling.


  • Small-sized cooler with a lightweight frame
  • Inexpensive yet durable construction
  • Rubberized T-latches with swing-up grip handle
  • Tie-down loops ensure safe transportation


  • Water leaks often

#6. Igloo Marine Wheeled Cooler

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Attractive! Yes, it’s the first word that could come to your mind after looking at its whole appearance. The exquisite color makes Igloo Marine Wheeled Cooler stand out from the crowd. Alongside the outlook, it has got a few striking features.

First off, this cooler from Igloo comes with Ultraviolet inhibitors to defend it against hot temperatures. The thick Ultratherm foam is designed to offer ice retention for up to five days. Consequently, your food and beverage items will remain fresh and cold for a couple of days.

It has got a telescoping locking handle along with soft-ride wheels to make sure better transportation. As the wheels are much durable, it won’t get damaged even after rough usage.

Here, you will find a specific built-in condiment shelf, which packs two adjustable drink holders and fishing pole holders (removable). For keeping each and every essential thing, the wheeled cooler offers 52 quarts of total space. You can set your beverage items into the interior shelf-ledge.

Moreover, the efficient “cool riser technology” enhances cooling performance, and the unique drain plug enables you to erase melted ice in a smart and easy way. The chance of water-leakage will be almost zero if you get your hands on this particular product. To be honest, it is not that simple to get such type of item at this price range.


  • Exquisite color
  • Telescoping locking handle with flexible wheels
  • Separate rooms for holding fishing poles and drinks
  • Increases cooling performance


  • Awkward hinges!

#7. Igloo 49271

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Wheeled cooler with heat-free LED lights! Sounds interesting, right? Yes, this is the thing that makes Igloo 49271 completely unique. With its assistance, you can have a night party by just turning the light “on.” These are water-proof and made for long.

It features a removable lid along with dividers for which you can divide the beverage items considering the ages and tastes. Its entire body is insulated for ensuring long-time ice retention.

The cooler is engineered with caster wheels at the bottom, plus, the removable base makes it pretty much easier to move from place to place, especially when the box is completely loaded. Additionally, there is a bottle opener with a catch bin on the side.

Without a removable base, it could be tough to transfer the cooler since it seems a bit weighty. Also, a few users have complained about its built-quality.


  • Comes with 16 LED lights
  • Removable lid with caster wheels
  • Takes a little space to stand
  • Equips a catch bin with a bottle opener


  • Heavy
  • Cheaply made

#8. Coleman 1342-Parent

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Let’s move on to a soft-sided cooler, Coleman 1342-Parent, which comes with a cheap rate. So it could be a better option for those users who are looking for an efficient cooler at a reasonable price tag.

It is a two-wheeled cooler basically, which is manufactured with anti-microbial treated elements for keeping mold, bacteria, fungus, and other harmful diseases away.

On the top, you will get the main pocket to keep around 42 cans of your favorite beverages, and thankfully, it prevents water leaking issues. After packing all your necessary pieces of equipment, make sure to grab the telescoping handle and go for your camping trip.

For offering you a smooth pulling experience, manufacturers of Coleman include heavy-duty wheels, which are sturdy, puncture-resistant, and last for years and years. The bag features several pockets so users can take all items. You can keep the dry gear and goods in the outer pockets.

As you can see, the cooler has got two front-sided feet, which allows users to let it rest very smoothly. With its solid plastic liner on the inside, it can save your essential things from being damaged. But your food and beverage items won’t stay much cold on this bag, bear in mind.

Compared to the traditional cooler, it seems much comfortable to use; the credit goes to the 6.3 pounds of lightweight structure it packs. Even if you completely load the bag, it won’t make you feel uncomfortable to hold it.


  • Resists mildew, fungus, and bacteria
  • Lightweight structure increases portability
  • Heavy-duty wheels with front-sided feet
  • Has got plastic liner on the inside
  • Multiple handles and pockets


  • Unable to retain ice
  • Might get discolored too soon

#9. Igloo Trailmate Journey

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Its unique butler tray enables users to eat everywhere, or you can just serve some snacks or drinks to your friends and families while you are on a picnic. The wheels of Igloo Trailmate Journey seem like a gorilla; these are large in size, durable, and able to tackle sand, dirt, and other challenging terrains.

