Smell Proof Duffle Bags [Only Cool Ones]

Ordinary bags don’t secure all your valuables, even if you lock them with heavy padlocks.

Why? Because you can hide things but you can’t veil smell. It not only alarms the person sitting next to you, but you might also feel humiliated if someone would be able to smell those dirty laundries you have been hiding from the entire day.

Of course, smelly clothes don’t particularly fall under the ‘valuables’ category, but your confidence does.

That’s why many Americans are now choosing the best smell proof duffle bag to make sure whatever’s inside the bag, remains a complete mystery and no one dares to guess anything by just sniffing the odor.

10 Best Smell Proof Duffle Bags

Do you want to know what odor-proof duffle bags are great at keeping secrets? Then here’s a list of the top 10 smell proof duffle bags.

#1. (Top Pick): Skunk Duffle ‘Smell-Proof’ Bag

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Despite a huge variety in the market, you still can’t beat the smell proof bags by Skunk. Skunk is also popular for its smell-proof backpacks, don’t miss that review. Now, what’s special about this first pick?

Well, it’s an attractive duffle bag that fits perfectly on every shoulder. And do you know why? Because of its perfect size 16 x 7.5-inches size.

And though it seems quite regular, it can carry all your important stuff without escaping the smell, especially the bad odor that seems annoying and embarrassing at the same time.

It’s a beautiful olive green color duffle bag with an anti-smeller interior. Plus, it goes with all your outfits. That allows you to carry it anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it’s a lightweight bag that doesn’t hurt your shoulder even if you carry it for a long time.

But apart from its aesthetics, this duffle bag by Skunk includes three padded pockets, which are completely shock absorbent. That saves your fragile things from getting broken or cracked.

Besides, this bag uses a high-quality activated carbon layer that comes with two zippers. Additionally, if you’re worried about the safety of your valuables, then this bag includes a combo lock to make sure no one except you can peek through your things.

This anti-smell duffle bag can help you fill in your everyday things as much as possible.


  • Medium-size duffle bag for everyday use
  • Attractive color and design
  • Excellent stitching quality
  • Combo locking system to secure valuable items
  • 100% smell proof bag made with a top-notch anti-smell interior
  • Robust protection against different bad and strong smells
  • Includes an effective carbon filter thermal layer
  • 3 padded pockets to guard electronic equipment and other fragile products against shocks


  • No clear instructions to set the lock
  • An average quality main zipper that jams if not handled with care
  • Unable to hold excessive weight

#2. Skunk Midnight Express XL Smell and Water Proof Duffle Bag

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Are you looking for a large duffle bag to carry the extra load? Yes! You have different options, but not all of them possess a satisfying essence. So, no wonder why people choose Skunk over other brands.

If you’re looking for an excellent duffle bag that’s attractive, strong seamed, and most importantly, has an efficient smell-blocking trait, then Skunk’s Midnight Express can serve most for your demands. So, like every other skunk bag, this model assures that no smell goes out or resists in your stuff when you have this bag.

That’s why many people prefer using it for traveling and carrying loads of stuff without a hitch due to the anti-smell retainer on the inside. And guess what? The bag is classic for the beach too, and do you know why?

Because it’s completely waterproof, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it swim to find the loopholes. But if you want, you can try it with conviction because it is manufactured with a military-grade water-resistant fabric.

And besides that, the bag is a strong protection against coffee, water, and other liquid spills. So take a relaxing sip as you travel while keeping the bag on your thigh, as no spills would damage the beauty.

Oh! When talking about beauty, this duffle bag model is a combination of gray and black colors along with multiple pockets, zippers, and combo locks.

On the other hand, it is made with anti-tear netting rubber, supported with a nylon carbon cover manufactured using good quality Velcro to make sure no sharp objects, such as a pen’s nib, a pointy key, or anything similar could tear the bag easily.


  • 100% smell and waterproof duffle bag
  • Weather-resistant with netting, thermal, and carbon lining protection
  • Leather handles with an adjustable shoulder strap to carry with ease
  • Big size bag with combo locks, front button, and front zipper pocket
  • Internal compartment with dividers along with main zipper covering


  • Stronger smells leak

#3. Skunk Hybrid/Duffle Water Resistant and Smell Proof Backpack

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Is carrying the load in different bags hurt your back and hands? Then you might be looking for something enormous. Or at least, something that could help you seize your important things, which are somehow a little bigger than the expected size.

