How to Build a Smokeless Fire Pit?

The most annoying thing on the campfire or backyard fire is smoke. It worst when you hovering your hands on it to keep the hands warm or to cook something on it. You can’t dry your clothes or anything if it started producing smokes.

Today, we will find out how to build a smokeless fire pit. Which can be used for cooking as well as generating heat in the wildness during winter.

To produce the smokeless fire pit, you just need to know the possible reasons and avoid those things on your campfire. Oxygen has a huge impact on the fire that is also a major reason your fire produces smoke on it.

Here I will discuss all the possible reasons and solutions to avoid smoke on the fire pit.

Why Smoke Produces on Fire Pit?

The mechanism of producing the fire is simple. When you mix fuel and oxygen in high temperatures, it causes the fire. The types of fuel like wood, paper, and other combustible material contains different types of burning elements on it.

When an organic element like water, ash or carbon increases, it causes smoke. The incomplete combustion always produces the smoke.

To ensure the smokeless fire pit, you have to ensure the proper combustion of the campfire. You need to ensure enough oxygen is coming out and the fuel to burn.

This will help you to reduce smoke on the campfire. You will notice two types of common combustion on any type of firing. Both are easily identifiable.

  • Complete Combustion
  • Incomplete Combustion

Complete Combustion

The complete combustion produces a blue flame for chemical reactions. This ensures the maximum use of the fuel on the fire.

Of course, this produces maximum heat, light, and energy. If you can produce this type of fire, you will able to produce smokeless fire on your camping. Though the process is not easy in the wild area and you have to overcome lots of difficulties to do this.

Using the proper fuel is mandatory to ensure complete combustion. Also, the environmental impact on the process. So, you have to ensure the perfect environment before you start the fire.

Incomplete Combustion

The incomplete combustion happens when you use wet or inappropriate wood to fire. Because this type of wood contains lots of water, ash, and carbon on it. This is the reason the final outcome you get is incomplete combustion.

This type of wood prevents oxygen to come inside and produces carbon monoxide on the campfire. Mixing the carbon monoxide and poisonous gas causes acidic rain that produces orange flame color.

How to Start Smokeless Fire Pit?

You will find various ways to start the smokeless fire pit that helps in camping and hunting. Also knowing the firing skill is an essential survival skill that everyone should learn and apply.

Especially, if you are a newbie and going to start your outdoor activities, you have to be very careful about firing skills. This will help you to survive in a rough situation on your outdoor activities.

Here we are listing a few common methods that will help you to start the smokeless fire.

Charcoal Method

A common method to start a smokeless fire is using charcoal. People use charcoal for its high burning capacity and ease of carrying. You need firewood, newspaper, bricks, fire starter and obviously the charcoal.

You need to arrange the firing in a dry place to start the fire on it. Use the newspaper to place all the centralize the fire and quick-fire setting. Place all the firewood and charcoal in the newspaper and set fire on it.

Making a bricks fence ensures high heat and more oxygen to come. You should place all the firewood and charcoal inside the bricks. This will help you to control the air and oxygen. Which will also allow you to control the campfire temperature you need for cooking.

Before you start the fire, create a triangle with firewood and charcoal. This provides the strength and longevity of firing. To light up the fire, use a fire starter and add fire on the charcoal. This will quickly light up the fire and produce a smokeless fire pit.

Dakota Fire Hole

Another convenient and popular way to start a smokeless fire is the Dakota fire hole method. In the Dakota fire method, people dig a hole inside the ground and set fire on it.

The main challenge in this method is you need additional afford to dig a hole and ensure proper ventilation as well. But the process produces a massive amount of heat and smokeless fire effortlessly. The advantage of the Dakota fire hole method is you need fewer resources and stay safe from the wind.

You will need a shovel to dig a hole and air tunnel on the ground. On the Dakota chamber, you will add all the burning materials and keep the air chamber blank. The air chamber supplies the required oxygen for complete combustion and helps to produce a smokeless fire pit.

If you are in a place where the heavy wind is flowing, you must follow this method to produce fire. Because the fire is completely away from the wind.

Upside Down Fire Method

Upside down fire is a survival cooking method that people use for camping, bonfire and barbecue. Because this type of firing method produces lots of coal that are perfect for a barbecue. This is the reason the upside-down fire method people use in camping.

It’s the easiest and effective way to produce fire quickly. You can use regular equipment like white paper, firewood, and logs. Alike Dakota and charcoal method, its smokeless method of firing.

You need to use the large logs on the base and add smaller logs upside. Then put the firewood above the log. Place the white paper at the top of the firewood and light it up.

As we placed the log below the firewood, it will pass enough oxygen on the fire and help on complete combustion. So, less smoke will be produced.

