Does Deer Like Peanut Butter?

Hunting strategies can be different and people use several ways on deer hunting. One of the most common ways to hunt a deer is by using peanut butter.

The most common question I get is does deer likes peanut butter? And the answer is they like peanut butter.

This is the reason people use peanut butter on hunting. Because they are comparatively cheap and easy to find.

You can collect peanut butter from any grocery shop and use it in your hunting. Using peanut butter is super easy and effortless to set up.

Common Ways to Attract Deer in Hunting

Using peanut butter is a common trick people apply to hunt. They also like vegetables like potatoes, green beans, soybeans, wheat, and cabbage.

To attract deer, people use different types of food, sound, and traps. You can also use the below-listed materials to attract a deer on your hunting.

This will make rifle or crossbow hunting easy and effortless.

  • Vanilla Extract
  • Corns
  • Apples
  • Sound
  • Vegetables

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a solution of ethanol and water that people use on western desserts as an essential ingredient. You can use vanilla extract on your deer hunting.

Deer get attracted to vanilla extract for its smell and taste. Like peanut butter, you can use vanilla extract on your hunting.


Corn serves as a great place for hiding. Especially for wily deer. There was enough food and shelter on corn place that is also idle for deer hunting. You have to learn the tricks of corn deer hunting to improvise your skill.

Also, you can use corn out of the field to hunt deer. Hunters apply several ways of using the corns on hunting. You can adapt and apply the tricks when you go hunting.


Deer eat fruits like apples, snap peas, cherries, and grapes. They all are digestive for deer. You can use this type of fruit on your deer hunting. But be careful when you feed any fruit to them.

Because they are very sensitive about picking the food. You will get very little time to make them steady if you don’t apply any trick on feeding fruits.


Bucks produce a loud grunting sound that is attractive to the females. Most of the deer use soft and long grunts to call one another. The short grunt is to claim a territory.

Using the opportunity people apply many tricks on deer hunting. You can learn the ways of deer hunting using the sounds and apply them to your hunting.


Deer eat nearly all the vegetables that you can apply to attract them. They eat all the carrots, potatoes, green beans, soybeans, wheat, and cabbage. You can use these vegetables to attract them.

We often eat vegetables every day that you can use. All year long you will find various types of vegetables available in the market.

How to Use Peanut Butter to Attract Deer?

Using peanut butter to attract the deer is a comfortable and easiest way. Because you will find peanut butter jars available in all the grocery shops.

You can easily collect peanut butter and apply it to your hunting. The method of using peanut butter is very simple and anyone can use it.

Let’s learn how to use peanut butter to attract deer?

You need to follow the below-listed steps to attract deer:

  • Collect a Peanut Butter Jar
  • Take the Lid Off
  • Screw the Lid on Tree
  • Cut the Bottom of the Jar
  • Screw the Jar Back to the Lid

Collect a Peanut Butter Jar

You can buy any quality peanut butter jar for hunting. Most of the peanut butter available in the market ensures similar quality and taste.

You can purchase a medium size peanut butter jar for hunting. This will help you to attract the deer effectively.

You can also spread some peanut butter around. The price of peanut butter is affordable and you can purchase multiple if you want.

Take the Lid Off

You need to find a place where you will use the peanut butter. Better you choose a tree that is in a dry place. Take the lid off the peanut butter jar. You can use peanut butter on tree branches which is of low height.

This will attract the deer to your peanut butter jar. So, proper embrocation on tree branches is essential.

Screw the Lid on Tree

After taking the lid off from the jar, you have to screw it up on a tree. Add the lid to a comfortable height for a deer.

So, it can eat the peanut butter comfortably. Placing the peanut butter in a comfortable place helps to keep the deer calm and steady.

Everyone wants this opportunity in their hunting. You will be able to target the deer effectively if the deer become steady and calm.

Cut the Bottom of the Jar

After adjusting the lid on the tree, you have to cut the bottom of the jar. This will open the bottom and help the deer to eat the peanut butter effectively. You can use a knife to cut the bottom of the jar.

A hunting knife is preferred. Because they are specially built to cut any type of material easily. As you are cutting a plastic jar, your hunting knife will help you surely. This will reduce the hard work of cutting.

Screw the Jar Back to the Lid

As you already adjust the lid on a convenient height of a tree, you now have to add the jar back to the lid. We already cut the back of the jar.

So, deer can eat the peanut butter adjusted on the tree. The thrown butter on tree branches will take the deer near to the peanut butter jar.

The process is super easy to perform. You just need a peanut butter jar, adjusting, and cutting tools.

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Most Essential Weapons for Deer Hunting

  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Crossbows
  • Rifles
  • Bows


Handguns are a very useful tool for deer hunting. Using a shotgun, you can target in short distance but really helps in hunting.

Caliber selection is important using this type of gun. You have to identify a good handgun for deer hunting. Don’t forget to get the best handgun scope for accurate shooting.


People mostly use shotguns on deer hunting. You can target the deer effectively using shotguns. You will find specially built shotgun for deer hunting.


Not only for deer hunting, but you can also use a rifle with a scope for any type of hunting. Rifles are easy to carry and operate. You can keep multiple rifles when you go hunting. This will ensure the ease of hunting.


A crossbow is a special type of elastic ranged weapon that people use for hunting. You can use a crossbow when you use the peanut butter for hunting. Check out some crossbow recommendations by


A bow is similar to a crossbow. For professional hunting, you can keep a bow on your hunting. Bows are affordable at price and easy to carry.

Final Words

Hunting deer is a fun activity people always love. Using peanut butter will minimize the hard work and help you with your deer hunting.

No matter you are professional or not, you can use the tricks on your deer hunting.

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