Meet another Skunk’s piece of art for carrying things, such as hockey along with all your essential items like clothes, mobile phones, and other accessories without worrying about the smell. And most importantly, whether it’s a bright sunny day outside or breathtaking monsoon rain, all your things are safe from terrible weather conditions.

Why? Because it’s a climate-resistant bag, and more specifically, it ceases water from entering its lock pads, as well as, material, ensuring that all your stuff is out of moisture.

Contrarily, this skunk bag comes with a spectacular design, which is sufficient to bear maximum load. And all in all, the bag is best for traveling via train, airways, or by road. With a military-grade Nylon’s outer layer, you can consider this item to be your lifelong buddy.

And last but not the least, it comes with multiple straps to make sure you can carry it as a traveling bag or suitcase.


  • Chic olive green duffle bag with huge space
  • Provides 100% protection against bad odors and tacky smell
  • Solid waterproofing to keep moisture out of the league
  • Combo lock for extra security
  • The interior is made with an anti-smell retainer with the addition of outstanding carbon lining
  • Military-grade nylon fabric to resist heavy rains
  • Dual straps to help carry the load without hurting the shoulders
  • Anti-tear rubber netting along with Velcro carbon cover


  • Substandard shoulder straps that don’t withstand heavy materials
  • Zippers to be handled with extra care

#4. Cali Crusher 12-Inches Duffle Bag

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In the world of duffle bags, where big sizes are required, some people favor moving things in a quite handy way. That’s why small bags have their own value among the customers, as they help in keeping all the things right under your nose.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable way to carry your limited things everywhere you go, and without being marked, then have a look at the Cali Crusher duffle bag. It’s a 12-inches bag with smell-proofing traits to ensure even some of your tiniest little products don’t leave any traces.

And although it occupies a limited size, the manufacturers have designed it with four storage compartments to make sure you don’t waste time on finding things. And behind the compartments lies a secret inner zipper to help you prevent things from being unseen. This permits you to keep your cash, credit cards, or any other thing that requires absolute anonymity.

Another great trait is its design. Buying Cali Crusher’s 12-inches model is like carrying a small black color pouch that saves you from the curious eyes.

Nevertheless, the design is made to resist harsh weather conditions in all the seasons. And above all, no matter how good or bad the weather is, this duffle bag won’t let it affect your possessions.


  • 100% protection from bad smell
  • Black 12-inches duffle bag with activated carbon to resist bad weather
  • Small and easy to carry via a handle on the top
  • 4 internal pockets with one secret zipper to keep your products
  • 2 outer storage pockets best for keeping quickly-needed supplies
  • Nylon netting on the exterior and interior


  • Zipper along with zipper teeth have a poor quality
  • Smell protecting feature fades away if using constantly
  • Not recommended for keeping heavy materials
  • Absence of waterproofing characteristics

#5. Skunk 10-Inches Duffle Bag with Combo Lock

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It’s not always possible to move big duffle bags everywhere. Sometimes, you need to instantly pack up things for a small walk or just meeting a friend. And of course, taking a huge backpack would make you look a little eerie.

So to eliminate this weirdness, let’s check out the Skunk duffle bag that is as small as you would love to see. It’s a 10-inches duffle bag that is extremely simple to carry.

More to this, you can expect high smell blockage when your things are kept in it. In other words, it won’t allow anyone to smell and presume the stuff inside the bag. Likewise, the bag protects bad odors from the outer environment to make everything smells great.

Although scanty, this duffle bag is a perfect combination of style and safety. The credit goes to the combo locking technology to make it invulnerable while you are on your little detour.

You can set your own numeric password to assure no one steals anything. And while you do, the top strap permits you to keep the bag in your hands under a strong grip.

This duffle bag comes with a shock-absorbent capability that saves different products from being fractured. Therefore, apart from keeping some flexible and soft materials, you can count on this bag when it comes to keeping different delicate and breakable items, such as a smartphone, or anything that is made up of glass.