If you have the intention to cook at the camp, you must use this excellent technique to produce quick fire. You can use coal for various purposes.

Stealth and Survival Method

On solo travel, you can’t carry much equipment along with you. Stealth & survival method will help you to produce fire using thin & dry tree branches. You have to search and collect thin tree branches similar to a pencil.

Make sure you are collecting all dry branches to fire on it. This will help to keep the fire smokeless and active for a long time. Using wet wood is always harmful to camp firing.

You can only use this type of fire to keep yourself warm and making tea sometimes. Try to put all the wood together. Because if you add any wet tree branch, this will cause smoke on the fire.

But adding the whole amount of fire will make less dried tree branches dry and prevent smoke. Avoid grounded tree branches. Rather you can collect the tree branches that are not grounded, but completely dry to set fire on it. This will help you to set fire really quickly.

Indoor Smokeless Fire System

If you care about the safety and environment, Indoor Smokeless Fire System will help you regarding the issue. This method even you can use inside the house.

Most of the fireplaces come with the chimney and the fan mounted on it that removes the smoke instantly. There are two types of fireplace available in the market. Both the modern and old fireplaces ensure smokeless fire and safety as well.

You will find steel, concrete, wood, stone, brick, and tile made fireplaces. Choose a convenient fireplace to start the smokeless fire. Most of the people use firewood to burn on the fireplace. After every use, you should clean the chimney and the fan. Otherwise, the ash can mix with the air and spread in a wide area.

Use a Rocket Stove

If you are a professional traveler or hunter and searching for a possible solution to produce smokeless fire, then a rocket stove can be the best option for you. This is a special type of stove built for outdoor firing.

The main reason you should use the rocket stove is the capacity of producing smokeless fire. This will provide the ease of cooking even in the wild.

Of course, the best quality rocket stove is not cheap, but you can have one to reduce hard work on your outdoor activity. The specially constructed body and advanced mechanism help in producing smokeless fire effectively.

The DIY methods we mentioned above has lots of activity involved. But, a rocket stove allows you to set up and light up the fire really quickly. People use this type of cooking tool for its efficiency and ease of use.

Before you pick any rocket stove you should check the features. Because fuel type is an important factor for producing the smokeless fire. Also, you need to pick up a lightweight material made a stove. This will help you to carry the stove anywhere you want.

Types of Fuel That Does Not Produce Any Smoke

All types of fuels are not suitable for smokeless fire. Even your fuel could be responsible for smoke production. If you choose the wrong type of fuel, it will produce fire besides burning the combustible.

So, you have to identify and use the right type of fuel to build a smokeless fire pit. Coke & anthracite are two popular smokeless fire pit production materials that you can use.


Coke is produced from the coal following the destructive distillation method. The presence of carbon on the coke helps in smokeless fire pit production.

Researchers found nearly 90 percent carbon on the coke. Thus using the coke helps in smokeless fire pit production.


Anthracite has a composition of 91 percent carbon that helps to produce a blue flame. Using the anthracite, you can easily ensure complete combustion.

This hard coal you can carry with you and use when you need to start the fire. Anthracite is easy to carry on both short & long-range areas.

Essential Tips for Building Smokeless Fire Pit

Inspect the Area

Before you start the fire, you must inspect the area that is suitable for fire. Make sure the area is not restricted or dangerous to set fire. This will help you keep yourself and the environment safe.

If you choose the wrong place, it will impact your firing. In a wet place, it will be hard to produce smokeless fire.

Keep Flammable Material Away

According to the experts, you should keep your flammable materials away. The recommended distance is at least 10 feet. If you keep any flammable material near to your fireplace, it could light up and cause accidental fire at any time.

Keep Yourself Safe

Smokeless fire produces high heat that is dangerous for the human body. If you are hovering your hand over the fire to make yourself warm, stay aware.

Because it can cause serious injury and damage the joy of your trip. You should keep your dresses at a safe distance.

Control the Water

If you are building a fire pit in the wild area, keep the distance from the water. Because water will surely produce smoke on the fire.

You should avoid wet places and don’t through any water on the fire. After rainwater drops from the tree branches and leaves. Stay aware of this.

Water & Fire Extinguisher for Safety

To control the situation, you must have to follow preventive methods. If you don’t have any fire extinguishers, at least keep enough amount of water for safety purposes. If the situation is out of control, use the water or fire extinguisher to stop the fire.

Don’t Damage Public Property

You must care about your safety and public safety as well. Don’t set fire on a place that can cause hamper others’ property or material. Always follow the safety signboards on the area you want to build a fire pit.

Final Words

Building a smokeless fire is not hard, but you need proper knowledge and practice. Here we listed top methods of starting a smokeless fire pit that will help you learn the way. Following these guides, you can easily build a smokeless fire pit effectively.