How to Hide A Gun Safe | 10 Unique Places No One Will Tell You

Today, we will illustrate excellent ways regarding how to hide a gun safe. This comprehensive discussion will help you to hide your gun safe in some places or locations that you might not imagine even before.

Though these places or locations are usually considered as less significant locations to hide your gun safe.

Before Core Discussion

Before the main discussion, we want to seek your attention to some of the necessary matter that is important to hide your gun safe.

There are indeed bags of places or locations you may disguise your firearm or gun ingathering at home. It can be hidden inside the nightstand drawer, under the bed or into a closet.

But these places are quite common to identify your gun. And also, these places are ideal for a little pistol safe.

You have to consider another thing is that, your gun should be hidden in a proximate place for any unexpected attack at midnight or intruder inside your house.

Here we are illustrating some effective tricks that may help you to hide your gun safe in the best location.

10 Interesting Places for Hiding Your Gun Safe

gun safe hiding

#1. Under Bed Gun Safe

Under-bed gun safes have many significant advantages that lead most firearm or gun owners to choose them. One of the best reasons is your firearm is always with you, all night under your pillow.

In case you want to repel house invaders with this close-by firearm then you require an excellent under-bed gun safe. You can easily choose the best under-bed gun safe by reading some in-depth reviews.

#2. Fit Your Safe Towards the Floor and Wall

It is considered one of the best gun safe hiding tricks that prevent anyone from carrying away your safe.

A big number of safes offer you with anchor point and pre-drilled orifice to bolt the safe towards the floor or fasten it towards the wall.

#3. Walk-in Closet

You should think of the exact place to disguise the safe except it getting into the way. Since you can secure the safe towards the wall and bolt it towards the floor, therefore the best location is to place it into the corner.

Another choice is to get the gun safe through engulfing concrete walls as well as adjusting an invulnerable door.

As an alternative, you may make a hole into the wall for adjusting your safe securely along with a mirror before it.

#4. Make A Deceitful Closet

In case your wardrobes are not a good option, this substitute piece of fitment is perfect. And the cupboard appears like an ordinary wardrobe the bare difference is the collection of guns in it.

#5. Abaft A Piece of Fitment or A Bookshelf

Hiding the gun safe there in a voluminous bookshelf is one of the great choices when you plan to go on vacation. Since you, may not need immediate entrance and may help conceal your gun safe from anyone.

Remember, the piece of fitment should be ponderous to move.

#6. Inside an Additional Refrigerator

Along the additional fridge, you generally place it into the basement or garage. An abandoned refrigerator can be used to keep the valuable safe.

For that, you have to cut the abandoned fridge back and place your gun safe inside the fridge.

#7. Using A Table

The table is one of the emblematic pieces of fitments notice in any house. The fantastic matter is you may get used to its lower part since it is invisible towards all and it is an eminent secure cover disguise.

Stick the pistol or gun safe on the lower side for providing quick entrance when you require it. A gun safe that appears like furniture may be a better alternative.

#8. Use A Cabinet

Nowadays filing cabinets can be found in the majority of houses. For durable metal structure and added inside staff, the cupboard can conceal your gun safe.

And obviously, this hiding policy depends on how large your gun safe is. The size is an important matter to hiding things. To prevent alluring the interest to an intruder or a thief, you may put some stickers.

Therefore, it may look like a cabinet of storage.

#9. Gun Safe in Wall

Firstly, you have to think out the exact spot to tuck up a big painting or mirror of full body to conceal your gun safe. The location you use requires to appear natural and should not appear any wiring or plumbing.

You may do it on your own or can take a professional collaboration. With the orifice cut out for sizing into the wall and you have to construct a box or hutch to place your gun safe. And you will also require an invulnerable door.

In addition, it is very important to note in your mind that don’t unlearn the lock for protecting the safely locked door. In case you are hiding your gun safe into a wall, note that you have to keep the gun safe anhydrous or dry.

#10. The Mirror Safe

In case you retain your firearms or guns in your bedroom, the mirror firearm safe is an excellent choice for using a secure place or location for storage.

Instead of setting it in your bedroom, you may place it into your ensuite substitute to suit it along with the bathroom.

And you can seek out small standard-length mirror firearm or gun safes. The mirror appears natural in your bedroom, hallway, and bathroom.


In the above article, we have explained how to hide a gun safe. And we have tried to introduce you to different ideas to hide your gun safe.

Pick the best trick from the above to disguise your firearm safe.

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