Vintage Leather Backpack For Men and Women

Trying to find a vintage leather backpack can be a difficult task, especially when you have a whole lot of things to keep in it, and to add fuel to the fire, the confusion begins to exist even more when the backpacks you desire aren’t suitable for your gender.

While so much going on inside the head, most American buyers end up finding a wrong rucksack that doesn’t even last for a couple of months. It is because they don’t have much time to research to find the best product.

So, if you want a vintage-looking backpack made with high-quality leather, and which is also roomy enough to keep all your regular stuff, then you are at the right place!

10 Best Vintage Leather Backpacks

Want to know the insights? Here are the terrific vintage style backpacks for men and women.

#1. GEARONIC TM 21L for Men

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Are you always in a rush and need a bag that’s ready-to-go? Appreciate the GEARMONIC TM 21L vintage backpack that is designed for men.

GEARONIC is a family-owned organization and this bag is one of its trending products. It is constructed using PU leather and super durable canvas fabric to make sure it stays to serve for long. And it weighs only 1.60lbs, which seems pretty light.

While the style remains constant, you can get this bag in multiple colors to satisfy your personality. Also, this bag comes with a button closure flap along with decent brass accents to make you travel in a vintage style. Also, it has comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps.

GEARMONIC TM 21L includes four zippered pockets on the exterior, where two pockets are placed on each side, one on the front, and one at the back. This allows you to keep all your frequently-used accessories so that you can grab them immediately without losing your time, mind, and energy.

Contrarily, the main compartment has a drawstring closure and it’s spacious enough to keep your favorite things, such as a camera, tablet, books, laptop, and many more.

Likewise, there are 6 small internal pockets to keep your valuable things like cash, wallet, or jewelry safely. It’s a large size bag that keeps you store all your things in one place, so you can travel to school, college, or any place with ease.


  • This bag is made with high-quality materials: Leather, Faux, and Canvas
  • It’s a stylish, comfortable, long-lasting, and extremely spacious bag
  • This vintage bag for men is available in six different colors
  • Loaded with many interior and exterior compartments to assure the safety of your valuables


  • It is not a waterproof bag and you cannot rely on it during extreme rain conditions
  • The straps are of average quality

#2. WUDON Men Leather Backpack

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WUDON is known for manufacturing genuine leather and waxed canvas bags since 2008. And this one right here is a paragon!

This WUDON leather backpack is a great companion on every journey. You can use this bag for multiple purposes. Apart from its wild vintage looks, it’s a scratch-less and wrinkle-free backpack that helps maintains the design even if used with roughness, and guess what? This WUDON leather bag can be your favorite thing to carry when there’s heavy rain outside. Yes! It’s a water-resistant backpack to make sure your valuables are safe and sound from wetness.

Another trait that promotes safety is padding. This backpack’s main compartment is fully packed with soft but durable padding that secures all the fragile stuff, such as laptops, chargers, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. Moreover, this vintage-style bag is capacious to hold a 17-inches notebook.

In the same way, there are 3 additional pockets to stock numerous items. For instance, you can keep a water bottle or your iPod. Also, if you are concerned about hiding a secret object, like your wallet, then feel free to use the hidden zipper.

Unlike other leather backpacks, the WUDON is stitched with 100% carefulness to enhance endurance. Besides, the combination of buckle and Zine-alloy rivets intensifies the durability. And if you’re worried about carrying the load, just take a deep breath because this leather satchel comes with adjustable padded straps. Lastly, the magnetic leather straps provide extra protection and quick access to your things.


  • It is a durable vintage backpack made with waxed canvas and genuine leather
  • The bag is available in four different colors
  • WUDON is a multi-purpose vintage bag that can be used for traveling, schooling, hiking, and a whole lot of other activities
  • Due to the large space, you can keep your clothes, accessories, electronic items, and other essential things
  • It’s a waterproof bag and the stitching quality is outstanding that could last for years


  • Although the bag is spacious, stuffing it excessively will lose the lining
  • The hidden zipper is not up to the mark and it splits apart and sometimes gets jammed

#3. LXY Vegan Vintage Backpack for Men and Women

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Not everyone prefers carrying big, heavy, water, and smell proof backpacks, but all of them seek space. In simple words, users want big space in an average body. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t find the right thing.

