How to Keep Fish Fresh While Fishing

Fishing is an enjoyable activity but comes with many challenges that need to be overcome. For instance, one must use a friendly hook and fish responsibly.

Besides, you must adhere to regulations, including returning immature catch back into the water. Also, it would help if you kept the catch fresh to guarantee a tasty items

How to Keep Fish Fresh While Fishing For a Longer Time

Here are some of the things you must do to keep the fish fresh.

#1. Store The Fish Properly

After you learn how to fish, the next important thing you must know is how to keep the fish fresh if you will not consume it right away. One of the options you have is to dress the catch immediately. But, the problem with this method is that it may interrupt the fishing process if you are inexperienced.

Thus, you will need to come up with temporary actions to deal with this. They include placing the fish on a stringer and lower it into the water.

Alternatively, you can place the fish in a mesh basket and place it in water. This is a temporary storage option that will help you conserve the fish for the time being. You can find fishing boxes and other fishing items at You can also choose to use a pool of water or a pond to accommodate your live catch.

#2. Keeping the Fish Chilled

This is one of the temporary options that can help to keep the fish fresh in the meantime. You can do this by keeping the fish chilled for a while before you clean it. You may also clean the fish, have it streaked, or filleted before you store it.

#3. Put the Fish on Ice

It is an important thing to consider when preparing the fish for transportation. You will need to use an insulated cooler to do the job. The cooler should have a drain plug that allows you to open the ice water so that it can be drained. Typically, when you store the fish with water, it spoils its flavor. So, ensure that any water that is formed is drained and allowed to flow freely.

#4. Refrigerating the fish

Refrigerating is one of the options that can help keep the fish fresh before it is prepared and cooked. But first, you must clean the fish in cold water but ensure it is dry. Use a paper towel to dry and wrap it in waxed paper before you store it. Also, you may wrap it in an aluminum foil and store it in the refrigerator.

Preparing large pieces is the best option. It enables you to keep them for a longer period compared to the small pieces.

#5. Freezing the Fish

The other option you can use to keep the fish fresh is by freezing it. If it is well done, the fish can last for 90 days or even 365 days. To last for a long period, the fish must be prepared not to come in contact with fresh air.

Please start the process by cleaning the fish and place it on a freezer Ziploc bag. Ensure all the air in the bag is removed. Also, you may need to consider wrapping the fish into an aluminum foil. It would help if you then wrapped the fish into a wrapper to stop it from losing the flavor.

Alternatively, you can keep the fish in a solid block and store them in refrigerators.  But ensure the container has enough water that covers the fish. You can also consider using food coolers to keep the fish cold and fresh.

#6. Keeping the Fish Alive

If you are planning to keep the fish at home alive for some time, you may need to ensure that they stay active while you transport them. But you must preserve the fish so that they don’t die and start decomposing. Keeping the fish in the water as you walk around could help you keep them alive for the time being.

However, you will need to ensure that it is of the right temperature. It helps to keep the fish alive as you transport it. If you have a pool of freshwater, you may keep the fish in it for some time. But ensure it has enough water and food.

The fish must be in its prime condition when you start preparing it. Buyers, too, will check the status of the fish before they decide to buy it. They would check the condition by looking at the eyes, whether they are bright or clear. Dull and cloudy eyes are signs that the fish wasn’t handled well after being caught.

Fish with bouncy touch and which feel solid when touched could be in the right condition. If the fish is soft and flabby, it is a sign that the fish was not cared for after it was captured.

But this may be a nightmare if you catch a live fish. You’ll need to prepare to stop it from rotting. If the fish is still alive, you will need to start by killing it. This can be done using a sharp implement designed for this purpose.

Driving a sharpened screw into its brain can work for you. Alternatively, you may use a club to give it a solid whack over the head. Just a single whack could be enough to kill it.

Thirdly, put some water in the fish bin and add ice to help keep the fish fresh. Ensure to add more water. Prepare the fish by removing the gills and the stomach before returning it in the slurry. The fish must be covered with the ice. Also, the cavities must also be covered and filled with the ice.

Final Thought

Keeping the fish fresh is a simple process that can be done by anyone. It entails a few steps, such as thawing the fish and placing it in wraps before storing it in cold water. But care should be taken when thawing the fish. It should be done at room temperature, and should never be thrown into the microwave before thawing.

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