How to Start A Fire With Wet Wood?

The fire has been the most important camping equipment over the years. The ancient society started developing after the invention of fire and converted into modern society.

Fire not only helps us in modern life but also considered lifesaving equipment in camping and hunting. In the rainy season and winter, it becomes a challenge for campers and hunters to set fire on wet wood.

Additionally, without the fire, you can’t survive in the wildlife. So, it’s the most crucial factor for the hunters to know how they can set fire on wet wood?

Without knowing the technique of setting the fire on wet wood, it will be tough for anyone to outlive on critical hunting situations.

Also, you need fire to preserve the food and keep yourself warm. You will find tons of reasons you need fire on wildlife, but I am not going to discuss those here.

Here I listed a few popular ways that might help you to set fire on wet wood. You can implement these techniques on your hunting and stay warm effectively. After a quick research, we found some handy ways that most of the experts recommended.

Following the tricks, anyone can set fire even in a wet wood effectively. But you need lots of patience and hard work for firing on wet wood.

How to Choose the Right Wood for Fire?

This is the most important and essential step to set fire. No matter you are using wet wood or the dry one. But you should have collected the best woods for setting fire on it.

And of course, you have to identify the best possible dry wood on a territory. This will help you to set fire really quick.

Obviously, you need a lot of luck in favor of it. But you must spend time to collect the driest possible wood to set fire after rain or snow falling. This will reduce your hard work and helps to set fire effectively.

wet woods after heavy rain
Making Fire with Wet Woods After Rain is Difficult

Identify the Dry Area

After the rain stop, you have to search for a dry possible area where you might find some dry wood.

According to experts, most of the under-tree area is dry for the shelter of the tree. Because beneath the tree you will notice a high ground area that does not water to freeze. So there is a higher possibility to find dry wood under the tree. You have to examine and collect under-tree dry woods.

Find a Wood Stack

If you can identify a wood stack, this will be best for collecting the dry woods effectively. In wild areas, you will notice many woodpiles available.

But, you have to identify a dry wood stack from where you can collect safe wood for the fire. I know this is a little boring and complex task and most people feel repulsion. But, you have to do this to survive in a wild area.

Side of a Tree

The rain cannot wet the whole tree most of the time. If you notice carefully, you will notice the tree is wet on one side. Not on both sides. You can take advantage of this and collect the bark of the tree.

The bark of the tree is perfect for setting fire on it. If you remove it from the tree, you will notice the inside part is completely dry and suitable for setting the fire. You can collect these barks for fire.

Wood Inside

When you find a large wet tree branch, don’t get upset. Might be the outside of the wood is wet, but the inside is dry and perfect for firing. Don’t waste a single piece of wood.

Because you don’t know what’s inside. You can check all the wood carefully to find dry wood in a wet condition. This will help you to set fire effectively.

Search the Wood that isn’t Grounded

You will find some wood not grounded and hanging on tree branches. These are the most important equipment for firing. Because water and moisture can’t freeze on this type of wood.

The amount of water freezes on this type of wood is negligible and most of the time you will find them dry. You can easily set fire on it.

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How to Set Fire on a Wet Condition?

After collecting the possible dry wood, you are ready to set fire on it. You need to use your general knowledge to set fire on wet wood.

Because of its wetness, you will experience a critical situation and the process is harder than normal wood firing.

So, you have to stay aware and apply the highest attention to the wet wood firing. This will help you to set fire effectively.

Keep the Foundation Dry

The foundation to set fire on a wet wood would be dry. Because if you keep your wood in a wet place, even your dry wood is wet. So, you have to find a dry place where you can set fire conveniently.

Identify a high ground area to set fire after rain. If you don’t find a dry area, you can use a large container for firing. This will contain all the wood and help on firing on wet wood.

Keep Shaving

This is the most convenient way of getting dry wood after the rain. The inside of the wood is easily burnable. When you are firing on wet wood, try to shave the wood properly and set fire on the dry side of the wood.

This will help you to set fire really quick. You can use you’re a hunting knife or hatchet to cut the woods effectively.

Also, hunting knives helps to set fire on the wood. Knowing the multiuse of your hunting elements always ensures the best advantage of your hunting kits.

Make a Fuzz Stick

With dry wood, you can make a fuzz stick. This is a modern hunting technique that will help in setting fire even in critical condition.

To start a fire with wet wood, you can create a fuzz stick with inside woods that you get after shaving. Shave until you get dry wood from wet wood. Create a fuzz stick using the knife or hatchet.

Following this trick, you can save your time and hard work of setting the fire.

Make the Wet Wood Dry

You may not find any dry wood sometimes that is really frustrating for people. If you fall in the same condition, you can use a few common tricks to make the wood dry.

Heat and air are two popular types of drying material that you can use to make the wood dry. You can also use a dry cloth to make the wood dry. You can wipe the wood with a dry towel, wrap it for sometimes and wait until the wood gets dry.

Use Heat to Dry

You can produce heat using char cloth, charcoal or use candle. Though this type of heat is temporary, it will help you to set fire and make your wet wood dry.

You can set fire on the fuzz stick with your candle and it will produce a large fire gradually. If you are a professional person, you can carry char cloth that is a very thin type of cloth made for firing especially.

For large operations, you can use charcoal to produce fire. On rainy days, you can carry this firing equipment and use it to start the fire on dry wood.

Use Fuel to Start Fire

People carry fuel for different purposes. If you are carrying a kerosene lantern, you will definitely have fuel in it.

Using the fuel for starting the fire is another convenient way to set fire on wet wood. The fuel itself is a burning material. So you can set fire on the fuel and it will start burning.

This way you can set fire on a wet wood really quick. Knowing the type of fuel and burning capacity adds an extra advantage to firing.

Steel Wool

This type of wool is highly flammable and produces a huge spark in a short time. You can use steel wools for its excellent burning capacity. Even using a small amount of steel wool will help you set a large fire in a wild area.

But make sure you put some dry wood, fuzz stick or dry paper on it. High sparking will set the fire on the wood. This is a newly invented but effective way to set fire on hunting.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Though we use petroleum jelly for its health value in the human body, this helps in hunting in various ways. You can protect your scope from the water using petroleum jelly. Also, you can use petroleum jelly as a burning material.

Add a little amount of petroleum jelly on the wood stack and set fire on it. Petroleum jelly helps to increase the fire rapidly.

Final Words

Firing on wet wood is an important surviving skill that you must learn. Here we listed a few popular ways that might help you learn the fire starting method on wet wood. Using the tricks you can easily start the fire on a wet wood on your camping.

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