  • 10 inches duffle bag available in Olive Green color that’s simple to carry around
  • Powerful anti-smell retainer on the interior with 100% smell-proofing
  • An amalgamation of thermal lining and active carbon filters for longevity
  • Zipper with a combination lock for maintaining high safety standards
  • 3 padded pockets made with high-quality polymers to offer a remarkable cushion in case of heavy shocks


  • Uneven foam padding proportions
  • The bag cannot bear rough usage due to low zipper quality

#6. Snoop Proof Smell Proof XXL Duffle Bag

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Imagine, opening your backpack in front of your peers and colleagues after completing a long journey and finding out an unpleasant smell? That could be a great embarrassment, right?. But what if your stuff remains stench-free?

It can happen if you choose the odor-resistant duffle bag by Snoop Proof. Despite its simplicity, the bag can do wonders in eradicating all the bad smells. And not only it keeps your stuff odorless but also stops the bad smell from going out of the fabric.

The bag comes with activated carbon to filter all the unwanted smell, and the fully lined material used in this bag’s manufacturing eliminates absorbs all the stink.

Snoop Proof’s zippers are comprised of rubber seals that give extraordinary strength to the filtration process. More to this, the carbon-made Velcro covers retain the zipper tight to provide excessive protection.

This black duffle bag is ideal for long traveling with some heavy-duty goods. Besides, you can also use this bag when it’s raining cats and dogs. How? Because the exterior is coated with Ripstop Nylon fabric that doesn’t allow water or any kind of moisture to trespass.

Additionally, it is designed with variations to carry the bag. For instance, you can adjust and detach the shoulder strap.

Likewise, there are leather straps on the bag’s each side, which are connected with a good quality Velcro that connects the two of them so that you may carry it using a single hand. Plus, there are extra straps placed on the front and back of this Snoop Proof’s duffle bag.


  • Spacious duffle bag with 28-inches length, 14-inches width, and 18-inches height
  • Completely waterproof and smell proof
  • Activated Carbon Fiber to multiple the odor-absorbing effect
  • Water-resistant zippers and fabric to save things from water
  • Multiple straps that offer ease in carrying the bag
  • Leather handles to give a strong grip
  • Best for carrying larger and heavier goods


  • Lack of combo locking system
  • Cannot be fitted in limited spaces

#7. Oppolite Odor Absorbing and Water Resisting XXL Duffle Bag

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While many duffle bags claim to catch the bad smell within the walls of thick fabric, most of them fail to keep their promise. Especially, when they come in huge sizes.

However, if you are still looking for an XXL duffle bag that comes with the highest quality of hardware, stitching, and smell proof material, then you would love to have Oppolite’s odor eliminator duffle backpack in your life.

This bag is manufactured by using compact and heavy-duty nylon mesh to make sure there isn’t any loophole that would leak the odor.

More to this, the bag includes activated carbon lining that multiplies the smell-capturing capability. And not only the carbon lining traps the smell, but it even keeps your stuff way out of moisture’s league. The cherry on the top! The inner zippers are entirely waterproof to secure your contents from direct liquid contacts, such as rain and spills.

With 33-inches x 15-inches x 15-inches total measurements, the bag has an adequate spacing that allows you to manage all your essential items whenever you are planning for long trips. So whether it’s a sports kit, shoes, or traveling attire, Oppolite offers an immense space to keep every essential thing.

And there’s more. This duffle bag includes different compartments that help to keep things separately, so that you may not waste time scrolling the bag’s base. Moreover, all the contents are entirely safe.


  • Guaranteed waterproofing and odor capturing due to activated carbon lining
  • Simple black color design that goes with every outfit
  • Spacious design to accommodate all important contents
  • Multiple nylon straps to carry the bag with ease
  • Made with premium mesh with dual stitching to carry heavy loads
  • Good quality inner and outer zippers
  • Multiple pockets for easily adjusting the valuables


  • Does not include a combo locking system
  • Lack of thick paddings to shock-proof inside materials

#8. Dime Bags ‘Omerta Cleaner Series’ Large Bags

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Do you feel awkward every time you open your bag’s zippers at the gym or workplace and feel the unpleasant smell? Surely, people around you would feel the same.

Well, goodbye to awkwardness as the Dime Bags presents its Omerta Cleaner duffle bag series, which traps all the bad smells inside the bag so you can continue with your daily routine with full confidence.

