18 Best Rifle Scope Manufacturers In 2022 [Quick Overview]

Finding a scope is simple, but trying to get the best rifle scope seems like a difficult job. And do you know why?

Because not every company has the capacity to make durable and useful scopes. Imagine spending several bucks and not getting satisfaction while you’re on the hunt. Painful, right?

Remember! There’s no way you can get great optic gear for your rifle if you don’t know who to approach.

That’s why to eliminate the confusion factor; this article will shed light on US top-rated and best rifle scope manufacturers so that you won’t regret your choice later.

18 Best Rifle Scope Manufacturers

#1. Barska


Barska is prominent in the US for manufacturing sports optics. However, they have a diversified product line, including telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, and rifle scopes.

Moreover, they also manufacture biometric safes and secured travel cases.

The company is well-known for its scopes, which suit both hunters and target shooters when it comes to specifically rifle-support products.

Although most of its components are imported from foreign nations, it still uses typical American-made materials from some leading manufacturers to provide premium scopes.

The company is specialized in offering high-density prisms and glasses to help shooters conquer their target.

And if you want something extraordinary in the scope, you can ask them for customization.

Strengths: High-density prisms and glasses.

#2. Vortex Optics


Going for Vortex Optics (VO) is like choosing perfection. The company has stolen hearts by producing excellent products since 1986, and the overall performance of VO is still matchless in the entire world.

Being one of the best sports brand manufacturers in the US, the firm is run and managed by an American family from day one.

Vortex Optics produces a full-range of meticulously designed prism scopes, range finders, binoculars, rifle scopes, along with several optical accessories.

To provide high-standard rifle gadgets, this firm not only deals with individual rifle admirers but even supply its rifle scopes to law enforcement agencies.

Vortex Optics never fails to amaze when it comes to designing useful rifle scopes. Its products are not only appreciated by Americans, but even international customers are delighted with the scope quality.

One of their best-selling rifle scopes is Vortex diamondback 4-12×40.

Strengths: Top-notch lens quality and longevity.

#3. Leupold


With more than 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Leupold & Steven is undoubtedly a remarkable name when it comes to producing excellent quality glasses for a series of products.

Despite Leupold’s extensive product line, its main area of expertise is still rifle scope. The company started its journey in 1907 but didn’t pay attention to crafting scopes until World War II ended.

Indeed it was a wise decision, and it has been almost eleven decades now that this company has become one of the first choices for those who never compromise on gun scopes.

Being a pure-American brand, Leupold assures meeting customers’ demands. That is why it manufactures rifle scopes with exceptional accuracy, so you don’t miss the target.

Additionally, the company even offers a lifelong guarantee of its rifle scopes (i.e. Leupold VX 1).

Strengths: Exceptional rifle scope accuracy and a lifetime guarantee.

#4. Leapers Under the Gun (UTG)


Leapers UTG is not much old in the industry. The company is manufacturing rifles and related equipment for the past 28 years.

By looking at its roots, you’ll find that basically, it’s a Taiwanese organization. But due to its good quality specifications and material, the company grew tremendously and began capturing international attention.

Leapers made its manufacturing unit locally in 2009 and marketed the very-famous UTG PRO product line to tap the US market.

It was the time when its growth became unstoppable, and currently, Leapers is manufacturing high-performance rifle scopes right from the land of the opportunities.

One of the best things about Leapers UTG is that you can find both expensive and affordable rifle scopes, which gives this company a competitive edge.

However, even if you’re buying any economic scope, you won’t be regretting it. It is because most of its rifle scopes come with crisp turret adjustment options and lens coatings to give you the best experience, whether you’re a professional hunter or a newbie.

Strengths: Turret adjustment and affordable pricing.

#5. Bushnell


Bushnell Corporation is a Kansas-based company that deals in outdoor products and sporting optics. It was founded in 1948 by David P. Bushnell when he came back from Japan.

The company is mostly known for producing military-grade binoculars. However, its rifle scopes are way too famous in all of America.

One of the main reasons behind Bushnell’s popularity is the product variety it offers within a single niche market, which is “competition.”

