Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Review

Even though there are hundreds of models to pick from – few brands offer what you can get with Vortex Optics. It is the ideal brand for those who want reliability, excellent performance, and unique features.

That’s why we want to go over the short-range and utterly fantastic Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40.

It takes short-range performance to another level. You won’t have to worry about durability or image quality either, as it helps to provide accurate shots with almost any kind of rifle.

So, are you eager to learn more about what it offers? Then head on to learn what you need!

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Маgnіfісаtіоn: 4-12Х

Types of Magnification: Vаrіаblе

Оbјесtіvе Dіаmеtеr: 40 mm

Lеngth: 12 inches

Wеіght: 14.6 ounces

Тubе Dіаmеtеr: 1 inch

Fіеld оf Vіеw (FOV): 32.4 to 11.3 fееt per 100 уаrdѕ

Еуе Rеlіеf: 3.1 inches

Ехіt Рuріl: 10 to 3.3 mm

Rеtісlе: Dead-Hold ВDС

Іllumіnаtеd Rеtісlе:

Аdјuѕtmеnt System: 1/4-inches МОА per Сlісk

Lens Соаtіngѕ: Fullу Multі-Cоаtеd

Fіnіѕh: Вlасk/Маttе

Wаtеrрrооf: Yes

Ѕhосkрrооf: Yеѕ

Раrаllах: 100 уаrdѕ

Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Review

You’re familiar with the basics. Now let’s go deep into what these factors mean.

Let’s start with its magnification:


You won’t find this riflescope ideal for long-range shooting. That’s super clear as soon as you see how much magnification it offers at only 4-12x.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t perform well enough at close or medium range. In fact, you can still use it for long-range at up to 500 yards or so – but you won’t have as much accuracy as you may expect.

The magnification is variable. That means you get excellent versatility when using. Even when you go back and forth with its zooming, you can still achieve proper aiming capacity.

That adds a slight advantage to the quickness and overall compatibility of the scope. You can pair it up with all kinds of rifles and even shotguns if needed, and it won’t be deficient in any way. You can use it for big game hunting, medium-range test shooting, and more.

And you can pair it up with muzzleloaders, slug shotguns, and a wide variety of other guns. It won’t disappoint you – as long as you aren’t expecting the best long-range capacity.

Image Quality

The right magnification won’t be enough unless you have a decent image quality. That’s why we appreciate well-made lenses so much – as the Diamondback has.

At 40mm of objective diameter, it lets a wide and long image go through the scope. That will make more light go through and achieve an outstanding aiming performance overall.

You will get multi-coated lenses, fully covered so you can get decent clarity, brightness, and ideal low-light performance. It won’t be the best at night, but it allows you to see everything clear enough at any time of the day.

If you want never to lose focus and see your target well at all times, then you’ll enjoy Diamondback’s lenses. The last eyepiece of the scope will let you focus fast enough, and it will show everything with outstanding color vividness.

For those who appreciate excellent image quality with no drawbacks, the Diamondback from Vortex Optics is an almost perfect option. Despite its limited magnification, it leaves no space for image mediocrity.


This is another important factor that makes this scope a fantastic choice. You will get a Dead-Hold BDC reticle. It is one of the most versatile and practical you can get.

Many people love this crosshair for long-range, while others appreciate its short & medium-range capacity. In any of its versions, you can get tons of shots done without losing focus or accuracy.

But this one comes with unique customization that allows holdover and windage to be handier than most options. You can use it for measuring easily and aim more accurately when needed.

Let’s not forget this is a second focal plane reticle (SFP). That means you will get a fixed crosshair that won’t move too much when you zoom in and out. This way, you can aim more smoothly and without worrying whether the target moves further or closer.

Overall, this reticle will let you shoot more comfortably. It is the perfect choice for those who like both simplicity and excellent quality.


It won’t be enough to get an outstanding image and a practical reticle. You will also want as much adjustability as possible so you can enjoy more customization and shoot with more ease.

