How to Test Spring Water for Drinking?

Spring water is underground natural water that flows out through the earth’s surface. In spring it comes out and forms freshwater lakes. You don’t see spring water throughout the year, because they come out in the form of steam.

For being the underground water, Spring Water contains a lot of mineral on it. As mineral plays a vital role in the human body, spring water has good demand among the people. People drink spring water for its health value and freshness.

Though spring water has high nutritional value, it contains some harmful elements on it.

It contains petroleum products, metal, and some micro-organisms. Some of the spring water elements can cause harm to the human body. Before you drink the spring water, you have to test it carefully and follow other safety guides as well.

In the long run, untested spring water can impact negatively on your body.

Following the specific steps, spring water can be purified for drinking. To make the water safe, you have to test the water carefully and take the necessary steps.

Knowing about the harmful elements will help you to identify them and purify your spring water effectively. People use multiple ways to test spring water.

What are Some Common Spring Water Elements?

Spring water looks indubitably fresh and natural for being the underground water. If you are drinking the spring water for its nutritional value, you must know about the elements of spring water. This will help you differentiate between safe and unsafe drinking water.

Most of the time we read about minerals of spring water, but we are not conscious about harmful ingredients.

Here I am listing both safe and unsafe spring water elements for better understanding.

Healthy Minerals for Body

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Sodium


This is the most crucial mineral for the human body. Lacking calcium can cause osteoporosis. This is a special medical term used for bones when it became brittle and fragile for loss of tissue.

Physicians recommend 1000 mg calcium to take per day for adults. Springwater contains 1 to 135 mg calcium per liter across Canada and the USA. Drinking the spring water is an easy way to fill the lacking on calcium every day you required.


The lacking of Iron can cause Anemia that is another common medical term we hear often. Anemia is also spelled as Anaemia. This basically reduces the red blood cell or hemoglobin from the blood.

People feel so much exhausted and tired when affected by anemia. This also causes the short breathiness, laziness and short ability of exercise. The symptom is vague and damages the blood cells gradually. Iron level 0.3–3 mg/liter is adequate.


The absence of Magnesium can cause electrolyte imbalance in the heart. The common symptoms of electrolyte imbalance are weakness, seizures, twitching and heart rhythm disturbance. The researcher also found the presence of magnesium in the spring water.

Drinking spring water can fill the lacking of magnesium as well. Springwater contains 110 mg of magnesium per liter. Thus drinking spring water is helpful and effective for the human body.


The mineral zinc has an impact on the immune system in our body. Inadequate zinc in the body can result in weakening the immune system of your body. This is the reason you have to take an adequate amount of zinc every day.

An adult woman should take 8 mg and men should take 11 mg zinc every day. If you take less amount of zinc, this will impact on your immune system. You can absorb zinc in various ways.

Also, the spring water contains zinc. Springwater contains 4 mg per liter as zinc sulfate. This can help to fulfill the lacking of zinc.


Potassium is also responsible for the electrolyte imbalance in the human body. After testing the spring water, the researcher found potassium on this type of water.

Drinking the spring water helps to reduce the lacking of potassium in our bodies. Though you can’t fulfill the whole amount of potassium lacking from the spring water, because, we need 3,500–4,700 mg per day.

You have to eat more foods that have potassium on it. Spring water can reduce the hard work, but can’t provide the whole potassium you need.


Inadequate sodium can cause the malfunctioning of your heart and also responsible for electrolyte imbalance. According to physicians, you should take 2,300 mg of sodium per day. Taking too much sodium is harmful as well.

Recent research shows Americans take 3400 mg sodium that is not recommended. Also, a huge number of people has lacking sodium in their bodies. Drinking the spring water is helpful in fulfilling the lacking of sodium.

Harmful Chemicals for Human Body

  • Arsenic
  • Microorganism
  • Fluoride
  • Chromium
  • Perchlorate
  • Lead
  • Radioactive metals


Arsenic can cause bladder cancer, skin cancer and many other types of skin diseases. Though spring water contains a low volume of arsenic, you should test the amount before drinking.

If the amount of arsenic is high, you have to avoid the spring water from drinking. Because of lots of risks involved when you drink water contained arsenic. Physicians always advise avoiding this type of water for safety.