In other words, if winning a shooting competition is your dream, you can rely on Bushnell’s scopes. But that’s not it!

The company also serves other market segments and demands. For example, if you’re passionate about deer and hog hunting or desire to have a long-range rifle scope, then Bushnell is all you need.

More to this, the prices are not elite nor too low, allowing you to buy your favorite scope without breaking your bank.

Strengths: Ideal rifle scopes for hunting, games, and other shooting competitions.

#6. Simmons


Here’s the subsidiary of what you read previously.

Yes! This is Bushnell’s subordinate known for producing scopes for rifles. While the parent company deals in a wide range of scopes for different purposes, Simmons focuses on giving clarity by enhancing the eye relief quality.

That doesn’t mean that Bushnell’s riflescopes are lesser than Simmons’ products, but undeniably, there’s a huge distinction between the craftsmanship.

This company also makes scopes for some serious hunters who are diehard fans of outdoor trips and love to take long-range shots.

Even if you visit its official website, you will realize that all scopes are made for professionals.

Therefore, if you think you can handle next-level scope adjustments, Simmons could be your best pick.

But if you’re new to scopes and still trying to figure out the fundamentals, then you might find it a bit difficult to handle this stuff.

Strengths: Edge-to-edge glass clarity.

#7. Trijicon


Trijicon is a US-based optics company from Wixom, Michigan, that started its operations in 1981.

The firm is known for designing night sights equipment and self-luminous optics. Trijicon is very picky when it comes to choosing the manufacturing material.

For instance, all its products are made from low-energy tritium and light fiber optics. Also, most of them are powered by a strong LED battery.

The company offers top-notch rifle scopes to individuals and even supplies them to the United States military to maximize their combat capability.

One of the main reasons Trijicon is preferred by law enforcement agencies and most US military units is the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight system (ACOG).

However, most people think that their rifle scopes are made for short-range shooting, which is incomplete information.

In contrast to this statement, there is a wide range of long-range rifle scopes you can use to get your target.

Strengths: Military-grade rifle scopes.

#8. Primary Arms

Primary Arms

Adored by most shooters and hunters, Primary Arms has gained peoples’ trust through its uncompromising rifle scope quality.

Based in Texas, the company offers excellent shooting products and merchandise around the world. But, what makes Primary Arms more reliable is the price.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest platform to buy scopes for your rifles, but comparatively, you can get an extremely competent product within your range.

Primary Arms appears to be reading customers’ thoughts. That’s why its research and development department never fails to produce speedy rifle scopes that include great accuracy.

So no wonder if you find every other hunter colleague using Primary Arm’s scopes on their guns. Moreover, its laser rifle scopes are also very famous among hunters and sportspeople.

So, if you don’t want to get stuck to two or three options, then Primary Arms is the right place for you.

Strengths: Affordable and reliable rifle scopes.

#9. Nightforce Optics


Nightforce Optics is an American company that manufactures high-end spotting scopes, telescopic sights, mounting gears, and rifle scopes since 1992.

The company claims that its scopes are reliable, can handle rough handling, and offers customer loyalty.

These three core features make Nightforce Optics different from the rest of its competitors.

The company doesn’t offer cheap scopes, but one thing is for sure that all its rifle scopes are made with a premium optical design that allows maximum light transmission when it passes optics. As a result, you get a clear vision and outstanding accuracy.

Furthermore, Nightforce’s scopes are engineered with ‘Advanced Scope’ and ‘ZeroStop’ technologies that save you from making the adjustments over and over again.

And unlike most manufacturers, Nightforce Optics offers a variety of rifle scopes for numerous purposes.

For instance, if you want a rifle scope to win a competition, you can explore the ‘Competition’ category and choose the best equipment.

Similarly, if you’re a benchrest shooting fan, all you need to do is unearth the best rifle scopes available in the ‘Bechrest’ rifle scopes category.

Likewise, the company offers five other rifle scope types for different motives.

Strengths: Includes seven distinct rifle scopes for different shooting styles.

