How to Keep Scope Safe from Fogging Up?

The humidity of the air is the reason that causes the fogging up problem on your scope lens. You might experience the fogging up problem both in winter and the rainy season. Because the humidity of the air increases on these days and impact on your hunting.

However, the humidity of the air is not the only cause you to experience fogging up on your scope lens. Choosing the low-quality lens and improper maintenance is also responsible for the fogging up problem.

Lens fogging has both a shorter & longer negative impact on your hunting. You won’t able to target accurately with a fogged lens that damage the joy of hunting. Scope lens is not only the stuff where you experience the fogging up problem.

People with the kinds of stuff like binoculars and glasses also experience the same issue and search for the possible solution. Wiping the lens frequently can damage the lens quality that no one expects.

People try some handy ways to solve the issue, but not works always. If you are using a shaving cream that might not be a permanent solution to prevent fogging. Additionally, it will cause the dust freezing problem and decrease the lens capacity.

If you are searching for a possible solution to the fogging up problem, you should read the post carefully. Because we listed all possible ways that will help you to keep your scope lens safe from fogging.

How to Keep Scope Safe from Fogging Up?

People use different various ways to keep their scope safe from the fog. None of them are the same and all problem does not arise for the same issue as well.

So, you have to identify the proper reason for fogging up your scope and take the necessary steps to prevent fogging.

Here we listed a few common reasons and possible solutions for you. Knowing the reasons will help you to figure out and get rid of the fogging issue.

Using the Cheap Quality Scope

Using a high-quality scope produces a less fogging issue on the hunting. If you are using a low-quality scope, that can be a major reason you are experiencing fogging up the issue with your riflescope.

Most of the people make a mistake when they are purchasing their scope for a cheap price. They care about the money, but not with the quality. This is the reason they get low-quality scope and experience many different negative issues on their hunting.

If you are a professional shooter, you must use a good quality professional scope for hunting. This will ensure the best performance and comfort of hunting.

You don’t need to waste extra money on purchasing anti-fogging equipment if you choose a high-quality scope. Because this type of scope comes with a high-end lens and anti-fogging technology. You don’t need to purchase it separately.

Very Humid Environments

Location selection is important. Avoiding a very humid environment is a clever way of hunting. Especially when you are using a low-quality scope for hunting, you should know your limitations. We always recommend buying a high-quality scope whatever the price is.

This will save you time and hard work. Humidity on-air increase for dew in winter and rain in the rainy season.

Sometimes fog comes inside the lens when you are using a low-quality scope and cause a permanent problem on your shooting. This is the reason you should not use a low-quality scope on your regular hunting.

Humidity Control

You place your scope lens near to your eyeball that is very close to the mouth and nose. When you are breathing in and out, it directly affects your scope lens. You have to be careful about breathing in a very humid condition.

Using a face mask can help you to get rid of this problem. Experts also suggest people use the nose for breathing. This will not affect your scope lens directly. This will help the air to pass conveniently and prevent freezing on the lens.

Keep the Scope Inside

To protect your scope from the fogging you should keep your scope in a dry & warm condition. If you keep the riflescope in a very humid condition, it will be foggy and wet.

You can use a scope box or keep it inside your car. This will help you to keep the scope safe effectively.

Using Anti-Fogging Equipment

You will find lots of anti-fogging equipment available on the market. Use those lens cleaning kits to keep your scope lens clear and shiny.

Also, you can keep the riflescope dry to avoid fogging on your scope. Different expert suggests different fog removing kits, but you should use the most convenient anti-fogging equipment on your hunting.

We did vast research on anti-fogging equipment and listed a few popular fog cleaner here. You can use these fog cleaners to keep your scope fit for use.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Cat Crap Lens Cleaner
  • Care Touch Cleaning Kit
  • Scope Cleaning Liquid
  • Lens Cap
  • Keep the Scope Inside

Microfiber Cloth

The most convenient way to clean a scope lens is by using a microfiber cloth. You will get lens cleaning tissue when you purchase your scope. Use these cleaning kits to keep the lens dry and clean.

Microfiber cloths are reusable, easy to use and carry. If you wear a glass, you can use the same tissue to clean your lens as well. This offers a double advantage to clean your lens effectively.

Microfiber & cotton clothes you can purchase at affordable prices. So, you can keep multiple clothes if you are a professional scope user.

Cat Crap Lens Cleaner

This type of lens cleaning gel helps to clean the lens and not coming back for a longer period. You will find the cat crap lens and some other similar lens to clean your lens effectively.

With the help of your microfiber cloth, you can easily add the gel on your lens. This will provide a shiny look on your lens and protect the lens from freezing any fog on it.

Care Touch Cleaning Kit

You will find cleaning spray for scopes that helps to clean your scope effectively. When you are using this type of spray, don’t directly spray on your scope lens.

Use a cleaning tissue or cotton cloth to clean the lens. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and use it in a circular way to wipe the lens.

Spraying directly on your lens sometimes cause fogging up problem inside your lens.

Scope Cleaning Liquid

You will find scope cleaning fluid that helps in scope cleaning. You can use this type of cleaner to clean any type of dust from your scope.

Not necessary to carry on your hunting, but carry on a little jar if required. This prevents fogging up for a long time if you use scope cleaning liquid.

Use a Cap

Don’t keep the lens open unnecessarily. You should always keep the lens capped. This will provide warmth and a dry environment to your lens.

Remove the cap only when you need to use your scope. People keep the lens open for a long time that causes the fogging up problem.

Final Words

To keep the scope safe from fogging up, you must follow the above-mentioned ways and tricks. After long research, we collected and listed all possible ways of scope safety. Following this handy guide, you can easily ensure the best safety of your scope.

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