Kelty Redwing 32 Backpack Review

Travelling is enjoyable if you have the right gear. You get a chance to have fun and just do anything. A backpack can help you plan for the days you will spend away from home. It will enable you to carry most of the items you will need while at your destination.

Therefore, buying a good backpack is something that you should consider before going out for an adventure. Kelty Redwing 32 is a perfect sleek bag with about 1900 cubic inches of storage capacity.

It is a versatile backpack that guarantees many days of great performance. This makes it one of the options to consider when going out for a hiking adventure. The unit is lightweight but with reliable support and is fairly priced.

If you are going for a hiking adventure, you must have the right gear. So it would help if you had a bag that is capable of carrying most of the items you will need while away. An excellent traveling bag will allow you to open and retrieve any of the items you may need with ease.

So, buying a bag that features zippers and which can be opened down to allow you to organize your items is the best thing you could own. The Kelty Redwing 32 could be the best spacious backpack you could ever buy.

It features spacious compartments and will ensure that you fit all your items in just one bag. The unit is spacious with compartments for carrying bottles of water and other items you may need while away. However, the back doesn’t have a dedicated shoe compartment.

So far, Redwing is the best-selling backpack on the market. It is a perfect fit for travelers and anyone going out for an adventure. It can be adjusted and customized to fit in a matter of seconds. The Kelty Redwing 32 is designed to allow for easier loading and offloading.

A hybrid loading U feature allows the user to easily access the gear wherever it is needed. Also, it features a stash pocket at the front, which makes it easier for one to tuck away the hoody or jacket.

Kelty Redwing comes with a hydration sleeve and a dual pocket that you will comfortably use to carry a laptop. It means that whether you will be traveling locally or abroad, Kelty Redwing 32 is one of the bags that will have you covered. It will allow you to carry most of the necessities you will need in a single bag.

Specifications Of Kelty Redwing 32 Backpack

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When planning for a trip, you need a bag with top-notch specs. It should be easier to carry and load on either the plane or car. It must also be made of quality material to last and keep your items safe.

One of the bags that come with these vital features and which you may need to consider is the Kelty Redwing32. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty because he trusts the workmanship and the quality of material used in making it.

Also, it features a stern up the strap and is made up of poly 75X150 D Tasser. The unit is further reinforced with 420D and weighs about 2 lbs.

It is hydration compatible and features an HDPE frame material. Furthermore, it is designed to fit the torso and comes in different sizes.

This is the best backpack for people that allows you to be highly organized. It comes with ample storage spaces, is comfortable, and weigh less. Besides, it is affordable and guarantees you the luxury you may need while away.

Features Of Kelty Redwing 32 Backpack

Redwing 32 has all the features you would want a decent traveling bag to have. It is sleek, comes in a variety of sizes, and is strong. Some of the most exciting features that will make you love the bag are:

It Is Secure

The bag comes with large compression straps as well as a camping axe that makes it suitable for keeping everything you will need while traveling. Besides, it features trekking pole loops to help to keep everything secure.


The bag designer knew how inconveniencing it could get if you do not have enough space to carry all your essentials while on tour. That is why they chose to include features meant to help you to keep every item you are traveling within the right place.


A travel bag needs neither to be too large nor tiny. It should be a medium size to allow one to carry it around easily. But it should have front pockets, closure hooks, and additional space to guarantee your items’ safety.

This is one of the features that puts Redwing, ahead of the pack. It is convenient and comes with both front and hind pockets. Also, the user will find the space to keep most of their items safe while on the adventure.


If you have traveled abroad with A Redwing bag, then you must have enjoyed the comfort it comes with. It features an airflow panel and a light beam that guarantees the stability of the bag. This makes it easier for you to move around and engage in adventurous activities without hindrance.


The Redwing bag is lightweight and features an HDPE frame, which allows one to easily adjust or customize the bag depending on the situation they may find themselves in.

Easier to Open

Kelty Redwing 32 comes with a unique zipper that allows the user to open it easily. Also, it is easier to unbuckle the sides if you have additional items to keep. Unbuckling it will give you quick access to all the interior sections of the bag.

Zippered Side Pockets

These are pockets that will enable you to carry anything, including a few bottles of water. The bag features stretchable side pockets that are ideal for holding a sizeable bottle of water.

The zippered front and sideway pockets are also ideal for keeping and carrying smaller items that you will find useful as you go about your hiking activities, like, bear spray and bear horn.