#10. Athlon Optics

Athlon optics

Athlon Optics has high standards when it comes to producing rifle scopes. The company uses HD and UHD Glass along with aircraft-grade aluminum and multi-coated lenses in each scope.

Still, it offers all the rifle optics at affordable prices. As Athlon Optics is a US-based firm, it covers a wide array of rifle scopes for various guns and games.

In other words, whether you need a super quality scope for long-range shooting or need it for your hunting habit, the company has everything for you.

And despite the latest technology, the scopes are simple to use and adjust, which adds loads of excitement to your overall shooting experience.

The company has named each of its rifle scopes after famous Greek figures like Talos, Argos, Cronus, Ares, and many more.

These names are not kept for popularity, but they are given to define each scope’s power.

Another interesting fact about Athlon’s scopes is that they are fog-proof as well as waterproof, allowing you to continue the hunt even in some of the extreme weather conditions.

That’s why Athlon’s scopes are more prominent in snowy areas. And apart from the American market, the company is also famous in Canada for the same reason.

Strengths: Waterproof and fog-proof scopes, and fast to adjust.

#11. Sightmark


Sightmark is a new kid on the block but it has become famous within a few years due to its quality rifle scopes that serve multiple reasons.

The company managed to keep its headquarters in Texas in 2011. However, its foundation was already kept back in 2007.

Despite a new firm, Sightmark seems to manage its operations with great enthusiasm and has an uncompromising behavior when it comes to engineering gun scopes.

Although the production unit is not gigantic like most US rifle scopes manufacturing companies, it still has given budget-friendly night vision scopes to all the admirers.

Additionally, all of its night vision scopes include a crystal-clear lens to give you the best vision during the nighttime.

So, if you’re a fan of night hunting, fix the Sightmark’s scope and go on the adventure.

Strengths: Best-selling night vision rifle scopes.



CVLIFE is not only known for providing excellent rifle scopes but the company is even famous for the after-sales services.

In other words, this rifle scopes manufacturer has an open-door policy for all its customers in case they face any problem with its products.

This policy even includes product replacement or return if you think they didn’t satisfy your needs.

But guess what? Till now there haven’t been any major issues found in CVLIFE’s rifle scopes.

The company has been working day and night to offer a competitive advantage in scopes to make them the best from the rest.

CVLIFE’s one of the most fascinating hallmarks is the price, which has made this manufacture the first-choice of most newcomers.

But don’t think these economical prices would allow you to select average-performance scopes, especially if you’re looking for short-range rifle scopes.

Lastly, all of its scopes include a color-illuminated reticle feature along with laser sights, holographic dots, and tactical optics.

Strengths: Low-priced rifle scopes with features like tactical optics, lasers, and holographic dots.

#13. Burris Optics

Burris Logo

Formed in 1971, The Burris Company is named after its owner Don Burris. The founder himself was a great design engineer who used to work for Redfield, an optics organization from Denver.

Soon, Burris realized that he could manufacture outstanding rifle scopes and compete against all the other brands available at that time.

The idea made him create his own brand and now Burris Optics is a well-recognized name when it comes to rifle scope producers in the US.

Currently, the company is playing a major role in providing magnificent quality rifle scopes, especially for tactical shooters.

Its scopes are known for having tremendous features, such as wide view, Accu-range, and fixed-centered reticle.

Furthermore, Burris Optics only uses premium quality manufacturing materials to design each scope.

With all these traits, this scope-manufacturing firm offers its products at a reasonable price so everyone can afford them.

Strengths: Budget riflescopes designed for tactical shooters.

#14. ATN

ATN Logo

ATN Corporation was established in 1995 and it is one of the leading ‘Tech-Optics’ companies in all the US.

This company is known for manufacturing market-leading rifle scopes with 4K resolution and night vision characteristics, which are perfect for day and night use.

That’s why, its scopes are widely accepted and utilized by law enforcement agencies, military, hunters, and shooters.

However, the number one reason why people trust ATN’s rifle scopes is that each product is a mishmash of technology and solid material.