That’s what you get with this scope. It comes with metal-on-metal precision turrets. They let you adjust the windage and elevation with a single click of the knob. And sure enough, it delivers more accurate changes so you can choose perfectly well according to your needs.

If you don’t need the adjustments anymore, then you can easily reset the sight-in with the reversing feature. That makes it even easier to use, and much more practical & time-saving.

And still, you will get a precision-glide erector system. It helps you track your target effortlessly, and allows extra repeatability, so you don’t waste any time configuring and re-configuring the scope.

In case you want to make the most precise shots possible, then you’ll want to consider the fantastic adjustability system of the Diamondback. It won’t let you down in any kind of environment.


If there’s something that many people tend to forget about when looking for scopes is the build. The materials and parts used on the scope matter just as much as the rest of the piece and its features.

Luckily, the Diamondback doesn’t lack any quality in this regard. It comes with a single-piece tube of 1-inch in diameter. That’s enough to last a lifetime and provide decent strength against shocks.

But the real advantage comes from its hard-anodized construction and finish. That adds up even more to its overall shockproof capacity, as well as a unique design that camouflages the user.

Inside, it also offers tons of construction-related advantages. And it all comes down to its O-ring sealed build with an Argon-purged process. Together, they prevent the scope from fogging off when using, while delivering a much more water-protected design.

You will never experience fog or water-related issues with this scope. And sure enough, it still manages to be strong enough to handle shocks and impacts when used. For those that expect a high-quality construction in its entirety, the Diamondback offers all they need and more.


The price of this model stands out from the competition for the simple fact that it comes as one of the most affordable in the market. Yes, you will get a more-than-decent quality from this piece, yet it still manages to come at a fantastic cost.

For the quality, that’s a total bargain. The only drawback would be its low magnification, but overall it stands out as one of the most affordable of its kind – perfect for those on a small budget. Read about other rifle scopes that are under 200 dollars.

Pros of Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40

  • The high-end build makes it totally shockproof, fog-proof, and waterproof
  • Handy adjustment system allows extra accuracy & smooth operation
  • Fantastic Dead-Hold BDC reticle makes it easy to aim with any magnification
  • Clear, bright, and color-oriented lenses with fully multi-coated build

Cons are Here

  • The magnification could be a lot better at only 4-12x
  • It doesn’t have the best recoil resistance for high-caliber rifles

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, it looks like a fantastic riflescope to consider, but you may still have some doubts about it. In this next section, we may help you relieve some of them:

1. Does this scope come with a decent parallax?

Yes, as shown in the specifications, it offers a 100-yard parallax. That’s a decent amount of parallax for the size & overall magnification it provides.

2. Does Diamondback offer other models to choose from?

Yes, you can get 6 other Diamondback options. It offers the 1.75-5x at 32mm, the 2-7x at 35mm, the 3-9x at 40mm with BDC, the 3-9x at 40mm with V-Plex, the 3.5-10x at 50mm with BDC, and the 3.5-10x at 50mm with V-Plex.

3. Will I get a night-vision capacity with this scope?

No. You will only be able to use this scope during the day – from sunrise to sunset.

4. Will this scope work well with my .388 Lapua Magnum?

No. You will need something with at least double the magnification, and that resists recoil well enough. .388 Lapua cartridge works only in the largest rifles, and this scope is for small to medium-sized models only.

5. Do I need to do any maintenance for this scope?

Not necessarily. As long as you keep it stored in a safe and dry place, you shouldn’t worry about any maintenance. Clean it thoroughly before storing it to keep it even safer, and that will be enough.

Final Words

As a brand, Vortex Optics never disappoints. And sure enough, the Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 is a perfect example of that.

From its constructions to the high-end image quality and its decent magnification along with a perfect reticle – it all makes this scope an excellent option to have.

You won’t get the best scope for long-range shooting, or the most resistant to use with the highest-caliber rifles out there. But it will still handle most uses and last a lifetime of excellent and accurate shooting.

If that matches your demands, then don’t hesitate and get it now. You won’t regret it.

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