Why You Should Carry A Knife For Outdoor Adventure?

Knife, probably it’s one of the best tools that you can use everywhere from home to outdoor. For cooking delicious food to hunting everywhere you need a good knife. Especially when you out of the field so a well-sharpened knife is your closed friend, if you take care of it, so sometimes it can save your life in extreme situations.

But unfortunately, many travelers don’t take a knife for their outdoor activity. Specially newcomers and hunters make this mistake!

In the market, there are many kinds of knives available but you should choose the right one that you actually need for your particular adventure. From hunting to surviving, all kinds of knives play a vital role to help you! But if you love some special tactical knife so before you should know about your country laws.

Because without permission you can’t collect any tactical knives or carry. But what kinds of knives are available in the market that you can use for outdoor activities.

Different Types of Knives Available

We have listed some knives that are actually used from beginner to professional for hunting, camping, hiking, and other activity. These knives come with well featured, design versatility and durability.

So let’s know about them!

Folding Pocket Knife

It is one of the first choices of all hunters if they beginner or expert it’s doesn’t matter. Because a pocket folding knife is very compact, lightweight, and portable and the reason why most people love it so much.

And if you look at this price so it would be very affordable than other knives. Because within $30 to $50 you will get a premium quality knife that you can carry it anywhere and use when you need it.

And it has another good reason you don’t have to carry any extra sheath or protective guard to save your self or the knife blade. Because it has special folding feature that you can simply use your hand to open or close the blade in the blink of an eye.

A folding pocket knife is only perfect for a lightweight chore-like, cutting rope, or skinning any small fish. You can’t do any heavy-duty job. But this knife might be an ideal choice for small hunting or traveling.

Its edge goes very quickly than a long blade. If you carry a pocket knife sharpener it will make your knife crazy sharp everywhere and every time.

You can also consider a rock for sharping your knife.

Fixed Blade Knife

After folding knife fixed blade is a perfect choice for big hunting or camping. Because this knife specially made for heavy-duty work that anyone can complete their work with ease and easy. And many expert guys called a fixed blade knife that is “sheath knife”.

Do we hope maybe already you know what’s the reason to call it? because you have to carry an extra sheath or knife owned protective sheath to protect yourself and the blade.

Typically it is bigger and stronger than a folding knife, it has 6-inch to 9-inch super sharp blade that you can use for different works. And it’s full tang and triple-rivet gives it more durability and stability. And a fixed blade has a long clip point beautiful shape that you can use for skinning any deer, fish, turkey and other Wild animals.

But if you think about its price so it would be $40 to $70, and some companies offer more than $100 especially “Buck and Benchmade” are the most expensive knife brands. But they provide a high-quality hunting knife that you can use season after season.

Big Bowie Knife

Especially a bowie knife has a large history because it comes from many years ago and day after day popular knife brands changed its looks. Even many beginners don’t know what is a bowie knife?

But actually a bowie knife has a very long and heavier blade to cut any big wood and making a shelter. If you are a newcomer in the hunting world or just learning to wild survive, so you should avoid it. Because it is very heavy and difficult to use.

Since a bowie knife is fixed and the blade comes from through its handle, so you can use it for any heavy use like, cutting meat, broken any animals big bone, or chopping a large size of a tree. But similar the tactical knife you should know about your carries law of a bowie knife. Because without any permission you can’t collect and carry even can’t hunting with it.

An ideal bowie knife is 8-inch to 16-inch long with a thicker blade. And it is more expensive than any other common hunting and survival knives. From $100 and up to $200, it’s the price range, but you will get a strong knife that you will use anywhere for heavy-duty work.

Long Masetti Knife

This is an expert level knife called Masetti. Maybe you have seen it many movies or internet people used it for surviving. Most Masetti knife has a long and black blade and it is heavier too. But it is very rare to find, or you can search for it on the internet. But before purchase one, you should know about it properly and your work types.

Its overall length would be a minimum 12-inch to 16-inch and price nearly $80 to and up to $200. But actually the price will depend on brands and quality. But we think you can use a premium quality bowie knife as an alternative of Masetti.

Skinning Knife

Probably it is the best knife in this article. Because if you ever hunting or a member of a hunting team who is rushing to hunting a deer; if you participate in skinning so perhaps it might be a great moment in your hunting life. But there are no people who do not love deer hunting and skinning.