The microorganism is harmful to the body and causes diarrhea, nausea, cramps and more. Even spring water contaminated by human wastage, dead animals and harmful chemicals. This can cause serious health injuries and damage sometimes.

Before you drink the spring water, it should be tested maintaining the proper guides. The common microorganism is bacteria that is responsible for many watery diseases.

The less the amount of microorganism is present on the water, the high safety is assured for you.


Fluoride can lead to fluorosis. For poisoning, people can even death. Initially, it affects the teeth and ligament on a large scale. Fluorine has many negative impacts on the human body.

Fluorine can be found on the spring water as well. Before you drink the spring water, you should test the water carefully. This will help you to remove the fluoride from the water and make it safe.


Chromium is another harmful element of water that is a carcinogen. This leads to cancer and causes unexpected death.

Depending on the area it can be large in amount or less. Physicians always suggest drinking chromium and fluoride-free water to protect themselves from cancer.

So, drinking chromium mixed water is something dangerous and similar to cigarette smoking.


Another element your spring water can contain is Perchlorate. You have to avoid Perchlorate included water. Because this can lead to hypothyroidism.

Whenever you find a source of spring water, try to find a safe sign near the water source and then drink.


Excessive amounts of lead can cause anemia and seizures that are harmful to the body. This can cause unexpected death anytime. You should drink lead-free spring water. This will help you to keep yourself secure.

Radioactive Metals

Radioactive metals are highly dangerous for skins. It can lead to cancer and all similar skin diseases. Cesium and strontium are some radioactive metal that can be found in water. Drinking this type of metal will affect your liver and skin.

How to Test Spring Water for Drinking?

collect spring water for testingWe already listed most of the spring water elements here. Though you might find minerals like copper, aluminum and ferrous on the spring water, you should know the effect of them and identify before use.

Tips for Campers: If you are a camper or hunter and want to drink spring water then you have two options.

  • First, use a water testing kit and use a purifying tablet.
  • Or, boil the water on the campfire.

However, here I am listing a few common steps that will help you test the spring water effectively.

Collect the Water Sample

To collect the water for testing, you need properly sanitized containers. You can consult with the laboratory technicians before you collect the sample.

Most of the cases, homeowners can collect the water, but in rare cases like Giardia, Hydrogen sulfide and Cryptosporidium test lab assistant in mandatory.

Because this type of sample collection requires lots of expertise and skill. This is the reason you should consult with an expert.

Bacteria & Microorganism Check

The microorganism is harmful to the body and you must check these types of the microorganism priority basis. For bacteria testing, you must need a sterile container. All the chlorine must be removed from the water to test bacteria properly.

To collect water for bacteria test, let the water flow for a few minutes. You should use a clean bottle that does not contain any oil, alcohol or similar liquid. This will help you to get the proper result on the lab test.

You can also take the necessary steps to kill bacteria.

Corrosion Check

Corrosion check is essential for the spring water. The metals like lead, copper & fluoride can harm your body. So, you have to test the corrosion level of the water. For lead and copper test water should be stored at least 12 hours before the test.

Also, you can follow lab instructor advice to identify any corrosion on the water. Depending on the watercolor you can assume if the corrosion test is required or not.

However, testing the corrosion is always recommended and provides the best safety on drinking spring water.

Heavy Metal Check

Similar to the corrosion check, you can send the water for a metal check on the water. All the water does not require heavy metal tests, but if you are using the spring water on a large scale, you should test the water.

Because a large amount of people is drinking water and this can affect their health. It will be a clever way to avoid any risk and drink safe water as well.

Radio Active Metal Check

Water that found near to industrial area should go through the radioactive metal test. A lab technician will collect the water from the source and complete all the procedures.

This is considered as heavy spring water testing. Following the safety guide, can keep yourself safe and protected. But the basic water testing can be done in the home using the water testing kits.

Use Water Testing Kit

Both spring water filtering and testing can be done in the home using the testing and filtering kits. You will find various types of water filtering kits available in the market.

Using this type of testing kit, you can effectively check the condition of the water and take the necessary steps. This will help you to identify the level of danger on the spring water.

You can later send the water for the lab test. Water testing kits you will find at affordable prices.

Final Words

Spring water has lots of heath value on it. But you should test the water before you start drinking. This will help you avoid any kind of danger. Here I listed all easy ways of testing the spring water effectively.

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