For example, ATN introduced the inclusion of 1st and 2nd generation technology in its early years, which helped the company manufacture smart rifle scopes perfect for hunting.

Similarly, in 2018, the firm introduced the world with its 4th generation technology in the rifle scopes, allowing the shooters to take advantage of 10x magnification features and Ultra HD Sensors for accuracy.

Additionally, its rifle scopes are also popular because they include thermal binoculars and digital rangefinder options.

So, if you’re an experienced shooter then handling ATN’s scope won’t be a problem for you.

Strengths: High-tech rifle scopes for experienced shooters.

#15. BSA Optics


BSA Optics is another rifle scopes manufacturer from the US that offers high-value shooting and hunting optics.

Contrarily, the company even designs binoculars, flashlights, and much other hunting equipment. BSA was originally formed in Britain under King William III rule in the 17th century.

That’s why you won’t be shocked to know that BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms Corporation.

But when the company analyzed the need of producing excellent quality rifle scopes and other shooting gears, it decided to conquer the US market.

So, in 1996, BSA Optics came into existence and started its operations in America.

BSA Optics uses only the best quality glass and prisms in its rifle scopes. Plus, its craftsmanship and years of experience in the industry make them wanted by the majority of shooters.

Moreover, its scopes are also easy to adjust.

Strengths: High-standard rifle scope design and manufacturing.

#16. Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer is another firearms and equipment manufacture from the United States whose products are used by one-third of the law enforcement agencies and military.

The company is the result of a venture that took place between German and Swiss producers in 1976. Overtime, Sig Sauer expanded its business and began providing rifle scopes and other supporting gears to bigger masses.

The company is known for introducing its SBT system in its rifle scopes that guarantees matchless accuracy for every single shot.

And whether you’re a newbie or an experienced shooter, you can grab a suitable rifle scope that goes with your experience.

Likewise, you can find short-range and mid-range scopes for your hunting expedition that gives better magnification.

And if you think you’re a bit tech-savvy, feel free to peek into Sig Sauer’s HD-quality glass rifles backed with electronic technologies for optimal performance.

So, whether you choose a technical or a non-technical rifle scope, the company promises to deliver great reflex sights for stringent accuracy.

Strengths: Short and mid-range rifle scopes supported with new technological characteristics.

#17. Nikon


Most people know Nikon as one of the greatest camera manufacturers, but that’s just not what all the company is about.

Although the organization has roots in Japan; however, due to its multinational nature, you can find its manufacturing units in the US as well. And guess what? The majority of its products are now being produced in America.

So what’s Nikon doing on this list? The answer is pretty easy!

Apart from video cams and DSLRs, the company also designs several goods for sports and hunting, such as rangefinders and binoculars. Nevertheless, its rifle scopes have taken much more attention in the past decade.

Although the scopes offer an extremely clear vision, the man behind the lens also enjoys rich colors, which works as a bonus.

This combination allows Nikon to have a special place in the industry. But if you want Nikon’s scopes, you better hurry up because the company is set to close its manufacturing unit.

There are only a few items available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

The news is yet unconfirmed, but if you could visit the website, you’ll see no new rifle scope’s production.

But don’t worry because its rifle scopes are still available.

Strengths: Affordable price and good quality.

#18. Zeiss


Last but not the least, meet Zeiss that is considered as one of the leading optics companies in the entire world.

It was founded by Carl Zeiss in the middle of the 19th century. Since its inception in 1846, the company grew its boundaries and became a multinational brand.

Most people know Zeiss from their mobile phone cameras; however, that’s just a small segment Zeiss deals in.

If you pay attention to its product line, you will find that this company also manufactures rifle scopes mostly for hunting purposes.

Strengths: Good quality and inexpensive rifle scopes.


A rifle without a good scope is of no use. Therefore, it is compulsory to find the best optic solution to achieve your hunting goals.

Although there many best rifle scope manufacturers in the US, not all of them can provide the best quality rifle scopes that fulfill your demand.

However, the above manufacturer’s list is known for offering high-standard products for hunting, shooting, or competing against others in a friendly match.

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