10 Best Smell Proof Backpacks [Carry Smelly Items Sensibly]

Let’s face it; everyone finds themselves carrying around some stinky stuff from time to time. Even if you do not use recreational weed, it could be that you have your smelly gym clothes with you. Or, you are going on camping in bear country. This is where the smell proof backpack comes in handy!

When carrying anything that produces an offensive smell, this backpack can save you from needless embarrassment.

You can say goodbye to the awkwardness of people raising an eyebrow each time you walk past them carrying your gym gear.

So how do you find a rucksack with the right features and functions?

In this post, we study the 10 best smell proof backpacks to help you choose a bag that allows you to carry your stinky stuff discreetly.

10 Best Smell Proof Backpack Reviews

If you hit the gym frequently or go on hikes and trekking escapades, quality odor proof bags are a must-have. We offer you our top contenders to guide you in your selection.

#1. (Top Pick): Skunk Urban Backpack (Navy Denim)

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First on our review list is the Skunk Urban Backpack. For the hiking enthusiast in search of a favorite everyday companion, this urban pack is likely to tickle your fancy. It has a nice design and is packed with the finest smell proofing features.

Just like any odor absorbent backpack that is worth buying, this one has a carbon filter and thermal lining. It also comes with several layers that protect the interiors and their contents from spills and rain.

This makes it an all-weather bag because it is stress-free to maintain an entirely odorless environment even during unfavorable weather.

One of the unique features is that the interiors of the bag are also lined with quality anti-smell retaining filters.

The carbon filtration technology used here works effectively enough to allow you to hike with one bag and throw your shoes, sweatsuits, and other clothes inside.

Apart from the convenient side pockets, you will find two main compartments inside with zipper pockets on the walls of each section. They serve as perfect secret compartments where you can keep your personal items more discreetly.

The waterproof zippers make this bag worth every dime that you spend on it. In any case, an inferior zipping system makes a backpack inferior, irrespective of the quality of its carbon lining. The zips close tightly, ensuring that odors cannot escape.

Combination locks prevent nosy people from accessing the contents in your bag.

If you like to keep your stink affairs private, this is a feature you will find to be helpful.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof rubber-backed nylon cover
  • Tear-resistant protective netting
  • Front side pockets
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Perfect hiking companion

#2. Skunk Backpack Rogue

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This bag has anti-smell retainer interiors made from a quality carbon filter. The well-constructed lining helps to keep the smells in, and this is what makes the bag ideal for use when carrying smelly gym clothes.

Having this spacious bag will be useful during those days when you are extra loaded. If you are going on a hiking adventure, you can conveniently carry more than a day’s change of clothes. The dual zippers enclosure allows you to carry all your stink bombs discreetly.

It is worth mentioning that the zipping system is waterproof. Your personal stuff and the carbon filter lining remains protected from damaging spills and rain.

Carrying pairs of sweaty t-shirts, shoes, and hiking leggings can leave the carbon lining with a lingering stink of unpleasant body odor.

Because this lining should not come into contact with water, you can restore its fresh scent by airing it in the sun or blowing it with a blow dryer for a few minutes.

Another feature that adds value to the backpack is the thermal lining with an anti-wear protective net. There are also other parts made of this quality net, such as the front and side pocket. You also get a well-padded laptop pocket for your convenience.

Did I mention that the bag has a combination lock? Well, the smell proof feature, coupled with lockable storage assures you of keeping your contents private and well secured.

Highlighted Features

  • Top-quality carbon filter lining
  • Anti-smell retainer interior
  • Anti-tear protective netting
  • Waterproof zipping system
  • Side and front pockets

#3. Skunk Urban Backpack (Black)

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This is notably one of the best backpacks in the markets because it has a very low-key design. Its style has a modern pop, which makes it look like any other bag that people carry around when going on everyday errands.

The quality of this rucksack is unmatched. It has anti-smell retainer interiors made from a maximum-strength carbon filter. Better still; the thermal lining has resilient protective netting with rubber-backed nylon.

If you are in search of an everyday, all-weather use kind of odor-proof bag, then this is it. Your investment affords you a backpack with a sturdy build that has a combo lock for added security and privacy.

It is possible to reset the lock whenever you feel like it. Simply push the little button with a needle or something and reset it. This is a feature that often comes in handy after sharing your combination with a friend for whatever reasons.