When it comes to construction, the cooler is made of marine-grade aluminum which is rust-resistant and lasts for a long period of time. The additional parts and screws are also durable because of the stainless steel material.

The bag packs plenty of storage, including dry storage, a handy food basket, cup holders, and accessory holders. In addition, you will get a specific mobile device stand where you can keep your phone or such type of necessary things.

Its built-in bottle opener makes it a piece of cake to open the bottle cap. What about ice retention? Well, it can retain ice for up to 4 days max. And a big thanks to the cool riser technology, which turns the cooling performance into a new level.

The drain plug is compatible with a garden hose, and it can be used to derive the meltwater. But its telescoping handle is a big disappointment for a few users since it doesn’t extend at times and not much durable compared to the rest.


  • Sturdy and terrain-friendly wheels
  • Made of marine-grade aluminum
  • Includes adequate storage
  • Equips cool riser technology
  • 70 quarts of total storage


  • Issues with handle
  • Hinges are weak

#10. Igloo 42256

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Hungry for a dirt-cheap cooler than can do it all? Then take a look at this one from Igloo. Despite being affordable, it has got adequate amounts of space, portable wheels, and a durable plastic frame to last up to years.

For better transportation, the cooler has got a single telescoping handle that you can lock while you really want. It allows a person to move it with ease from one place to another. Additionally, there are two more handles molded on the side for easy lifting.

You can keep your necessary stuff, foods, and cold drinks on its 20 quarts of space. After putting those things in, make sure to lock the lid in order to prevent leaks and spills. The overall weight of this cooler is just around 8.3 pounds, which increases portability.

Its non-slip wheels let you drag the cooler very smoothly. Consequently, you won’t have a hard time transferring it from place to place. The unique part? You will get a small-sized spigot on the bottom, which can be used to drink some water. And thankfully, it is removable and compatible with the dishwasher as well.


  • As cheap as chips
  • 3 pounds only
  • Anti-slip wheels with a telescoping handle
  • Has got a removable and dishwasher-friendly spigot


  • Water leaks from time to time

#11. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Rolling Cooler – Blue

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To be honest, most of the soft-sided coolers are hit and miss, but this one from Arctic Zone is surprisingly exceptional in this case. It comes with a storage of around 60 quarts to let you fill the bag with a couple of different items, including snacks, cold drinks, and many more.

The outer coating is completely friendly with water, and most importantly, it is stain-resistant. So it won’t lose its appearance way too early even if you do rugged use. The inner layer is leak-proof and easy to wash, as well.

This large-wheeled AT cart is able to load not less than 100 pounds of weight, so it is clear that you will be capable of packing all your essential items on your next trip. The item weight seems much light as compared to the typical soft-sided coolers, only 9.11 pounds.

The cooler features a telescoping handle to make it very convenient. This will allow you to extend the length of the handle according to your requirements. Additionally, there is a nice shoulder strap for easy carrying.

We are fond of its four-layer insulation system, designed to keep your foods and beverages icy cold. When you want to store it in small areas, ensure to fold it like a handheld bag by removing wheels from the cart, impressive!

This handy bag comes with a pair of cup holders, a large-sized storage pocket on the front side, and a small zippered sleeve for storing necessary kinds of stuff. The front-sided feet enable you to stand wherever you want.


  • Stain-resistant outer layer
  • Able to bear up to 100lbs
  • Light in weight and easy to clean
  • Includes lots of space
  • Four-layer insulation to improve cooling performance


  • Water leaks

#12. Coleman 3000003661

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Coleman 3000003661 is a cute-looking cooler designed with a compact shape so that users can fix it in tight areas without any hassle. And the built-quality of this product is much better despite being plastic construction.

You will get two exquisite colors to choose from, including red and blue. Besides, it offers a sufficient amount of space for keeping a lot of things together. You can easily take up to 40 cans on it.