So, if you are looking for something similar, but in a classic style, then have a look at the LXY.

This vintage bag is awesome for both men and women. That means if you are a woman, you can carry this bag as a purse. And if you’re a man, cross it over your body. In both scenarios, the bag will only add attraction to your overall personality.

Aesthetically, the LXY is an eye-catch. How? Well, this backpack has two leather belts with powerful buckles to cover all the things. However, these belts also provide a stylish look when you carry it. Between these two belts, LXY logo is beautifully printed which is neither too prominent nor too fade, giving the backpack its identity.

And beneath it lies a magnetic buckle to assure maximum protection. The cherry on the top, it’s a waterproof backpack. Furthermore, there’s a comfortable leather handle on the cover that allows you to hold the bag like a case.

So, where can you take the LXY vegan vintage men’s and women’s leather backpack? Almost anywhere! Whether going to school, college, work, or on a business trip, this bag could be your ‘daily-use’ thing. And if you’re wondering about the items you can keep inside it, then consider placing a wristwatch, camera, charger, laptop, notebook, portable keyboard and mouse, earphones, shades, wallet, and many more.

Roomy, isn’t it? Thanks to 1 main storage compartment, 1 padded pocket, 2 secret anti-theft pockets, and 2 internal pockets.


  • It’s a durable waterproof vintage-looking bag engineered with leather, faux, and canvas
  • The backpack is available in two different colors; brown and black
  • Consist of multiple carrying options for convenience
  • This LXY vegan backpack has an anti-theft design
  • Includes two powerful magnetic snaps


  • Short height; your 13-inches laptop will be visible if you’re stuffing the bag with numerous things
  • Buttons begin to loosen up as they aren’t embedded strongly into the fabric

#4. CLUCI Vintage Backpack for Women

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Finding out the best traveling backpack appears to be a tough task if your standards are high. And chances are that by now you would have been rejecting several brands to get the best women leather backpack with a vintage touch.

So ladies! Your patience has just brought you to the right place. Meet CLUCI, one of the best women backpack made with two different materials. That’s why it is also known as a ‘two-toned’ backpack. The interior includes 100% polyester, whereas, the outer body is made of PU leather. Additionally, the handle is made of synthetic leather. It weighs around 1.39 pounds which seems easy to carry.

With a 12.60 inches height and 12.20 inches width, CLUCI can become the next home of your favorite things, such as a small notebook, smartphone, iPad, makeup, and many more. The manufacturers further claim that this bag has a large storage capacity, as it includes 2 side pockets, 1 zipper pocket in front, and 1 main compartment along with 2 interior pockets (one with zipper).

Moreover, this vintage women’s bag has a different style. For instance, you can change the way it could be carried, as the bag has convertible usage. This gives you the power to carry this bag in three stylish ways. Therefore, you can wear it like a school bag, hang it like a shoulder purse, or hold it with a top handle. That means this single bag can opt for various occasions.

And most importantly, it has gold alloy accessories, which are durable and resist corrosion. Plus, it has shiny hardware that doesn’t dwindle even if exposed to harsh weather conditions.


  • CLUCI is a vintage women bag made using three different fabrics, which are also water-resistant
  • You can buy it in 30 attention-grabbing colors including Black, Oil Wax Black, Brown, Wine Red, and two-toned yellow
  • It comes with demountable and adjustable straps which can be converted into different other modes, such as purse and backpack
  • This bag has an anti-theft design due to the exterior zipper
  • It exhibits streamlined stitching to confirm the longevity
  • The bag can be used for casual and official purpose


  • Outside pocket zippers break when used regularly

#5. Ruzioon Buffalo Leather Vintage Backpack for Men and Women

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When it comes to travel accessories, Ruzioon could be trusted with eyes closed. The company has been delivering some wonderful quality backpacks since its inception. And undeniably, it has gained an excellent reputation in the industry.