This duffle bag endures activated carbon particles, which are designed to catch all the odor molecules. These high-quality carbon elements take away all the bad aromas whenever it comes to contact with the odor-producing components. And once the smell meets the carbon, it is all seized up into the tiny little pores, and then the magic happens.

And if you are concerned about keeping some fragile items. Then you are free to pack in whatever you want because the interior includes soft padded lining to keep your things unbroken and safe while you’re on your way to cover your journey.

Moreover, this big-size bag can easily hold up to 10 pounds. So be it your shoes, clothes, technological gadgets, or sporting equipment, the bag can safeguard everything and without letting you feel even the slightest of the bad smell.

Last but not the least, Omerta Cleaner by Dime Bags has a remarkable zipper locking system, as each bag is manufactured with a different key. That makes it impossible for any unauthorized person to open the locks even if he or she owns the same bag.


  • 100% smell proof duffle backpack with activated carbon elements
  • Guaranteed replacement in case the bag comes with any defect
  • Enormous storage with front and hidden compartments
  • Removable Velcro patch to switch with the new one whenever needed
  • A strong locking mechanism that’s impossible to intrude
  • Padded interior for protecting valuable items
  • Simple design and easy to carry anywhere


  • The bag won’t open if it’s locked and the keys are missing
  • Non-durable Velcro handles

#9. Dime Bags ‘Omerta Brigata’ 10-Inches Smell Proof Carrying Case

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Despite giant duffle bags carry a lot of stuff in them, but due to their big size, the bag weight is sometimes unbearable. That’s why many users prefer small duffle carrying cases, as they are much handier, and great for carrying limited stuff.

Gladly, Dime Bags offer a variety of sizes in duffle bags, and one of the greatest examples is of the Omerta Brigata. It is more like a little carrying case similar to a small pouch that is way too comfy on your hands. However, don’t go on its 10-inches size because it includes marvelous features, which you might not find in other bags.

First of all, this duffle pouch is designed to hold a bad smell. You can keep anything in it without worrying about sensing its essence out of the fabric. And do you know why? Because it is engineered with the latest smell-proof carbon filtering technology that holds unpleasant odors without letting it escape.

This tube-shaped duffle bag is equipped with a smooth padded interior that allows you to keep anything with a crystal nature. Moreover, the padding comes with velour to keep all your accessories from getting damaged due to heavy shocks, or in case, the bag falls on the concrete or any other solid surface from an extreme height.

Additionally, the bag is stitched with dual-layered and strong locking zippers, covered with carbon lining that surpluses the security. This feature provides tranquility and you get confident that your things are safe.

And you might find this duffle bag a bit low profile because of its simple design, but that’s on a purpose to make it unnoticeable.


  • Ability to smell proof strong odors through the latest carbon filtering technology
  • 10-inches size with superior padding to secure glassware and other breakable products
  • High-quality zippers for extraordinary protection
  • Quick replacement if the product is inaccurate


  • Not suitable for daily use
  • Low-quality Velcro that needs to be changed if used roughly

#10. GreenHouser Smell Proof Black XL Duffle Bag

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Are you looking for a duffle bag that allows you to utilize its features for a wide range of purposes? If yes, then have a look at the GreenHouser’s anti-smell duffle bag that serves as luggage.

This bag is manufactured using the finest nylon fabric that gives it a shiny look. The black color adds appeal to its overall design and you feel relaxed carrying it on some of the dustiest roads, as the color hides all the dirt and debris.

Thus, allowing you to save your energy on cleaning the mess. Furthermore, the combination of excellent stitching and good quality hardware makes it beneficial for long trips and backpacking adventures.

Another benefit is the XL size that permits you to keep everything that you need while you’re on the go. So consider adding load as much as possible until you fill each section.

Moreover, this duffle bag-cum-luggage is made to snatch and grasp bad smell from your clothes, medicines, or any other products, and forbidding it from coming out of the backpack due to premium activated carbon lining that blocks every possible pore to make sure the secret smells are safe and protected.

The bag has numerous zippers with waterproofing traits to save all the things from getting wet. Likewise, if you explore the interior, you will find that each compartment is secured with a bi-layer zipper.

These hidden pockets include excessive carbon elements to make sure that there is no leak even if there’s a high note odor in any of your stuff.

Above and beyond, this smell proof bag is enchanted with multiple nylon straps. This allows you to carry this bag on your shoulders or to hold it like a handbag.


