How to Keep Your Gun Safe in Garage?

When you are storing a gun safe you should avoid power tools near to it. Because thieves can use the opportunity and break your gun safe. Not all garages are not the same.

Depending on your garage type you have to take safety precautions to ensure the best safety of your gun.

People follow many different ways to ensure gun safety and using a Gun Safe is one of them. It will take care of your guns properly, but you have to ensure the safety of your gun safe first. This will protect your gun from disasters.

Here I discussed how you can keep your gun safe in the garage?

Types of Gun Safe Available in the Market

You will find various types of gun safe available in the market. But, people use 5 major types of gun safe in their home and garage.

Depending on your garage type and requirement you can pick the perfect type of gun safe for you. You should check the material, quality, price, and feature of your gun safe to identify the perfect one for you.

  • Key Lock Gun Safe
  • Multiple Lock Gun Safe
  • Wheel and Pin Combination Gun Safe
  • Electronic Lock Gun Safe
  • Bio-Metric Gun Safe

Key Lock Gun Safe

One of the most popular gun safe you will often notice. They are a simple, traditional and powerful gun safe that people are using over the years. You have to open the gun lock with a major key and all the features inside.

You can store all of your guns and rifles on it for its extensive storage capacity. For all types of guns, you will find many different sections.

You can store this type of gun safe in the garage for a longer period to protect your guns. Also, you can keep your hunting gears and tools (like rifle scopes, rangefires, harness, etc.) inside your gun safe depending on its size.

So, you will have to pick a perfect size gun safe for your garage that can hold all of your hunting equipment on it. If you are a professional hunter, you have to find a large size gun safe.

The main problem people always experience is losing the key of a gun safe. If you lose the key to this type of gun safe, you have to trouble a lot for it.

Because you are all way unauthorized from your gun safe if you lose the key. You have to keep the key in a secure place so you find it really easy.

Multiple Lock Gun Safe

A popular and modern type of gun safe comes with multiple locking system on it. If you lose access one way, you can open using another way. For ease of use, people are being habituated with this type of gun safe.

Also, they come with more features than the key lock gun safe. You will get separate boxes and pockets to keep your gun equipment and papers.

The size variation of this type of gun safe allows you to pick perfect size gun safe for your garage. You can measure the space you have to keep your gun safe and bring a custom size gun safe for your home as the home Defense nightstand safe for the firearm Safety.

Because you are covered with two popular locking system – binary lock and key lock as well.

Wheel and Pin Combination Gun Safe

This is an ancient type of gun safe that comes with wheel and pin locking. You have to turn the wheel and identify the secret number to open the lock.

If you love old fashion materials, you can have one or sometimes people get this type of gun safe for a generation change.

Like the key gun safe, if you forget the secret number, you will experience lots of negative issues with your gun safe. You may not find all the modern amenities on it as they are old fashioned.

This type of gun safe made with sturdy material that you can easily keep on your garage.

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This type of gun safe comes with a small screen that you can open like your mobile or computer. You can set a secret key, password or PIN and use the code to open the gun safe later.

Electronic lock gun safes are the modern type of gun safe that has all the modern facilities. You can store all of your guns and legal papers inside it. Though they are expensive, they ensure the best safety for you.

Bio-Metric Gun Safe

Comparing with all other guns safe, this is the safest gun safe you will find available in the market. Because only the limited and authorized people can open the gun safe using the biometric system.

You always need the fingerprint to open the gun safe. They are fireproof and waterproof as well.

How to Keep Your Gun Safe in the Garage?

Preplan to Keep the Gun Safe

Before you purchase the gun safe, you have to preplan where you are going to keep the gun safe. This will help you to keep the gun safe in the perfect place.

Moving the gun safe multiple times will be annoying and hard as well. So, you have to preplan and keep the gun safe in a stable position.

Measurement of Space

Measure the area you want to keep the gun safe. This will help you to identify the area and the perfect gun safe as well. You can easily set up the gun safe on your garage if you measure first.

You can use measuring tape that will help you know the exact size of the gun safe you required. In the garage, you always get a very narrow space. If you purchase the wrong one, it will block the space.

Keep the Gun Safe Away from Electrical Outlet

If you block the electric outlet behind the gun safe, it will impact negatively on your other activities. You will not able to connect your power tool, portable light or fans when you need it.

When you work in your garage, you must need this equipment for ease of work. So, you should keep the electrical outlets away from the gun safe.

Away from Power Tools

Power tools are common equipment that thieves always use. If you keep your power tool in the same garage, keep it away from the gun safe and electric outlets.

Otherwise, they can use your power tool to break the gun safe.

Keep Enough Room for Other Activities

You must keep enough space for other activities. Make sure you can open the gun safe door conveniently. Proper measurement will help you to ensure enough room for other activities. You don’t need to move anything to open the door.

Rearrange the Shelves

Modern gun safe shelves are adjustable. You can rearrange the shelves to accommodate your guns on it. When you are keeping the gun safe, rearrange the shelves as well.

This will help you not to accomplish multiple times. You can just use the gun safe when you need.

Final Words

To keep your gun safe in the garage, you need to know some basic things that I listed in this post. Following these tips, you can easily keep your gun safe in your garage.

Also, this will help you to find the perfect gun space for you.

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