At a temperature of 90-degree, it has got the ability to hold ice for up to 3 days. It won’t get much weighty even if you put a lot of goods on it, thanks to its 7.0 pounds of total weight.

Good to know, it is a portable wheeled cooler that will be easy to transfer on your camping trip or anywhere else. The wheels are anti-skid and free from rusting issues even if you travel over rough terrains.

The product is designed with a telescoping handle, which ensures better transportation and lets you pull the cooler very smartly. Its leak-resistant drain is responsible for emptying melted water and ice.

What’s more? The cooler of this lid is much stronger and functions as a seat for supporting 250 pounds of weight.


  • Sturdy built-quality
  • Just around 7.0 pounds
  • Durable anti-skid wheels with a telescoping handle
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Can hold 40 cans together


  • Handle doesn’t lock
  • Hinges could break with rough uses

#13. Picnic at Ascot 395-RB

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You can get yourself this one from Picnic at Ascot if you are planning to go on a boat-picnic, park, beach, boating, or tailgating. Anyone can fix this vertical-shaped cooler in tight areas since it is much more compact in size.

It is a collapsible bag that you can fold when you need to store it. The entire construction is made of denier polyester canvas along with thermal insulation to offer durability and better cooling performance at the same time.

Even though it looks a bit small, you still can get adequate space to keep all your essential thing together, including foods, beverages, and lifestyle products. There are six bottles divider which enable you to keep the cold-drinks separate considering the taste and age.

Alongside the divider, the bag has equipped with a couple of pockets so you can keep dry goods and foods safe. What about portability? Well, its durable slip-resistant wheels and telescoping handle are designed to ensure a smooth and peaceful journey. And you know, it is a great budget-friendly product.


  • Foldable bag
  • Has got adequate space for keeping the necessary ingredients
  • Six bottle divider with a couple of pockets
  • Budget-friendly cooler


  • Loses balance at times

#14. Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer – 48 Quart

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Here we are with an electric-powered machine from Ivation which you can use as a warmer and cooler at the same time. Its unique Thermoelectric Technology delivers reliable warming and cooling. With the assistance of this powerful machine, it will be easy as pie to keep your meals warm and drinks icy.

Speaking of the total capacity, it includes nearly 48 quarts internal compartment, which means you can comfortably keep 60 cans of soda, 6 large-sized bottles (2L), and 15 cans of beer; pretty impressive, right?

Well, there is a built-in one-button switch designed to make sure that you can simply change the mode in just a single push. Easily you can maintain hot food items at a degree of 130F and icy cold at 40-degree Fahrenheit.

For ensuring ultimate portability, the device provides anti-skid wheels as well as an integrated handle. These will definitely help you move this stuff from home to picnic.

The product features a specific safety wire storage to keep their chargers, mobile batteries, or such type of things safely. Besides, you will find a hideaway power cord that lets you plug it into the standard wall outlet for cooling icy beverages or preparing hot meals.

Because of the easy-cleaning design it equips, anyone will be capable of washing it within a short period of time. And good to know, the Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer is entirely free from costly maintenance, thankfully!


  • Known as both refrigerator and oven
  • Equipped with lots of room
  • Has a built-in one-button switch for your convenience
  • Features a safety wire storage additionally
  • Quite easy to clean it up


  • Issue in the lid

#15. Massimo Portable Electric Cooler

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We are going to conclude our list by showing you another electric device, which is Massimo Portable Electric Cooler. Without a doubt, it is great for vacations, road trips, picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities.

The cooler is engineered with an energy-saving compressor to ensure excellent performance with minimal amounts of noise. It has got the maximum ability to stand against harsh environments. And luckily, the entire body is shock-proof.

In order to store snacks, drinks, and other food items, you will get a total of 50 L capacity. For turning the cooling mechanism “on,” make sure to plug in the power cord and wait for a while to get some icy drinks.

Along with a clear LCD, you will get a particular touchpad to set the temperature that you are desired for. Undoubtedly, the easy-touch button makes the whole process very easy and effective! Despite being bulky, it comes with a space-saving design so users can set it in any place, even in tight areas.