  • Waterproof duffle bag that stores all the bad odor and strong smells
  • Dual straps offer ease in carrying the load
  • Large size to adjust heavy objects with distinct compartments


  • Ordinary zippers that split rapidly
  • No locking system

Features to Look for in a Smell Proof Duffle Bag

Odor proof duffle bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Also, the majority of the bags include at least one similar feature. And therefore, picking the best bag becomes a bit tricky.

So, to help you get the most suitable product, here are some important features you should consider before choosing a great duffle bag.

Know the Reason

The first and foremost consideration is understanding the primary reason to buy an anti-smell duffle bag. Ask yourself whether you want a bag for day-to-day use? Or you just need it to travel once or twice a year.

Likewise, what are the items you will be keeping in it? Will those goods have a fragile nature? Or will they be your gym clothes? Once you understand your buying purpose, you will be able to select the right one.

There are different kinds of bags for different purposes. First, know the purpose. Like, if you are the one, who loves to go fishing, you need to pick a fishing backpack, for travelers, there are big travel bags. So, choose wisely.

Go for a Brand

Imagine, you bought a smell-proof duffle bag but its main feature has no effective results on the odor. Wouldn’t that be a waste of time and money? Some buyers don’t pay attention to such consequences and they look for cheap and low-quality products instead of going for the brands.

They are happy purchasing unpopular duffle bags without researching the main characteristics and user reviews. Despite it’s not a negative buying behavior, it does increase the risks of getting a low-performing duffle bag, and they end up getting disappointed. That’s why it is advisable to buy a prominent smell-proof duffle backpack to avoid disappointments later.

Look for the Material

Duffle bags are made to be used roughly. And mostly they aren’t handled with care. One of the best examples is the airline workers who usually don’t carry the duffle bags with a lot of gentlenesses.

On the other hand, as a user, you might not even think much about throwing away your bag after a long walk from the gym or work to your home, until it has some fragile items inside.

So make sure your odor trapper is made with premium quality fabric, such as polyester or nylon, and not just any ordinary fabric. Otherwise, you might need to look for another duffle within a few weeks.

Furthermore, always try to buy an activated carbon duffle bag to ensure that the unpleasant smell is eliminated. But, as most smell-proof duffle bags are already comprised of carbon elements, therefore, it is suggested to look for the nylon material first, as they offer durability.

Additionally, the activated carbon components perform great when they come in contact with nylon. And in case, you can’t find the one in your budget, then go for the polyester fabric.

Nevertheless, anything below these materials could cost you another bag in a short period.

Waterproof and Weather Resistance is a Bonus

Did you know that one of the reasons for bad odors is the weather? Extreme weather conditions, regardless of cold or warm, helps grow odor-causing bacteria quickly. So, if the odor-resistant duffle backpack comes with a waterproofing trait along with weather resistance characteristics, then it’s surely a boon.

Why? Because such duffle bags will not only eliminate the bad smell but even protect all the commodities present inside it from wetness in case there’s a rainfall, moist or warm weather.

Good Zippers are Necessary

Whether you have an XXL or a small duffle to carry your stuff, if zippers aren’t fully functional, then there’s no way the smell proofing feature can work perfectly. More to this, your valuables could also be stolen at any time.

Some duffle bags, despite being popular, don’t provide excellent quality zippers after using for a few days or weeks. Such zippers also cause trouble when you tend to lock them. So, be sure about the zipper quality when buying any smell-proof duffle backpack.

Locking Systems for Extra Protection

Not all smell-proof duffle bags come with proper locking mechanisms. Some brands only use Velcro to cover the zippers. And then there are a few bags whose protection is solely dependent on the zips (even Velcro is absent). With countless options, it is wise to go for the locking systems, as they offer an extra protection layer.

For instance, buying a duffle that has a combo locking system helps secure all the important things you keep inside the bag. Similarly, some bags also have their unique keys, which directly lock the zippers, and there is no need to remember the combination.

Pockets and Multiple Carrying Options

If your duffle bag has different compartments, then it’s a plus point. Because it permits you to keep things in the right places. And you don’t have to waste your precious time searching the items.

And while small bags only have a single handle on the top to easily hold it in your hand, XL and XXL duffle bags include two or three straps to carry them effortlessly.