Additionally, the bag has waterproofing treatment on its exteriors. This helps to protect contents from mist, accidental spills, and rain.

You get a cool space where you can carry your stinky gym outfits and other personal belongings. Also, there are side pockets where you can store smaller items such as your water bottle.

In case you do not carry around loads of gym gear every day, it may seem a little inconvenient to carry such a big bag.

Fortunately, there are brilliant ways of going around this issue, like placing a gym towel or a fresh hood at the bottom of the rucksack to make it appear fuller.

Highlighted Features 

  • Anti-smell retainer interior, 100% odor-proof
  • Top-quality carbon filter thermal lining
  • Resilient protective netting with rubber backed nylon
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Front side pockets
  • Ideal for everyday, all-weather use

#4. Original Hemp Backpack

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This backpack has been a top seller for a decent number of years. For all the right reasons, this is something that is not about to change. It has a long list of perks, although I will only highlight the most prominent ones.

First, the bag is made from sturdy Hempster fabric. This makes it ideal for you if you are a firm believer in saving Mother Nature by using products made of recyclable and sustainable resources.

Pure hemp fabrics have a smooth and soft texture. This makes them ideal for carrying fragile items such as cycling goggles. Even though this fabric is soft, it is resistant to fading, as well as tear and wear.

Also, this bag has a discreet design and can pass for any other kind of cool pack in the markets. Better still, it is customizable because the Velcro badge is removable.

You can choose to keep the badge on the bag, remove it for a clean, more discreet look or even switch it to attach a bag logo of your liking.

It is a comfortable bag with contoured shoulder straps and adjustable side straps and also has a heavy-duty zipping system for added security and privacy. As part of its design, it has 4 spacious compartments, 2 side pockets, and a secret pocket.

Additionally, you get a free, removable smell and spill-proof pouch to keep your personal contents neat when on the go.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from a resilient Hempster blend fabric
  • Discreet style
  • Contoured shoulder straps and adjustable side straps
  • Smell & spill-proof pouch included
  • Spacious compartments to fit all your personal items

#5. Skunk Nomad Skaters Backpack

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Whether you are an elite athlete or a hobbyist who loves long hiking adventures, you must consider the style of an odor-proof backpack.

It is spacious and can fit a whole assortment of hiking and gym gear, including your runners. There are 4 compartments where 2 are small pockets, 1 large pocket, and 1 large pocket with a lock.

There are undeniable perks of having a bag that has a combination lock. This enhances privacy by ensuring that only you can get inside your bag to access its contents. The side pockets are made of a sturdy, wear-resistant net.

On the other hand, the internal pockets have zippers that further assist in locking in odors and keeping your contents safe.

This bag is 100% smell proof because it has a quality carbon filter lining that covers not just the main pockets, but also the front pockets.

Without debate, this feature makes the bag a must-have hiking companion because you get more options when choosing where to put your stinky gear.

Another perk that makes this the best backpack is that it has readily equipped skateboard straps. For a skateboarder on the go, these straps can hold your board steadily, so it is safe and convenient to ditch and forget your old, regular bag.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% odor proof, made of maximum potency carbon filter
  • Water-resistant exteriors
  • Front pockets also have carbon filter lining
  • Combination lock
  • Spacious, 100% odor absorbent bag

#6. Skatepack Odor Proof Backpack (Dime Bags)

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This is yet another bag that deserves to be on our best backpacks. It is the perfect combination of style and function. With 3 large compartments, 1 secret pocket, mesh pockets, and 2 bottle holders, you can carry your stinky personal belongings more discreetly.

The contoured shoulder straps are adjustable, and this is a feature that assures you of comfort, even when carrying a big load of stuff.

You will also find the heavy-duty zippers to be quite convenient. They close and open easily while at the same time, ensuring that your contents remain secure.

Moreover, the sturdiness of these zippers helps to keep the smells of your gym gear well concealed.

Other unique perks include the fact that the Velcro logo is removable and this makes your rucksack customizable.

Additionally, you get a small spill and smell proof pouch to keep small personal items neat. This bag is made from organic hemp cotton lining, which is an environmentally friendly material.

It is spacious, has a discreet design, and a generally firm and reliable structure. The unique perks of Hempster blend fabrics make this bag worth every dime you spend on it.

Such fabrics are both resistant to fading and resilient enough to resist tear and wear from everyday use.