There you will find mid-sized wheels to move this stuff conveniently from home to patio. These are much durable and compatible with all terrains that we can say. Portability won’t be an issue from now on; the telescoping handle lets you drag it pretty smoothly.


  • Both DC and AC power options
  • Features an energy-saving compressor
  • Adequate storage to keep snacks and beverages
  • Included with a touchpad and LCD for easy operations
  • Space-saving design


  • A bit heavy
  • Costs an arm and a leg

Things to Consider Before Buying 

You have to look for some of the core points while you are in the market to get the best coolers. The marketplace is packed with heaps of different models; plus, these all are not the same.

Basically, all types of coolers have got the same purpose of keeping your beverage items cool for a long time, however, there are a couple of core things that everyone should consider before making a buying decision.

So, if you have any confusion regarding your final purchase, make sure to give a complete read of this buyer’s guide section.

things to consider before choosing a cooler with wheels

Handle Height

Sounds strange? We don’t think so because it is one of the core factors that all you should consider before making a final purchase. If you are a taller guy instead of “average,” it’s a bummer to deal with a mid-sized handle. And of course, you have to end up with serious neck and shoulder injuries!

If you are someone who is a bit tall in size, make sure to pick a cooler with a telescoping handle for which you can extend the length according to your needs.


You have landed into another core points, wheels, which plays a vital role in transferring your cooler from place to place. Not just big in size, the overall built-quality of wheels should be durable as well. Small-sized wheels are obviously a poor choice for those who need to travel over rugged terrains.

In case you are somebody who wants to walk over smooth terrains, you can go with small-sized wheels, a bit inexpensive than the rest. If you, on the other, requires an “off-road” type cooler, make sure to hunt for the one that equips big-sized or kind of gorilla-type wheels. The ball is in your court!

Cooler Capacity

If you want to pack all your essential things, especially foods and beverages, then picking up a cooler with a large space, is necessary. However, there is something you need to focus on.

If you are planning to go on a family trip, then, of course, the capacity should be big enough. On the other side, are you just taking a few bottles, snacks, or a couple of beer cans for you and your friends?

If the answer is yes, then getting a giant-sized cooler could be a big waste, in our opinion. But remember, the capacity should be at least 20 quarts.

Ice Retention

The cooler that you want to buy should be capable of retaining ice for up to a few days. Are you preparing yourself for a long tour? If so, then definitely your cooler should hold icy drinks for long, at least for 3 to 5 days.

The case could be different if you are planning for a short trip. You can pick up an inexpensive soft-sided bag in place of others if you travel occasionally. By getting yourself such type of cooler, you can halve your expenditure.

Size of the Cooler

Considering the overall size is also necessary, especially if you are a fan of compact-sized products. A massive-type cooler could be a bit hassle to handle for most of the users. Plus, it will be bulky and won’t fit well in your car.

In that case, a soft-sided cooler could be the one that you should prioritize most, guess why? Because most of these are packed with a small-frame, and most importantly, you can fold them while not using them.

A vertical-type cooler might be on your preference list since it requires a small place to keep yet offers adequate amounts of capacity on the inside.


This is another core point that you should highly consider. A cooler with flimsy material won’t last for a long time, so you should focus on the one that comes with an ultra-durable structure, yes.

Our suggestion is to go with the rotomolded ultra-strong coolers instead of others if durability is what you are concerned about. Basically, you can find this type of top-quality coolers, which might cost a small fortune!

Plastic is another good option for those who are hungry for lightweight, water-proof, and easy-to-clean coolers. This type is low in cost and requires less maintenance as well.

Fabric is another choice and can be found in the soft-sided cooler in general. This type is also easy to wash off, but keep in mind, it can’t beat the rotomolded construction in terms of durability.

Around the universe, almost all fabric-type coolers are not water-proof. So, try to avoid it if you are planning to go to a beach party.

Cooler Insulation Types

Definitely, it plays a significant role in how your device performs. It determines how effectively a cooler can hold beverages and foods at a low temperature. In general, you will find two different types of insulation on wheeled-coolers, including Polystyrene and foam.