So, let’s bring the Ruzioon Buffalo leather backpack into the spotlight. First of all, the bag is unique in looks. Plus, it is durable as compared to other bags. Why? Because this vintage bag is made out of the finest buffalo skins, which are turned into pure leather.

Moreover, there are other materials used in this backpack’s manufacturing solid canvas, giving this bag extra durability. But apart from its long-lasting feature, the best part is that the more it grows old, the more attractive it seems to be. Thanks to the perfectly lined leather that increases the patina, as well as, the vintage feel.

Another great thing about this backpack is that no machines are used to sew leather together. It’s a 100% handcrafted leather backpack by local artists. So no wonder why this Ruzioon model showcases extraordinary craftsmanship.

If talking about its usage, you will be glad to know that this backpack is designed with two main compartments along with an inner pocket. That’s a biggie because most backpacks in a similar range only offer one main compartment and fitting a 16-inches laptop, or any other important device becomes quite challenging. More to this, you can also keep different other items in this vintage backpack including charger cable, school, stationery, office supplies, and many more.

And that’s not it! The front area has four additional pockets, where the upper two comes with zippers, and the lower two pockets have a buckle. Oh! And there’s one more with a zipper on the top of all four pockets, which has a rectangular shape and perfect for keeping pens, pencils, or any other related stuff.

All of them are great to keep small products, which you need frequently. For instance, you can keep charging cables, earphones, and, sunglasses, lip gloss, and hand sanitizers.

Ruzioon vintage men and women buffalo leather backpack is not boring to the eyes. It is stylish, spacious, and ideal for school, college, picnics, traveling, or any other event where you feel like carrying your important stuff with comfort. The bag has a strong top handle to hold the bag. Likewise, if you want to wear it like a school bag, you can do it by utilizing the two leather straps.


  • Made with 100% buffalo leather that could last for decades
  • It’s a handmade vintage-style backpack that is stitched by the experts
  • This Ruzioon backpack has two main compartments along with different inner and outside pockets
  • The backpack is easy to carry and can bear a maximum load


  • This backpack comes in a single color
  • The leather produces a smell in the beginning, which could be annoying sometimes
  • Despite it’s a handmade product, the straps stitching quality is not up to the mark

#6. IVTG Backpack for Women

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IVTG is a renowned brand that has been focusing on producing vintage style leather bags for several years. So, if you’re looking for a huge leather backpack product line, then surely you would love IVTG.

However, for your convenience, here is one of the many vintage style bags, which you will enjoy using it every day. This leather backpack is specially designed for women and it has a beautiful classic look. And unlike most satchels, this one has a smooth surface that’s surely satisfying.

Moreover, the bag has undergone the retro coloring procedure that gives it an interesting and unique appearance. And while the exterior is made with genuine cow leather, the interior part is manufactured using high-quality polyester.

This vintage bag is available in two different colors; brown and green. So if you choose the brown color you can see the retro results, as the edges are darker as compared to the rest of the body. On the other hand, selecting the green color mitigates this retro effect, but that doesn’t minimize its beauty. But whatever color you go with, the bag can steal the show!

By checking out the interior design, this backpack includes one large compartment, where there are eight card holder slots on one side followed by one zipper pocket, and one side pocket to keep all your daily usage things.

All these inner pockets and the main compartment can be zipped, as there is one large zipper right on this bag’s opening to make sure your things don’t pop out. And to make this protection more powerful, the main zipper is covered with a leather flap that has a magnetic button.

Contrarily, talking about the exterior, this bag has one zipper pocket on the back, which is made to keep your valuable things, such as mobile phones. Also, there is a cover pocket along with a zipper that can serve you for the same purpose.


