Rifle Scope Turret Knobs Explained

To get an efficient performance from the rifle scope people use external raised knobs on the scope that is known as turrets. They set it near to the eye at the top and the right side for easy management of the turrets.

They are known as Windage & Elevation knobs used for adjustment. All the mechanism set on the turret is to provide the best comfort and power on your hunting. Proper knowledge of turrets impact on your shooting.

There are different types of turrets available in the market. You will get the turret specification and manual from the manufacturer that will help you learning and operating your riflescope turret effectively.

Also, you need to do a little research on turrets type and learn different types of turrets operating. This will enhance your knowledge of turrets and impact on perfect targeting on shooting.

Knowledge of different types of the turret also helps you to identify and pick the perfect turret for you. You can avoid low-quality products on your riflescope selection.

Good riflescope operating is all about your turret knob handling. If you can manage the turret knob properly, your hunting will be more enjoyable.

Here I am going to explain all the turret facts and tips to help you mastering on turrets.

What is a Turret on a Rifle Scope?

A turret is an external riflescope accessory helps to get accurate shot from the rifle scope. It’s a rotatable mounted knob hunters use to adjust the target properly. You will find various types of turrets available in the market.

We will discuss the type of turrets below to give you an overall idea about riflescope turrets. The idea of turret operating is all based on some vital factors – the distance and accuracy of shooting. Proper turret management impacts on hunting.

A ballistic turret can help you get the perfect shot even in 1000 yards. Understanding the capacity of the turret will help you to shot more precisely than you shot unknowingly.

You should know your turret features and functions to get the best advantage from your turrets. Windage & Elevation management is essential that you will only gather on hard work and practice.

You should regularly practice operating your riflescope and turrets for increasing efficiency.

Depending on turrets type you need regular adjustment or onetime adjustment for a longer period. Reading the manual will help you understand the type of turret.

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Common Types of Turrets Available in the Market

The majority of the scope use does not know about their scope type and using unknowingly.

But proper knowledge on turrets always helps you to pick a precise scope and turret for your riflescope. Using the built-in feature turret might not provide the expected performance all the time.

So, knowing about the types of turrets can help you to identify and purchase the best turrets available for you. You will find several types of turrets available in the market.

But, we categorize them into four major categories and listed for your assistance.

Major Types of Turrets

  • Hunting Turrets
  • Target Turrets
  • BDC Turrets
  • Tactical Turrets

Hunting Turrets

Hunting turrets are the basic types of turret you will find available at a cheap price. This type of turret is covered with caps to protect elements. They are also called capped turrets you will find mostly on hunting turrets.

Hunting turrets are finger adjustable and the click values are mostly ¼ MOA (Minutes of Angle) or equivalent to 1cm.

You need a little adjustment on your hunting as capped turrets are low profile turrets. You have to open the caps to adjust your hunting turret properly.

Operating hunting turrets are a little bit complex compared with other types of turrets. Every time you need turret adjustment, you need to remove the cap.

Target Turrets

Target turrets are easy to manipulate, adjust and operate. They are similar to hunting turrets, but ensure the ease of use and comes with comfortable features.

Target turrets come with high magnification capacity and really simple reticles. Its adjustable feature ensures a lot more comfort than a hunting turret.

Traditionally, this type of turrets is tall in nature and suitable for shooters to adjust. Over the years, people are using target turrets for targeting accurately on the competitions.

Target turrets also covered with caps for preventive reasons. When you are purchasing a sport turret, try to pick a target turret along with it.

Bullet Drop Compensators (BDC) Turrets

BDC turrets are more powerful turrets than the hunting and target turrets. The actions you can manipulate on BDC turrets immediately. You will notice numbers of distance on BDC turret that indicates how long you can shoot.

The clicks are not mentioned in BDC turret, because the distance is already mentioned in the same place. This helps you to shoot at an accurate distance effectively.

This type of turrets is being popular among the hunters for excellent magnifications. Both you can use for long-distance hunting as well as small distance hunting.

Tactical Turrets

Tactical turrets are special types of turrets that come with similar functionality of BDC turrets. But this type of turret has click numbers engraved on it.

To operate tactical turrets, you need to learn advanced turret operating features. Both you have to need to know about distance and click values.

You need a little adjustment on the different distances to get convenient shooting from your riflescope. One means either one Minutes of Angle or 1cm per 100m.

You need to understand these technical terms and use the features of your hunting. This will help you to get the best performance from your riflescope.

How to Use a Riflescope Turret?

The best way of operating a turret is by following the manufacturer guide. If you are using an adjustable finger turret, all you have to use your index finger to adjust your turret.

Simply rotate your adjustment tool to set the turret in an accurate position. Finger adjustable turret contains click values that will help to set up the turret properly. You need to measure the distance and prepare your turret effectively.

There are three common adjustment tool and method people use to adjust a turret:

  • Windage
  • Elevation
  • Parallax


Windage is an adjustment gear of a turret measured in MOA (Minutes of Angle). This tool is rotatable and divided into 360 degrees. Each of those degrees also divided into 60 minutes. In total there are 21,600 minutes in the full circle.

All the angles are considered as small angles that help to adjust your gun sights. All the popular turrets come with windage.

The windage knob is placed on the right side that you can control using the index finger. Be aware that all the riflescope is not calibrated for MOA. Also not precise to inches.

So, you have to follow the user manual for a better understanding of the turret operation. This will impact on proper turret operation.


Elevation works for up and down adjustment for effective adjustment. It uses the same mechanism as windage. Using the rotation option, you have to adjust the required angle and set it where you want.

Both the windage and elevation knobs help to set the reticle and aiming the shooting points. The elevation turret you will notice on the firearms with the crosshairs.

Elevation turrets are placed on the top of your riflescope. Most of the scope manufacturer indicates the upper knob as U and the down knob as D. This will help you to understand how to operate the elevation turret of your riflescope.

Using these knobs, you can easily adjust your scope elevation and get a perfect shot from your gun.


This is another cool way to adjust your scope appropriately. Using the parallax, you can measure the level and adjust your windage & elevation.

All the popular scope has parallax on it. It helps on proper aiming your object and identifies the center of your scope. Then you can use other adjustment tools to set the target effectively. You will notice parallax on all modern riflescopes.

Use the Appropriate Adjustment Tool

As there are multiple adjustment tools available on turrets, you have to use the right gear to adjust your turret. You have to grab the finger adjustable turret to turn up or down.

If your turret has a coin-slot style, you need to rotate it in a circular direction. You have to understand the turret type to get the best performance from it.

Ensure the Safety of Your Turrets

Don’t create any pressure or use the turret roughly. Rotating the windage or elevation in the wrong direction can damage your adjustment tool. You need to understand the functionality of your turret first and practice in the home.

This will help you to learn and operate your turret properly. Also, ensure the best safety of your turret easily.

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Final Words

Choosing the right turret is essential to get the best performance from your turret. Here we listed all the facts about turrets that will help you understanding the turrets selection process and using the best turret on your hunting. This will minimize the hard work of targeting on your hunting.

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