  • Polystyrene

Hands down, polystyrene is one of the most common and popular types of insulation out there. It is cheap, made of plastic, comparatively light in weight, and much durable than the rest.

Most of the wheeled-cooler around the market are built with polystyrene insulation for ensuring long-term ice retention, between 3 to 5 days. It works pretty well despite being very basic.

  • Foam

It is the second kind of insulation, which is rare and can be found only on soft-sided coolers. It’s a lot less expensive compared to the other. Sooth to say, this type is not that effective if you are in search of a cooler which holds ice for a couple of days.

A cooler with foam insulation is able to retain ice just for a few hours. So, it could be better only for those who need to store foods and beverages for a short period of time.


Whether it’s polystyrene and foam, insulation is useless without a tight seal. This is why our suggestion is to go with a cooler that equips heavy-duty latches with a sturdy “bite.” High-quality latches will let you lock the lid firmly in order to keep snacks and beverages chilled for over a few days.

Price Range 

Price is a pretty big factor for those who can’t spend extra amounts of pence to get a top-quality cooler with wheels. An inexpensive one works pretty well for a short period. So if you are not a travel-freak, then there is no need to waste heaps of bundles at all.

On the other side, if you are a trip-lover and spend a lot of time traveling to a variety of places, then you can expend some more cash to get a quality cooler.

Tips for Using Cooler with Wheels 

important tips

So, you got yourself a cooler with wheels and you’re happy about it. However, you don’t know how to use it. Well, no worries at all. Here are some tips for using the cooler with wheels.

  • Keep Your Cooler Away from Overloading

Most people forget about considering the weight limit. A cooler with a low-weight capacity is unable to bear a lot of pressure. In that case, if you put heaps of things on it, wheels could break down at any time!

  • Wash off The Cooler after Uses

After coming back to the house from a camping trip, make sure to wash the cooler off as soon as you can. It could get stains or dirt from rough uses, so clean it thoroughly with some freshwater, pieces of rags or cloths, and most importantly, use cooler-friendly detergent to eliminate mildew from developing.

  • Take Large-Sized Ice for Long-Term Melting

Collecting big-sized ice is a must to increase the cooling time. Never collect those “tiny-sized ice cubes” found in the gas station; ensure to make some bigger or at least average-sized ice cubes. Or you can use ice packs as an alternative.

  • Avoid Using Regular Soap While Washing

It’s a big mistake to use regular soap and detergent on a cooler. The whole appearance will change within a snap if you make that mistake. Take the manufacturer’s guide to know the proper way of washing it. Otherwise, you can unintentionally ruin its entire outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it okay to leave my cooler under the sunshine?

It depends on the cooler that you are using. We included so many options on our list, which are UV-protected and won’t get damaged by the sunshine and hot temperature. The soft-sided cooler is not much friendly with the sun, keep in mind.

  • What is the right way of storing a cooler when not in use?

Indeed, there is no particular rule to store it. But it is essential to put the cooler in a specific place in order to maintain it in a proper way. Try to hang it on the top so it can get fully dry when not in use.

  • Is it necessary to use an extra trolley for transportation?

Not at all. Our write-up is all about the wheeled cooler, and most of our picks are included with specific wheels in order to ensure better transportation. So it’s not much necessary to use an additional trolley, in our opinion. But the case will be different if your cooler has no particular wheels on the bottom.

  • How often should I clean up my cooler?

It depends on how you actually use your cooler. We suggest washing off your product after coming back from every trip. Your cooler will always stay spick and span if you maintain it properly by cleaning it up after a certain period.

  • Is deep cleaning necessary every time?

Nope, but it is pretty much essential if your cooler is completely covered with dirt and bad smells. These things can ruin the whole beauty and will make it a piece of junk. So make sure to provide a deep clean if it gets way too dirty.

The Final Cut

Using one of the top 15 best coolers with wheels is the single best way to make your outdoor life a lot more comfortable. If you pick any of one from our list, transporting tons of things from place to place will be as easy as falling off a log!

So go and decide which one suits you best.

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