  • IVTG bag is available in two attractive colors
  • Soft inner fabric that protects your valuables


  • This vintage backpack is not spacious
  • It’s not a water-resistant bag
  • The straps and handles are of average quality and cannot bear heavy loads

#7. JAALD Leather Backpack for Men and Women

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Looking for a daypack bag? Well! JAALD has a huge variety for you. But if you are trying to get a big leather backpack to travel with style and passion, then here’s the opportunity.

This JAALD bag is simply grand! The mint condition and impeccable design keep this bag superior among several similar products. One of the best things about this bag is that it consists of pure leather inside out. And to take durability to next level, the bag comes with an extremely strong canvas, which is perfectly lined to make sure it’s not only long-lasting but even protects your essential items.

Furthermore, it’s a handcrafted bag and the skin is not polished or buffed by using any mechanical resources. Instead, the artists have used vegetable oil to make this bag shine and to bring that natural patina look to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Another important aspect is the soft leather straps, which offers great comfort when it is about carrying heavy items in this bag while you are on a several hours long journey. That means apart from taking this bag to your school or office, you can use this bag for traveling from one city to another.

Whether your mode of transportation is a bus, airplane, or train, this backpack will always have your back. And if you are more concerned about comfort, then this bag is designed with broader straps to make sure the bag fits your shoulders and doesn’t pull out. Conversely, you can utilize the top handle to carry it anywhere.

This JAALD men and women’s vintage backpack is great for picnics, hiking trips, and many other activities. More to this, this backpack is equipped with a drawstring closure, and all the hardware used, such as zippers and buckles, are complete rust-resistant.

The interior has one big compartment with a fastener in which you can keep your 15.6-inches laptop and other accessories, whereas, the exterior has two side pockets with buckles, one pocket for power bank, and one large pocket to keep other things.


  • JAALD vintage bag is a handcrafted vintage bag made with pure leather
  • It’s spacious enough to keep your laptop, charger, and numerous other things
  • It comes with broad and adjustable straps to help you feel less tired
  • This bag possesses one big compartment and four exterior pockets


  • It is only available in one color (brown)
  • The bag does not include magnetic buttons and zippers on the exterior pockets

#8. Zebella Vegan Vintage-Design Backpack for Men and Women

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Zebella is producing business and casual-style backpacks for men and women since 2008. However, the company seems to be focusing on manufacturing unisex vintage backpacks for both men and women.

So, as the design speaks for itself, this vegan vintage bag appears to be best for school and college-going boys and girls. It’s a simple bag with not too many zippers on the exterior, which makes it look good for covering shorter distances. That’s one of the main reasons why the bag weighs 2.5lbs only and can fit a 15.6-inches laptop or tablet without any trouble.

And while majority leather backpack uses genuine buffalo and cow skins, this bag has a horse artificial leather, which is durable and simple to clean.

This vintage bag comes with eight compartments. For instance, there are two side pockets, one back pocket, and one front pocket. Similarly, there are two small pockets on the interior, one compartment that is dedicated to keeping your laptop, and one main pocket. Also, you can keep your smartphone or any other expensive thing in the anti-theft zipper pocket.

You can buckle up the bag using the belts on each side. And each buckle has a metallic button on the inside to maximize the locking capability.


  • It’s a multi-purpose bag that can be used for school, workplace, gym, and traveling
  • The bag is comfortable and has numerous pockets
  • You can clean this bag with a leather cleaner


  • Due to non-genuine material, you cannot keep heavyweight materials
  • The fabric is not soft and you might feel like carrying cardboard on your back
  • The anti-theft pocket has a low-quality zipper
  • The buckles aren’t durable as they should be
  • It’s not a waterproof bag

#9. ECOSUSI PU Leather Vintage Backpack for Women

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Want a spectacular and jaw-dropping casual vintage backpack for women? If yes? Then say hello to the ECOSUSI PU leather bag that is made for you.