Highlighted Features

  • One secret compartment
  • 3 large compartments
  • Free smell-proof pouch
  • Heavy-duty zipping system
  • This bag is not padded and hence ideal for long treks

#7. Funk Fighter Backpack

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As its name suggests, this is the bag to choose if you want to contain the funk from your gym clothes and sweatsuits with an unpleasant odor. It has a convenient and discreet design so you can easily blend in with the crowd.

This backpack has a top-quality carbon lining that helps to eliminate the odors, including the sweat smell that tends to be quite loud and indiscreet.

Even if you want to access public areas such as a restaurant, not even the people seated next to you will have a reason to pinch their noses.

The zipping system with smell-trapping capabilities is also quite reliable. As if this is not enough, there is a special lining by the zips and that further reduces the chance of any smell escaping.

You get one large zipper for the main compartment and a smaller size zipper for the front compartment. The 2 mesh side pockets allow you to store small items such as your water bottle. Also, there is a carry handle at the top for added convenience.

Additionally, the adjustable straps give this bag a unique bragging point. You can easily adjust them for enhanced comfort, especially during those days when you have a whole load of exercising accessories such as your skate shoes.

If you so please, you can call this backpack a ‘stink sack’.

Seriously; it’s like a mine that traps in all those unpleasant smells, but fortunately never goes off. For active athletes who love outdoor escapades, you can walk around with confidence even as you carry loads of stinky gear.

Highlighted Features

  • Top-quality carbon lining
  • Heavy-duty zipping system for the main compartment
  • Handle at the top
  • Easy to adjust shoulder straps
  • Locks in loud and indiscreet stinks

#8. Revelry Supply The Escort Odor Absorbent Backpack

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This backpack has an edge above other smell proof bags because it has the power to encapsulate smells. It has a dual carbon filter, and this helps significantly in ensuring that odors cannot escape from the bag.

The filters are covered with a light, yet resilient cotton lining. Even though it is soft to the touch, you can expect it to hold up to repeated use and protect the carbon filters from unnecessary damage. The system of layers makes this bag highly functional and reliable.

Even the stink from abused sneakers remains well concealed. The layers of active carbon can effectively filter out the smells, allowing you to travel with your foul-smelling gear in a very discreet manner.

You will notice that the outermost layer is made of rubber-backed nylon. This feature makes the bag water-resistant and also plays a part in keeping odors contained within it.

Another feature that cannot go without mentioning is the rubber-coated zipping system made of pure leather accents and quality metal hardware. The zippers not only open and close with ease, but you can also expect them to remain in pristine condition in the long term.

Although the materials used to make the rucksack are of unmatched quality, some caution is needed when refreshing your bag. Instead of washing it, turn it inside out and air it in the sun to release the trapped odors.

A final point I must highlight is that the bag has a secret pocket for your convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • Outstanding design
  • Dual Carbon filter linings
  • Waterproof zipper
  • One secret compartment
  • Genuine leather accents and quality metal hardware
  • Spacious bag, perfect for long treks

#9. Omerta Smell Proof Backpack

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It looks like those regular laptop bags from afar though it has some unique features inside that make it an ideal accessory for any athlete.

This bag has an active carbon lining that keeps all odors locked in. The technology used in its crafting ensures that stinks from sweaty gym clothes or dirty socks do not escape when the bag is opened. You do not have to look over your shoulder even when retrieving items from your rucksack in public.

When searching for the right bag, you cannot afford not to give special attention to the zipping system. This bag has heavy-duty zippers that offer the much needed extra protection.

The zipping system does not bite, bind, or separate, and this not only locks in the smell but also keeps the bag firmly closed when on the move.

Moreover, this black, inconspicuous bag is made of a water-resistant outer material that also happens to be wear and tear-resistant. The fabric used is Hempster, which has a soft and smooth texture and is resistant to fading.

If you are the kind of athlete that desires to carry a lot of gym gear, this is perhaps the best bag to buy. Its soft, padded interiors can safely carry fragile items such as your cycling goggles or phone while you are on the go.

Customizing your bag is easy because the Velcro badge is removable. This gives you the option of removing it for a more discreet look or even swapping it with another badge that better expresses your mood, style, or personality.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable, water-resistant exterior
  • Padded smell-proof interior
  • Active carbon lining
  • Customizable Velcro logo
  • Padded interiors ideal for carrying fragile items

#10. Ghoxt Odor Resistant Backpack

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We cannot wrap up our review without mentioning the Ghoxt backpack. This is a well-made backpack that looks quite stylish, yet it can blend well with regular bags.