A deer hunting skinning knife would be folding or fixed but it has to be very sharp. And people used 4-inch to 6-inch knife for skinning any deer. Because it is portable and lightweight to use, and the reason very easily can open for deerskin for cleaning.

Deer hunting and a skinning knife are a little bit expensive that would be $40 to $100. It is an ideal price range for deer skinning knife, but you will get some affordable skinning knife, but after someday use, it can be get rusted and never perform well.

How A Hunting Knife Will Help You?

Already we have explained some popular different knives that you can use for hunting, camping, hiking or deer skinning. And it never possible to end up explaining how a knife will help you in outdoor? Because if you ever complete any hunting before, so obviously you know about it’s a priority.

Even most professional hunters and backpackers carry different types of knife, not only a single knife. Because only one knife never gives you a great opportunity to use it for various work. But there are some knives available in the market that you can use for some different work.

Most of the time you will never find a knife that is versatile. But some skinning knife has special Gut hook feature, that you can use for gutting and skinning. But a small quality knife has not enough edge to make a strong shelter. You have to look for a big knife like a bowie knife or Masetti. Using it you can easily able to build a shelter or chopping wood.

A hunting knife is not only for building shelter or game hunting. Sometimes it will help you to make fire when you need heat to warm up yourself in cold or wet situations. Even to save yourself from any wild animal you can use your knife, or with it, you can make a weapon.

A simple pocket knife is only for small work, but when you looking for a heavy-duty job, so you should look for a big and strong knife that will work as you want. A good quality knife will versatile and that able to gives you the best performance.

You Should Know About The Blade Design

There are more than hundreds of knife making companies making knife now and then. But which knife design is great and how work these?

Before carry or buying a new knife, you should know about it. Which blade designs are good and how it works? You should always choose a safe design because the knife can damage your backpack.

Most hunting knives have two different blade designs, these are.

Drop-Point: Especially most folding knives come with drop point features, but it’s not very popular like a clip point knife. The drop point knife back edge is slightly straight down and tip pointed.

The knife allows the spine of its blade and more stronger and thicker edge. However, most drop point blades are not perfect for heavy work, but you can complete small cutting with fast and easy.

Clip-Point: The most popular knives are designs are clip point because it has a beautiful long shape on the blade back edge. It looks like the knife front point was clipped off and here is the reason that why people called it to clip point knife? Specially clip point knives are used especially for skinning, and this knife featured with a full tang fixed blade.

And clip point knife specially designed a famous guy the name is “Jim Bowie” and most bowie knives are comes with clip point design. And maybe you have seen it in a Hollywood movie in Rambo. A clip point knife is also versatile, from skinning, field dressing easily can do other heavy-duty jobs.

Which Materials Used For Building Hunting Knife?

An ideal hunting knife typically designed for cutting and that has a slightly curved blade with a single sharpened edge. Even you will find some knives that have special gut hook to make your job so easier when you are prepared for skinning. And hopefully, you don’t need a different blade for gutting.

However, especially the hunting knife is a little bit expensive because it contains premium materials. But if you do not care about it so it will never give you the best performance.

There are the most common materials are high carbon stainless steel and carbon steel. They both are extremely premium grade materials and very popular and these have different features. So let’s have a look which is best?

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is very softer if you compare with stainless steel and you can easily sharpen it without much effort. The carbon steel blade is stamped and the reason they are very lightweight and very affordable. But they can easily get rusted. So proper cleaning and maintenance are very important.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel knives have some different features, it is heavier, expensive and not very easy to sharpen. Because it forged the blade and very tough metal than carbon. But it is far better because it will never get stain or corrosion even rusted very easily.

Typically it has 12% chromium that gives it better durability. Even Japanese VG-10, AUS 6, 8 and German stainless steel are the world’s best knife materials.


People love a knife for their daily life like cooking, fishing, and hunting. But choosing the right knife is very difficult because there are already more than hundreds of knife making companies making knives.

But when you use a knife in your home so it’s doesn’t matter, but when you out of the field you have to choose an ideal knife that will give you maximum performance.

And without a perfect knife for outdoor adventures that look’s like a gun without a bullet. Because in hunting or surviving situation only a good quality knife can help you to save your life if you fall into any problem.

A hunting knife means not very expensive because under a hundred dollars you will get a perfect knife that you can use anywhere like camping, hiking, fishing, even hunting.

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