So what’s cool about this bag? Almost everything! It has a vintage look, but not a vintage color, which makes this bag appealing in its own ways. For example, most vintage bags have a standard brown appearance, but ECOSUSIS breaks the rule by offering a green color backpack with vintage-styled buckles.

The straps are neither excessively broad that would overcome your outfit, and nor too narrow which could break easily. And most importantly, each strap is connected with the bag’s exterior through premium quality swivel snap hooks, which helps adjust and detach straps, if you wish to hold it like a laptop handbag. Also, the bag has a metallic button on each flap.

Additionally, it has eight compartments, including one big compartment to keep your laptop (15.6-inches recommended), two pen pockets, two card pockets, one front pocket, one back pocket, and one inner zipper pocket for keeping valuables.

Also, this backpack is suitable for shopping, traveling, business, and school.


  • ECOSUSI is a vintage bag which is designed for women, using PU leather
  • It can hold numerous items, such as laptop, make-up kits, smartphones, chargers, earphones, etc.
  • The bag has swivel snap hooks that give extra protection against theft


  • Currently available in green color only
  • It cannot survive bad weather conditions

#10. Lacattura Casual Vintage Backpack for Men and Women

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Last but not the least, the Lacattura vintage leather knapsack is different than the rest. And whether you are a man or a woman, this bag is designed in a way that fits every gender.

Beginning with comfort and design, the bag has a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a high comfort level. And you can buy this bag in two different colors (black and brown). Lacuttura is made with top-notch tear-resistant materials (vegan leather and canvas fabric), and it can be used for daypack traveling, college, office, or hiking.

There is one main compartment that could store your clothes, books, folders, and A-4 size documents. Likewise, there’s another compartment that is made to keep your 15.6-inches tablet or laptop. This bag also has one internal pocket with a strong zipper to keep your cards, wallet, keys, and other small products. Similarly, it comes with one zipper front pocket, as well as, external pockets to keep and get things instantly.

And to make this bag more delightful, the buckles and zippers are made in contrast with the main color to make sure you leave an unforgettable impression where you go.


  • The bag has a classic design with a contrast cover and belts
  • One power bank pocket and a USB port to charge your electronic items
  • It’s a lightweight, anti-scratching, and waterproof bag that is extraordinarily spacious
  • It is suitable for keeping textbooks, laptop, pencil case, smartphones, clothes, and all your favorite stuff
  • Despite it has a vintage design, you can still find it modern in many ways
  • The hardware quality is superb and long-lasting


  • Inner pockets don’t have an elastic nature and you cannot load them with multiple items

Tips for Buying Vintage Design Leather Backpacks– A Brief Guide

So you have enjoyed the list! But are you still puzzled? Oh! Don’t be because the help is here. There are a few things you should consider before choosing any vintage leather bag, such as:


The most crucial part is questioning yourself to know the purpose of buying a vintage bag. Do you want a backpack for school or the workplace? Or are you a frequent traveler who loves to stuff things up and explore the world? Or are you just a diehard vintage lover, who just loves to have vintage things to make your collection? These questions will help you choose the right backpack as per your requirement.

So, for example, if you want a bag for keeping some heavy and valuable objects, then you should go for genuine leather. Conversely, if you travel a lot and want to carry clothes, then going for a smell-proof duffle bag would be an intelligent decision.

That’s why it is important to know your purpose before buying any vintage leather knapsack.


Most vintage backpacks have somehow a similar design, the only visible difference you would notice is of the color, compartments, zippers, straps, and buckles. As color has been already discussed, let’s focus on other elements.

Most buyers look for multiple compartments in vintage bags because they allow them to keep several valuables in a protected environment. On the other hand, it is suggested to opt for adjustable straps and top handle backpacks to make sure you feel comfortable if there is a need to wear the bag for extra hours.