Durable and Dependable

The Kelty Redwing 32 travel bag features a hideaway and daisy chain handles. They make the bag durable and suitable for hiking activities. It makes the bag the best option for camping and hiking activities.

Extended Hip Belt

This is one of the features that make Kelty Redwing 32 ideal for people of all sizes. It features a hip belt extender for anyone that might find it convenient to use the belt. Besides, it features a connection point to the pack that could come in handy when dealing with heavy loads.

The larger Kelty Redwing 32 could be the best option if you will be going for a long holiday. It has enough room that allows you to keep all your items, including clothes, in place. Also, it is convenient for anyone that will be going out to a trail or an adventurous mission.


The Kelty Redwing 32 comes with plenty of suspension features. They include a shoulder strap, waist belt as well as a hex mesh back panel. Also, it comes with load lifter straps as well as a Sternum strap.

Redwing is a tried backpack that is suitable for overnight trips or day hikes. It is international travel back that comes with suspension to allow the user to customize it to any use. Also, it comes with side compression straps hydration compatible and front pocket.

A hex mesh and a channel in the back panel allow warm air to escape so that the bag remains cooler and capable of carrying any item you may want to bring along.

It comes with a load lifter strap to help relieve stress on one’s shoulder. What’s more, is that it can be adjusted across one’s chest to stop and prevent chafing on the arms and shoulder.

The larger zippered entry to the front allows the backpack to open and easily get loaded and unloaded. It also comes with additional features, including zippered side pockets, an ice-ax loop, and a handle.

Besides, it features dual mesh lining bottle pockets and a daisy chain attachment. Note that the backpack comes with an inbuilt tube for the exit for the pack hydration system.

Generally, this is a bag you can use for casual and hiking activities. It is comfortable to carry around and has enough room for everything you will want to carry. With this bag, you will feel like someone hauling all the things you need for your hiking excursion.

Pros Are Here

  • Redwing comes with the best features and will help you organize yourself as you go on a trail or travel abroad. The full-access zipper makes it suitable for retrieving items you may need even in times of emergency.
  • The bag can work as either a panel or a top loader. This is an important feature since it adds convenience to an adventure.
  • It comes with padded sleeves that enable it to protect sensitive items.
  • It can be used as a hydration sleeve, so you will have your water bottle stacked in the zippered pockets but still keep the items you need organized.
  • You can easily tuck away the waste when it is not in use.
  • It adds convenience to an adventure when used as a panel and a top loader.
  • The zippered side pockets help to organize and keep smaller items in place. This is important for people who would like to carry many smaller items.
  • It is ideal for strapping to the back because it has the weight distributed equally. So, you can bet that it may not contribute to or worsen lower back pain. So, if you experience a lower back pain issue, Redwing 32 is one of the bags you can use without worrying.
  • If you plan to use it during winter, it is spacious and has ample room that allows you to carry a wind jacket, first aid kit, a rain jacket, and anything you may need to use to keep the cold weather at bay. But for summer, it may not be the best option for you.
  • The bag is durable and suitable for trips. It allows for quick and easy packing and is quite comfortable for wearing. Further, It does not matter whether you are small or huge in body size. You will find it ideal if you will be taking on hiking trips regularly.

Additional Benefits

  • The Redwing bag is flawless and could be stuffed with any gear and water bottles if going for a hiking expedition. It is well built and could come in handy when you anticipate climbing steep slopes. Besides, it is an ideal bag for anyone interested in quality bags.
  • It is a good fit for short people and could easily be strapped on their shoulders and around the waist. Besides, it can carry enough sundries for fortnights hiking.
  • If you are less than 7 feet tall, you will love the bag since you will easily place it on the straps and compact and make it difficult for the bag to move on the sides.
  • The bag is agronomic in design and will easily get attached to the body and move about freely without feeling that you are carrying a bag on your back.
  • The bag has enough space that allows you to carry anything, including a laptop and some bottles of water.
  • It is padded with some soft materials which allow it to rest comfortably on your back. Also, it features a waist and chest strap to allow you to ride a bicycle easily.
  • The Kelty Redwing 32 backpack is ingeniously constructed with plenty of rooms to go hiking while wrapped on the shoulders. It is a quality bag that you would be happy to associate with when traveling locally or abroad. Also, it is a great backpack you would love to own if you are the type of person who spends weekends out. It is smaller, lightweight, and comes in various colors that give you a wide range of options to choose from.
  • It is an ideal bag for anyone planning for airline travel. One could tuck away the hip belt while holding the laptop in place and carrying the bag to any place of their choice.