So, if you want a big-size bag, then make sure it has a short handle strap, cross-body strap, as well as, shoulder straps. Or else, you might get excessively uncomfortable on your adventure.

Choose Accurate Size and Weight

The next important feature is the size and weight. Duffle bags’ sizes range from 10-inches to 33-inches and even more. Also, the higher you would go, the more dimensions and measurements you will find in terms of width, height, and length.

Now, depending on the purpose, you should opt for a small, medium, large, XL, or XXL, smell-proof duffle bags. However, the bigger the size, the heavier the weight. So, if you have enormous stuff to deal with, then XL or XXL sizes appear to be A-Okay! Contrarily, buying a small size duffle can be a great idea, if your items are limited.

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Padded Interior for Absorbing Shocks

Lastly, duffle bags with padded interiors safeguard your sensitive items which are easily breakable. For example, you can keep your tablet, smartphone, a glass bottle, or anything without worrying about things getting damaged due to shocks.

Important Notes about Duffle Bags

Duffle bags have a long history. First, they were used by the military personnel and seamen to keep all the vital supplies to tackle any unfavorable conditions.

But over time, duffle bags emancipated from their usual utilization and captured the local market. And now they are one of the most demanding products in the West, especially in the US region due to their smell-proofing features.

These bags can be used for multiple purposes, but the majority of the people prefer it for vacations, as they can carry several things into it.

You can also use duffle bags for short beach visits, camping, or any weekend outdoor plans. They are convenient and economical as compared to big luggage bags.

Conversely, people are also using duffle bags for the gym. Moreover, they are much happier to take them to their workplace because they are spacious enough to adjust clothes, water bottles, towels, technical gadgets, notepads, stationery, and several other things.

And most importantly, these bags are available in different designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, the ones with excellent locking systems assure top-notch protection. Thus, making them a safe-haven for storing and securing all the important stuff.

So, when you have an odor-proof duffle bag, don’t forget to take good care of it to enhance its odor-absorbing capability and durability.

Here a few things you should do to maintain your duffle bag:

  • Clean your duffle bag using a soft cloth to make sure the exterior looks new
  • Use a microfiber solvent to condition the bag at least twice a week
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with water or any other liquid even if it’s waterproof
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals, lubes, colognes, or other products to enhance the anti-smelling feature
  • Vacant your smell proof duffles when you are not planning to use it for a longer period

Frequently Asked Questions

Do odor-proof duffle bags really work?

The answer is yes! Duffle bags work flawlessly as they are made with activated carbon components, which are responsible for holding smell inside the fabric.

However, it also depends on the fabric type and brand you are choosing. It is recommended to opt for a legit brand and nylon fabric to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Can you wash a duffle bag with detergents?

Not at all. Using detergents or any other chemical material to wash your duffle bag can reduce the anti-smelling feature. It is in your best interest to use a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove dust from the bag.

In case there’s a need of washing the entire bag, don’t soak it underwater. Instead, apply baking soda and scrub it gently over the stain till it fades away.

Can a dog sense smell from these bags?

Smell proof bags do not let the scent escape through it. Therefore, it doesn’t allow dogs to smell the items present inside. Nevertheless, it depends on your duffle bag’s quality.

So, don’t take chance if you have a cheap duffle backpack, as dogs possess extraordinary smelling ability.

Is buying a duffle bag with multiple compartments beneficial?

Small duffle bags don’t include compartments. And even if they do, they are limited and can only carry small-sized items. On the other hand, if you are picking an XL or XXL duffle bag, then try to buy one with multiple partitions. In that way, your bag won’t get messier. And you will be able to find things quickly.

What things to keep in a duffle bag?

It depends on your smell proof duffle’s interior. If it’s padded, then you can keep all fragile materials in it, such as glassware, mobile phones, laptop, etc.

However, in general, you can keep several things in it including, deodorants, shampoo, headphones, water bottles, sneakers, gym clothes, passports, tickets, and many other things.


Traveling from one place to another brings a lot of excitement. However, your destination doesn’t need to be a thousand miles away. Sometimes, life gives you the chance to travel every day, whether it’s about going to the gym, college, or workplace.

Therefore, you seek for a good quality smell proof duffle bag to hold and keep all your essential things, as well as, their odors in one place.

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