Zippers are also necessary as they work as a barrier and save your things from falling out of the bag. Likewise, if zippers are layered with buckles, then it’s a bonus. Why? Because they help secure your items from being stolen and many prying eyes who might be waiting for you to get distracted so that they can take away your things.


There is a famous proverb, “The cheap buyer gets bad meat.” That’s why you should never compromise on the bag’s quality. Some shoppers prefer getting inexpensive bags and later they face many issues with zippers, space, and other elements.

Contrarily, renowned brands may ask for more price but eventually, their bags stay for longer periods. So even if you have to pay a little extra, you should go for it, unless you are on a very tight budget.

Also, keep in mind that good quality backpacks will come with numerous items-saving features. For example, the backpacks would have an anti-tear nature along with waterproofing characteristics. Therefore, always pick an excellent quality brand when looking for backpacks.


Vintage backpacks are made with different materials. There are bags made with 100% pure leather, whereas, some products are engineered with a combination of leather and other fabrics, such as canvas. Therefore, depending on your budget, you should decide on the material that matches your requirements.


Next in the queue is the appearance factor. These bags are available in different colors, while few of them have been standardized to a particular theme (brown and black). However, if you love vintage, then chances are that you would pick the standard colors as they are more ‘vintage’ by looks.

Finishing and Lining

Whether you are buying a unisex leather vintage backpack or specifically made for gender, it should have an outstanding lining stitching, manufactured from a long-lasting material.

Also, your leather bag should look like one, especially if the manufacturers claim it to be made with genuine or 100% leather. It should have a clean-finishing and the edge surfaces should be well-polished.

Easy to Maintain

Finally, your leather backpack should be simple on maintenance. Any leather conditioner should work on it without killing its quality, color, or appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get a Vintage Leather Backpack?

Leather backpacks with a vintage look prove to be durable. They are made with high-quality leather and most of them are tear and water-resistant. Aesthetically, vintage bags are more appealing and serve multiple purposes.

Moreover, these bags don’t require weekly maintenance, so even if you are cleaning them once a month, they would look fine. Nevertheless, depending on the color, darker vintage satchels can even go without cleansing for years. However, it is advisable to use a leather cleaner on the exterior and interior to make sure any bad smell would go away.

Can I Wear a Vintage Bag to Work?

Yes! You can wear these bags for your work. Many Americans prefer carrying it to their workplace as they find it helpful to keep all the daily-usage things in it, such as gym clothes, mobile chargers, laptops, etc.

Are Handcrafted Vintage Bags Good?

Handcrafted vintage leather satchels or backpacks are widely used in the US and around the world. They are durable and can carry heavy loads. However, buying machine-made leather backpacks is also a good option.

What Things Can I Stuff My Bag With?

Whether you are buying a male vintage bag or a female one, you can keep all your vital things in it. Generally, you can keep your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, keys, wallet, clothes, gloves, mask, hand sanitizer, power bank, makeup, books, files, documents, stationery, and several other things.

Is It Cool to Take a Vintage Bag to School?

Indeed! Vintage bags are cool to take with you to your school, college, or university. Also, many manufacturers are offering vintage bags in different attractive colors, which appears to be flashy and makes your personality more enchanting.

Can I Carry Fishing Equipment in These Bags?

No, you can’t. These are not suitable for carrying fishing items as they are big and have sharp points that can easily tear this bag. We recommend choosing a fishing backpack which is specially designed to use while fishing.


Vintage is never out of style. That’s why people are crazy to get a vintage leather backpack to wear it for traveling, school, work, or any other purpose. These bags are not just captivating, but they are long-lasting and allows you to keep different things with complete safety.

The majority of vintage leather bags are comfortable to carry. They have adjustable straps along with a top handle to make sure your hand and shoulders stay relaxed and comfortable.

Moreover, these bags don’t demand high maintenance. Cleaning them with the right leather cleaner can multiply their life, looks, and quality.

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