The Ghoxt label draws inspiration from the culture of the hustlers. And the overall design of this functional and fashionable bag ensures that your hustle is not slowed down for whatever reasons.

When in search of a bag to help you stay completely off the radar, this is it. It has a carbon lined material that is crafted using top quality fabric, with a carbon charcoal lining. This bag is the ultimate stink concealer because you will not smell a thing, even when sniffing the area close to the zipper.

Moreover, the multiple layers of protection help to ensure easy absorption of even the strongest smell. You can also depend on the quality zippers not to let any smell escape.

Regarding the design of the bag, it is roomy enough to carry your laptop, books and perhaps a day’s change of clothes. It is also lightweight and comfortable to carry. Whether you are carrying food or your stinky gym clothes, the smells in your bag will strictly remain in your bag.

In case you carry more than just your stinky gym gear in the bag, there are effective ways of protecting personal items from soaking in the unwanted odors. Consider placing your stinky contents in a plastic baggie before you put them inside your odor absorbent bag.

Even with a reliable layer of a carbon filter that eliminates unwanted odors, it is good practice to get your rucksack dried with low heat routinely. This should keep it fresh and in a pristine state for longer periods.

Highlighted Features

  • Odor-proof nylon exterior backpack
  • Activated charcoal lining
  • Offers several layers of protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Multiple layers of protection for easy absorption of smell

Features to Consider Before Buying an Odor Proof Backpack

When it comes to buying a backpack, you should do more than just pick the first one you can find. There are a plethora of crucial aspects you must consider to find a high-quality rucksack that can play the intended roles.

Is the Bag Actually Smell Proof?

The whole idea of purchasing this particular kind of bag is for you to have better peace of mind when walking around with your stink bombs; whether a specific brand provides truly odor-proof bags or not is an aspect that must not escape your attention.

Odor proof bags differ in numerous major and minor aspects. Do not be fooled by marketing gimmicks, where all manufacturers claim to produce the ideal bags.

In this case, getting the right product the first time is essential lest you want to risk embarrassing yourself during the most inconvenient of times.

Some research and patience are necessary before you select the bag to purchase. It is in your best interest to confirm that your bag of choice has a quality lining made of a smell resistant material.

Additionally, check out the reviews of other people with first-hand experience in using the bag brand that has your attention.


The material used in the crafting of a bag will make it easy for you to establish whether it is odor-proof or not.

As we mentioned earlier, activated carbon is the secret behind how the odor-proof backpacks work. Even so, other equally good technologies can be used to make a rucksack odor proof. For instance, aluminum works equally as effectively in locking in the stink.

Aluminum can serve the purpose of activated carbon in two main ways. To begin with, it is oil-based, and this means it can lock in the unpleasant smell way better than those plastic baggies.

It is better to use aluminum to dodge possible problems. Also, it is less porous than plastic or fabric and can provide more dependable smell-proof solutions.

In case you are in a rush to hide your smelly socks, and you do not have the right bag, just wrap them in several layers of quality aluminum foil. This will provide temporary solutions.

Design and Quality

It is not every day that you hit the markets in search of the best smell proof bag. For this reason, it is common understanding to consider the quality of a bag before betting your money on it.

To get a quality rucksack, you need to consider more than just the features of a bag and the materials used in making it. You should also take note of its style and generally make sure that a specific product can hold up to consistent use without failing.

The need to consider the style of a bag cannot be emphasized enough. Even if you find a product that is truly smell-proof, this will not be enough as long as it does not look like regular bags. Any design that draws unwarranted attention is not worth it.

Still on matters of design, see to it that your gym clothes, towels, and shoes can lay inside the bag in a well-organized manner. Additionally, a good rucksack will be comfortable to wear and will not be ridiculously heavy.


A smell resistance backpack is of no use if it cannot hold up to at least one year of everyday use.

Here’s what I mean.

You must put into account the durability of the entire bag, and most importantly, the odor-proof mechanism. If the aluminum or activated carbon begins to wear out, then your backpack is just as good as any regular rucksack.

This is irrespective of whether its exteriors are equally as worn out or they are in a pristine state.

Zipping System

Naturally, all rucksacks have zippers. This includes regular ones and even odor-proof bags. This is not the point I’m driving at.

