How to Keep Your Electronics Charged While Camping and Hiking

Camping and hiking have got more hype after the pandemic. People are still traveling to camp or hike as the suffocation of closed doors during COVID-19 is scaring them. So, they go out on the roads and in the woods to capture the beauty of a land in their eyes.

Well, camping and hiking are fun until you start realizing that you have no phone or camera with a full battery to take a memorable picture of the view you are enjoying.

But, what if your family is worried back at home or your friend wants to track your location while he is somewhere around. Also, in today’s world, going completely disconnected is not possible. Our work relies on the phone and other electronic devices.

10 Ways to Keep Your Electronics Charged While Camping

#1. Keep the Chargers in Your Car

If you are traveling by car to some extent, keep all your chargers in your car. Moreover, if possible, avoid using phones or any other electronics during the car ride. You must keep them for the rest of the journey.

Or else, keep the chargers so, you can plug them immediately after using and keep the batteries of all your devices full.

#2. Do Not Just Rely On One Power Bank

We usually consider a single power bank enough for the journey. Well, it might be if you are going to stay in a hotel or hostel, probably there is electricity, and you can get time to charge them.

However, it is not feasible if you are going camping. So, try to keep at least 3-4 power banks with full battery along while you are on a camping trip.

This is not only advisable to charge phone batteries; these power banks can help you charge batteries of your cameras or internet devices too. (only keep the excellent quality power banks)

#3. Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

This is an old tick to save your battery. Especially if you are keeping it to get a connection on time or to capture some fantastic photos on the camping site, you must put your phone on the airplane mode. It will save your battery for a long time, and you can easily use your phone later.

#4. Set the Brightness Low

Lower the brightness, and it will use less battery of your phone. Also, try to keep all the background apps down and stop them while you are not using the phone. These tips may sound old, but they are the only ones to save your day in an emergency. So, follow the tips to save the day…

#5. Use Solar Energy Devices

The world is advancing, and people no longer rely on hacks. They have solutions for everything and almost every situation.

Here, if your battery is dead, you can use portable solar devices. You can find them anywhere, even though amazon or other online platforms. They are also reasonable in price and have many different types.

Choose the one you can use on your campsite and enjoy a memorable camping trip either solo or with your buddies, and that is too without going on without your electronic devices.

Besides, if you have a habit of smoking, instead of a fully-electric vaping device, use something manual like Dynavap M UK.

#6. Put Headlamp in a Red Light Mode

You must be carrying your headlight along to light up the camp at night. The better and long-lasting use of the light is to turn its mode into red light. It will save some energy at least for the night time, and you can enjoy your time in peace.

Or in case you are not using the light, turn it off. This is now a wise decision, and you should not neglect it if you want to save your time from any emergency. You can also carry a kerosene lantern to remote places.

#7. Keep Electronics in a Close Pocket During Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can drain your battery. Yes, this is possible, either it is too hot or too cold, you may face this during the camping activity. So, try to keep your electronics in close pockets or the bag.

Some people have shared experience of the battery dying within a few seconds from 50% to 9%. So, learn from someone else’s experience and take the precautionary measures for staying connected.

#8. Use Camp Stove to Charge Phone

A camp stove is one of the essentials for a camping night/nights. This is common because food is also essential. Although living in a camp for the night is overall, a rough and challenging experience, but this camp stove can be used for multi-purpose.

This little device has the generator in it to turn the heat from the fire into power, and you can plug your electronic devices into the USB port and charge them anytime.

#9. Keep a Portable Turbine

If you are traveling somewhere near the river, this little portable turbine can help you use water energy. Use the turbine and turn water energy into electricity for charging your phone, power banks, or any other devices you are carrying with you.

These little devices are not only affordable but work for a long time too.

#10. Keep Hand Crank Charger

You may never find anything better than a hand crank charger. If you dig deep while searching for it, you will find some amazing variety with top-class features such as light and charging ability.

So, find one according to your suitability and order to save your camping day for good. Just remember you need to get quality products, so be careful about it.

Bottom Line

Although camping is more about enjoying the views or make it adventurous by any means. Yet, there are your loved ones waiting for you back home and people who want to stay connected to you regardless of your place.

So, it is your responsibility to give stay connected and keep informing them about your safety.

Enjoy camping and also stay connected while you are out there exploring the woods or climbing mountains!!

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