What is the Best EDC Knife?

Finding a knife to suit you can be a challenge for a number of reasons. There are many elements you have to look out for in order to ensure the knife you choose gives a good capacity at lasting a lifetime with minimal problems, providing a good service for all customers.

You may have thought about buying an EDC knife before, and you may have even searched lots of websites for their recommendation and advice to come to some sort of conclusion. Well, big shock, finding a knife that reviewers deem as having good pricing and dozens of good characteristics is hard.

Your search just got a whole lot easier! This short piece will take you through the best everyday carry knife through answering questions about what knives are available, what knife features are preferable, and what one of the best every day carry knives will give you.

What is an EDC Knife?

EDC KnifeAs the name might suggest, an EDC knife is an Everyday Carry knife. These sots of pocket knives are practical and functional. Their fixed blade is made often with stainless steel – as this stainless steel blade, which often comes with frame lock, provides a durable, small knife, whose overall length is small enough to fit in your pockets and carry around.

There are quite a few considerations you’ll need to make sure you look at to ensure that your fixed blade knives offer a decent blade strength and sharp point blade on the one hand, but also are easy to use and have high quality on the other. EDC knives with a G 10 handling frame are particularly good, as well as those with a ball-bearing mechanism.

Size and Weight

Perhaps one of the most important qualities, your tactical knife or EDC knife will need to have a good size and weight for portability and easy use. Many come reinforced with a pocket clip for this reason. As well as the blade steel material, you need to consider the blade length and how many inches long the blade is – so the EDC pocket or EDC folding knife for you is adequate for any use, even one-handed.

Blade length, blade shape, and frame materials are what will set your G10 handle knife apart from the rest, maybe more than folding knives with a carry clip.

Knife enthusiasts know that you’ll require a strong blade knife that feels large and sturdy enough for every need, from bottle opener types to self-defense. Both are important for pocket carry and have pocket clips because a pocket clip can aid easy carry most of the time.

The most ideal dimensions you’ll want to go for, according to handle scales and particular guides, is about a 4-inch blade and a 3.25 oz weight. You’ll want to ensure the blade has a decent blade thickness, no matter the blade type, to ensure the blade finishes with rust resistance.

You will find more information on knives at the best budget.

Blade Steel

The best EDC knife blades will be made of steel that’s equipped for all cutting tasks. An S30V stainless steel knife is often recommended, but what does this mean?

CPM stands for Crucible Particle Metallurgy, which is a type of stainless steel that incorporates carbon fiber for ultimate rigidity. The greatest steel models are made of S30V steel CPM or S35VN steel – steel CPM S30V is generally most common.

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Lock Type

You should get a sturdy locking mechanism to protect your folding knife. Some come with a folding clip for easy portability – making sure that an EDC knife is actually suited to EDC.

As well as a G10 handle, a decent opening mechanism in the knives available – such as assisted opening, compression lock, or liner lock – allows you to open your everyday carry design with ease, providing convenience for the price point.

Handle Materials

While you’d think that the blade of your folding knife is the most important, handle materials will also help you have a comfortable experience. A G 10 is very common as it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Some designs of EDC knives even come with an aluminum handle, stainless steel handle, carbon fiber handle, or even a titanium handle for both corrosion resistance and lightweight handling. Titanium handles and other types will increase your carrying options for any time, even an emergency situation.

What is the Best Pocket Knife on the Market?

The best EDC knives on the market will be equipped for all sorts of blade play or purposes, from law enforcement officers to anything else. Whatever your choice is, you’ll have to ensure the knife you opt for is a model that has everything you have in mind, can be used in a variety of ways for everyone, and is covered in all situations by a warranty.

Nothing should be left to chance with any item. That’s why we recommend the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 which, thanks to Spyderco and their awesome safety and survival technology, as well as user-friendly style and ergonomics, will make someone very happy in one neat package – from cutting functionality to sleek aesthetic and colors. Every person needs these classic utility knives.

What is the Best Pocket Knife in the World?

When considering the greatest model worldwide, this might mean different things to different people. However, there’s something for every man – just check what things are mentioned in customer reviews before picking your knife and considering aspects such as a pocket knife blade length or build quality.

Knife reviews make a good point when they recommend three particular brands, which happen to be our favorites. These are the James Brand line of knives, the Ontario Knife Company, and Spyderco ranges, including the Spyderco Delica. Each of these big brand name models offers a load of handy features, such as construction quality, lock features, in-hand feel and ergonomic design, and a range of pocket blade lengths.

Each of these knives will offer a good application for everybody, from your grandpa to nature-loving men. Be prepped for adventure with these additions to your hiking kit.

Shop for your dream utility knife now!

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