Do Air Horns Work on Bears? – Yes, It Work!

Camping is fantastic, and you get to have a lot of fun. However, there are things such as bears that can make camping boring and dangerous at the same time.

Whenever you are keeping in an area with bears, then you have to be careful.

Knowing the right method to keep away bears will help you have a peaceful camping experience.

It is not in camping only that bears can be a problem. If you are living close to an area with Bears, you also fall in the same category.

You have to make sure that you understand the best methods to get rid of bears.

The use of portable air horns which is also known as a bear horn is one of the methods to use to chase away bears.

However, the main question is, are they effective?

Do Air Horns Really Work?

Yes! It works if the bear is at a distance”

But, if it prepares its mind to attack you or visit your campsite, you must think about something more powerful like bear sprays.

Air horn has so many benefits when it comes to using them on bears. It is handy as the sound can be heard from a distance. It is not affected by various factors such as wind and distance. The horn is easy to use devices when compared to the rest of the methods of scaring away bears as well as wild dogs.

With air horns, they do not have any risks of spillage like bear sprays. You also do not require any specialized skills to use air horns.

All said and done, there are several things you have to consider when using air horns. Always make sure that you know the right size for you based on your needs. There are different sizes available in the market, and you can buy any depending on your budget and preferences.

What are Air Horns?

An air horn is a type of device that is designed to produce a lot of noise through air mechanisms.

Air horns are designed to use compressed air that is then passed through a horn and in return provides a very loud sound.

Few air horns are also called bear horns which are specially designed to use on bears. They can be of different sizes and shapes.

How do Air Horns Work?

scare bear with loud soundAir horns are made to use compressed air to produce a loud noise.

The compressed air passes through a diaphragm it creates a vibration that is amplified by the horn.

Normally, the high the pressure of compressed air, and its speed, the loud the sound produced by the air horn.

There are different types of air horns that are made for various purposes. Air horns are used in vehicles such as semi-trailers, fire trucks, some ambulances, and trains.

There are Air horns that have to use electricity to work, and there are those that use manual means.

Electric air horns use electrical power to create compressed air that is used in making the vibrations to produce a loud noise. But, for bears, we need to use portable bottle air horns.

Using Air Horns on Bears

There are various ways through which you can use an air horn. However, it all depends on the type of Air horn you are using.

In this case, it is essential to discuss Air horns that are easy to use when scaring away bears.

Portal air horns are the best option when you want to scare bears. The main reason is they are light and easy to use.

These are the type of air horns that do not require a special source of compressed air to work. Electric air horns cannot be used in such a case as they need electricity which is not readily available when camping.

Portable Air horns are easy to carry and use. You can keep it in the side pocket of your backpack, There are air horns that are used mostly in sports and other few areas. A small portable air horn is made with a can that contains compressed air.

As a result, the compressed air in the can helps to vibrate the diaphragm and make a loud noise whenever you are using the horn.

When you want to use the air horn, the steps are very simple. You have to point the horn to the direction you want the sound to go. Then press the button or switch to release the compressed air then the sound will be produced.

Whenever you are using an air horn on a bear, you have to follow the same mechanism. Take the air horn and direct it toward the direction of the bear. Then squeeze the button on the can to let compressed air out, and loud noise will be produced.

Benefits of Using Air Horns on Bears

When you are comparing an air horn with other methods of scaring away bears such as bear spray, you will find out that it has several additional benefits that make it much better.

Here are some benefits of using air horns as opposed to other means of scaring bears.

It is not affected by wind

Whenever you use bear spray, the chances are that in case it is on a windy day, then the spray may be blown away to another direction by wind hence failing. However, with air horns, you do not have to worry about the wind. Once you blow the horn, the sound will be transmitted directly.

Distance is not an issue

When compared to other methods of scaring away bear, with air horns, you do not have to wait until the bear is close. With some ways of scaring bears such as sprays, you have to wait until the bear is close enough before you can use it. This is because using before maybe not as effective as the bear may come once the spray has depleted.

Noise is more of a bother to Bears

Whenever you use Air horns, you have an added advantage that makes it more effective. Bears usually have a better hearing power as compared to humans. As a result, using air horns produces very loud noise which is disturbing enough to it.


Air horns are very portable. Most of them are very light, which makes them suitable for traveling and camping. Whenever you have much stuff to pack, air horns can be easy to deal with as compared to bear sprays that can easily leak and go to waste.

More Affordable

When compared with other methods of scaring away bears, air horns are considerably cheaper. With air horns, a single one can serve you for several days without replacing. However, when using bear spray, it may be expensive as it is not enough or some may go to waste.

Suitable for a Permanent Scare on a Captured Bear

Did you know when a bear is captured scientist prefer using loud noise to scare the bear before release?

Scaring a captured bear to the extremes before release ensures that it stays away from humans for good. If you do regular camping and you happen to catch a bear, this method can work very well.


Always make sure that you use your air horn in good time before the bear is close enough to be on the safer side. It is essential still to remember to carry an air horn whenever you know you are going to a location with bears.

People going for camping and hiking in forests should carry air horns and make sure that it is in close reach. Hanging them on your bag will allow easy access.

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