Let’s See The Cons

Although the Kelty Redwings bag cannot be compared to other bags in its class, it nevertheless has a few cons that we need to point out.

The most conspicuous ones are:

  • The latest version of Kelty Redwings is not as thick and more robust as the earlier versions. The brand uses polyester material, which is lightweight and often makes the user less comfortable. Besides, it does not feature reinforcement at the bottom. This makes it unsuitable for carrying weighty items.
  • The Redwing 32 may not be the best option for anyone with a waistline that is smaller than 36 inches. Also, it features cheap buckles that easily get damaged if not handled with care. Furthermore, the back is not water-resistant, and so it is not suitable for items that do not need to come in contact with water.
  • The zippers are somehow small and do not have the required weight; thus, it makes it difficult for anyone traveling overseas to trust that their items will be safe. Also, the pockets are not deep, so it may not be possible to stash them with items that cannot be compressed.
  • The bag is too big for summer hikes.
  • It cannot stand upright because of the weak material that the manufacturer uses to construct its base. So it may disappoint you if you want to let it stand on its own and do something else.
  • It is an organizer, alright, but I feel the spaces in the compartment are tight.
  • It does not feature a place where you can keep your wallet, cellphone, razors, knife, and coins.
  • The backpack is not smell-proof. You can’t carry gym clothes, cookies, or weeds without smell spreading out. Here are our reviews on smell proof backpack and duffle bags.
  • The padding near the shoulder blades are awkwardly placed, and they press the shoulders and make you feel quite uncomfortable.
  • It features a water compartment but does not have a hook for the water bladder
  • You must secure back the top compression straps in its position; otherwise, it will just move flop about. But if the manufacturer could put a hook on the bag, it would make more sense.

Final Thoughts

When going out for an adventure, you need to look eloquent and fashionable. Besides, you need to ensure that you have all the necessities you will need while away.

So, it would be best if you had an excellent backpack that will allow you to carry all the items you will need to use. But the bag must not be too heavy to inconvenience you.

Also, it should be light weighted and must have enough space to carry most of your items. Furthermore, the compartments must be sizeable and leakage proof. It ensures that you don’t contaminate the bag’s content in the event of an accident that may lead to leakage.

Kelty Redwing 32. It is a stylish bag designed for people who love tours and adventure. It features ample space and will allow you to carry almost everything you will need while away from home.

The bag is well constructed with an excellent balance of features. You have a wide range of capacities to choose from depending on your budget and need. But it is one of the bags that perform superbly well when going for an adventure.

The bag comes with an innovative hip belt that makes it ideal for excursions. Besides, the hydration reservoir is sufficient and will allow you to go about your activities without worrying.

What’s more, is that it comes with plenty of packing options that are secure and not likely to make you lose anything. Indeed it is a nice package for people that love pockets.

If you are a lady interested in something that is feminine, Redwing is the best option for you. There are bags that are specifically designed for women. They come with feminine tags and have a woman’s name inscribed on the label.

Kelty Redwing has plenty of options to choose from. The sizes vary, so you have the 50L, 36L, and 44L pack to choose from. They all feature a harness system with some versions that have heavier nylon designed to meet the military specifications.

Also, the Kelty Redwing 32 features a light plastic panel frame that increases support. The panel is covered with foam that enhances comfort. Besides, it features a hex mesh that increases ventilation along the back. Redwing 32 is not rigid but will guarantee the comfort you need as you adventure.

If you chose to carry it on your shoulder, the straps are contoured and could be adjustable to give the wearer control over the bag’s weight. The bag also features a hip belt with a large fabric panel on the side, which plays a critical role in spreading the load across its waist.

Also, the sternum hip pad features an elastic end that could be used to control leftover straps after you adjust the pick. It is also a great addition if you will be swinging around as you move.

The padding on the shoulder and the back panel is comfortable and will keep you organized while on an adventure. It comes with plenty of accessories, including stash pockets and external gear loops.

The unit is designed by experts who, in my opinion, have some engineering background. It has pockets for virtually everything. It features a compartment with dual zipper closure.

Also, it has two compression buckles that will close over the zipper at the backpack top part. The user may choose to close the pack after opening and unclip the compression buckles if needed more space.

At the top of the zippered compartment is a pocket that features a key clip. It is ideal for holding smaller items that you may want to access and use in emergency times. Lastly, you can choose to carry this bag around by simply grabbing the handle or any of the two hidden daisy chain loops.

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