Let me explain; if you are out in search of the best odor-proof weed backpack, you ought to pay close attention to how the zipping system closes.

If it fails to close properly, this means it will allow odors to escape through the holes and your expensive bag will not play its role.


Just like when buying any other merchandise, you should consider your needs and goals before purchasing the bag. Depending on how much junk you intend to be carrying at any one point, you need a bag that is spacious enough.

People are created differently. While some carry only a change of clothes when heading to the gym, others will want to have their hand towels, body towels, and runners for a generally better experience.

Before money changes hands, decide how much of your gear should fit into your bag at any given time. Based on this, it will be much easier to choose a rucksack of the perfect size.

Be sure to consider the number of compartments you need and how big the main compartment ought to be.


Times are hard, and the cost is an aspect that hardly escapes the minds of most people. Before you begin your hunt for the best product, create a budget, and define how much cash you are willing and able to spend on the purchase.

Establishing a budget will help you narrow down your options and focus on backpacks that are within your financial means. This will save you from the effort and time needed to go through every single odor-proof rucksack available in the market.

Benefits of Using a Smell Proof Backpack

A top-quality smell-proof rucksack will play its primary role, which is concealing the smell of your contents.

However, there are more than a few benefits you stand to enjoy once you have invested in the bag. These perks include:

Avoid Unwanted Guests

Are you going on camping?

You must have food with you and some of them are very smelly and can attract bears or other animals. If you put the foods in your smell proof backpack with lock, you can relax as no animal will get the smell of the foods.

Stress-Free Commuting

Simply because the stink of your gym clothes is natural does not mean that it will not offend other people.

Keeping it concealed is a relief, especially if you intend to carry your contents when visiting public areas. A quality bag can save you from the self-doubt that comes with knowing you are carrying around some stinky stuff.

Save Money

Purchasing a smell proof rucksack is a one-time investment. This is more so the case if you opt for a quality bag.

Airtight baggies can, on the other hand, suffice, although they are not durable or even reusable. They are also not a practical option when carrying plenty of gear, including your gym shoes and towel.

Avoid Unwarranted Attention

When accessing public buildings, you can relax because nobody will be able to smell the contents of your stink sack.

In case you are expecting guests in your crib, you do not need to freak out and possibly try creepy means of hiding your smelly socks.

Simply throwing all stinky items in your bag can save you from unnecessary embarrassment.

How Do Smell Proof Backpacks Work?

The science behind how the backpacks function is not as intricate as many may assume. These bags are a relatively new concept that most people are yet to get well-acquainted with. Here is what you need to know.

For the hiker that loves to travel, the chances are that you are already aware that your regular bag cannot conceal the smell of your sweaty gear.

Even if you have heard about odorless bags, these products are not highly advertised, so finding one can be a bit challenging.

External Features

The external features of a smell proof bag will not be so different from those of a regular backpack. After all, the whole idea is for you to maintain a low-key presence even as you carry around your stinky stuff.

Nevertheless, the truth is that there are other alternatives you can explore when seeking to commute with your used gym gear.

You can throw the junk in your car and risk messing your ride’s air quality. Also, you can choose to use smell proof baggies, which eventually leak out the smell after repeated use.

Internal Features

The backpacks come with a lining made from carbon filter. This is the secret behind their ability to keep even strong sweat smells well concealed. A carbon filter is a powerful agent that prevents any stink from leaving the bag.

In a nutshell, your smart bag is smell proof because it contains an activated charcoal filter (AFC) lining. What happens is that the activated carbon charcoal is treated and this increases its surface area.

When in need of more permanent and practical solutions, it makes better sense to invest in a durable, odor absorbent bag. It is big enough to carry your gym tracksuit, shoes, and even your towel and other accessories you carry around.

How Does the Carbon Filter Lining work?

Carbon is one of the most porous substances you can find. It chemically fixes the particles of stink into its pores. This is a property that makes the carbon lining of the bag quite effective in absorbing smells.

In layman’s language, the activated carbon filter acts as a vacuum. It sucks up the smelly particles in the air that passes through it. The molecules of odors that get into contact with AFC activated charcoal filter within your bag instantly get trapped by the carbon pores.

Listen closely; a quality bag will conceal the smell so well that the greatest risk you face is forgetting where you placed your dirty socks. These bags have been tested within controlled settings, and it is clear that they work.

Difference between a Regular and a Smell Proof Backpack

Down below, we talked about the differences in between the two in plain words;

Smell Proof

From a distance, the backpack will look like a regular bag. It does not have any distinct external features that set it apart. This means that as you walk around with the rucksack, nobody will have reason to suspect you are carrying any kind of stinky stuff.

As mentioned earlier, what makes this unique bag different is its carbon filter lining. It is also worth mentioning that the odor-proof bag has a relatively tighter zipping system that also plays a role in preventing smells from leaking out.


With a regular bag, irrespective of how well constructed it is, the smell of your sweaty gym clothes will leak out. This is any fashionable person’s worst nightmare, especially in this era where good grooming and matters of personal hygiene are taken very seriously.

The AFC in a smell proof bag traps the foul smells, including the stronger sweat odor. When the bag is emptied, nobody will suspect it has ever carried stinky gear in it!

Top Brands that Make the Best Smell Proof Backpacks

There is a whole world of odor-proof bags out there. However, not all of them are well crafted, comfortable, and 100% smell proof. You owe yourself the favor of giving priority to the bags we have mentioned above.

Your needs and goals will play the leading role in dictating which one will be the best odor proof backpack for you.

If you often carry around a gym or hiking gear, for instance, big and spacious bags will make better sense for you. In this case, we recommend the Funk Fighter backpack or the Skunk Backpack Rogue. You can also use these as hiking backpacks.

Finding a bag that appeals to your needs is excellent. It is equally important to finding one that rhymes well with your sense of style. Even though all the bags, as mentioned earlier, have a unique design, certain brands genuinely stand out.

The Dime Bags’ odor-proof backpacks and Revelry Supply’s Escort backpack, for instance, are superb for people with a heightened sense of fashion.

Depending on the public areas you often access, you may find a bag with a combination lock to be more appealing. Bags such as the Skunk Nomad Skaters backpack offer extra security. Your contents remain private and safe as long as you are the only one with the lock code.

When your primary mode of transport is your skateboard, some bags have skate straps where you can tie your board or even your yoga mat.

You can also find great designs like the Dime Bags Skatepack Odor Proof Backpack that has both a removable pouch and a secret compartment.

Our recommendations consist of bags that differ in style, size, and features. The only thing that makes them alike is that they are 100% smell proof.

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Who Really Needs a Smell Proof Backpack

Whether or not to invest in an odor-proof backpack is a very personal decision. However, if you often carry stinky stuff like your used gym gear, you need a bag that can carry your contents discreetly.

Both men and women of the modern age must maintain a good and admirable image. This makes odor absorbent backpacks a must-have for those that hike hit the gym or engage in other physically demanding activities.

You badly need a quality odor proof backpack if you often carry loads of sporting gear. When intending to go on a hike for several days, merely carrying around five sweaty T-shirts can make the atmosphere around you overtly smelly. The right bag is a must if you care about your image.

There is a possibility that you think you don’t need a bag because you have a car. Well, think of those special moments when you want to meet up with friends and drive in your car to a party.

If your day promises a lit turn of events, the last thing you want is the smell of your stinky gym clothes to ruin special moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have some of the commonly asked queries regarding smell-proof backpacks:

Is a smell proof bag really smell proof?

Yes, they are. Even with your stinky socks and gym clothes inside the bag, their smell will remain well concealed as long as you invest in a top-quality rucksack.

Why do the bags have a mesh liner?

For the bag to be genuinely odor-proof, the smell needs to be exposed directly to the carbon fiber. The mesh ensures that this crucial process is not obstructed.

Can I wash my smell proof bag?

It is best to protect the interiors of your bag from getting wet. Unfortunately, the lining of activated carbon fiber is not waterproof. When it gets wet, it clumps up and becomes useless.

Are the charcoal filters or liners removable? Can I replace them?

It is not possible to swap the carbon lining. However, there are ways to reactivate a smell proof bag. Just turn it inside out and place it in a dryer, over light heat, or under the sun for at least 10 minutes.

What is the care routine for odor-proof bags?

The most basic care routine is to always throw your stinky stuff in a protective bag before putting them in the odor-absorbent backpack.

You can use a ziplock bag for small stuff like socks or any other washable sack for larger items.

Final Words

Stinks are all around us. Whether you are carrying your hiking gear, your evidently abused running shoes, or any other stinky stuff, the best smell proof backpack can effectively conceal the unpleasant odors.

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