How To Keep Your Scope Dry In The Rain [Tips For Beginners]

Hunting on a rainy day is more challenging than normal days. You need a lot more attention to hunt in rain.

Your riflescope has lots of holes on it and the holes are the master in holding moisture.

All of your gun screws, barrel, and lens can hold a lot of moisture on it and can become foggy.

Surely, this impacts your hunting and reduces the efficiency of shooting. To ensure the safety of your scope, you have to take better care of your riflescope in the rainy season.

People use many different ways to protect their scopes from mud, dust, and moisture. You don’t need huge protecting gear to keep your scope secure.

Following a few safety guidelines and tricks, you can protect your scope dry and safe on rainy days. The most essential thing you need is proper attention.

This will prevent freezing any moisture on your scope and keep the scope usable for a longer period.

To help you learn how to protect your scope in rain, we listed a few handy tips that might help you to keep your riflescope secure.

You don’t need to purchase any heavy scope protecting gear to ensure its safety. You can use a regular cleaning kit to keep your gun dry on rainy days.

Here are our top tips for the scope protection system in rain.

How To Keep Your Scope Dry And Secure In Rain?

keeping a scope dry

If you are hunting in the rain, you must consider the best equipment for you. This will help you to get the best performance from your hunting tools.

A scope is a sensitive tool that you should keep safe and secure.

#1. Using Waterproof Gear

The scope is the most required hunting tool and plays a vital role in your hunting. A professional hunter should not pick a cheap hunting scope for its various disadvantages.

A good quality rifle scope costs around $300 and no one wants to ruin it in rainwater. Using waterproof hunting gear will help you to keep the scope protected even in heavy rain.

When you are purchasing a rifle scope, try to identify and pick a waterproof scope.

In the long run, it will save your time and money for repairing the scope frequently. Few popular manufacturers offer inexpensive waterproof rifle scopes that you can use on your hunting.

#2. Hunting Poncho

Using a hunting poncho can help you to keep the scope dry in rain. This is a special type of hunting jacket that comes with multi-functional features. You can quickly unfold and wear the hunting poncho effectively.

Hunting ponchos are popular for their slackness and lots of pockets on them. You can keep the scope under the poncho to ensure a dry condition for your scope.

They are affordable at price and helpful for professional hunting. You can carry all of your hunting kits on a poncho if you want.

#3. Camo Tree Umbrella

This is a special type of tree-mounted umbrella that people use to stay dry while hunting. Using the tree stand umbrella you can protect not only your scope but also all hunting equipment and yourself as well.

Tree stand umbrellas are very much portable and easy to carry. Anyone can set up and dissemble the camo tree effectively. Every professional should use a camo tree umbrella during the rainy season.

You will find various sizes of tree stands available in the market. Pick the perfect size camo tree umbrella to keep your hunting comfortable even in rain.

#4. Use A Riflescope Storage

For better security of your scope, you can use a storage box or high-quality backpack. This will prevent moisture, mud, and any type of external hit on your riflescope.

Carrying a storage box is hard, but considering the safety of your scope, you should use a safety box or bag on your hunting.

Using a waterproof storage system is recommended. Because you are using the storage box to keep your scope from the water.

A waterproof bag comes with the best features to prevent water on your hunting.

#5. Use Handy Ways To Keep The Scope Dry

People invented many handy ways that will help you to secure your scope from water.

Following the tips, you can protect your scope temporarily. But really helps with hunting and preventing unwanted damage to your scope.

To overcome sudden weather changes, these tricks will help you really quickly. You can then go for the permanent solution to protect your scope.

Riflescope experts also suggest these handy techniques to keep the scope safe from water.

  • Use a Chapstick
  • Use Electric Tape
  • Use Oil Soaked Rags
  • Use Cotton Clothes

#6. Use A Chapstick

We all know screw holes are important and no water should enter your screw holes.

But in rain, you cannot prevent the water to come inside the hole. Using chapstick is a handy way that prevents the water to come inside.

We all carry chapstick or lip balm to protect our skin and lips from moisture. You can close the screw holes using the lip balm to secure the hole. Though this is not a long-time solution but helps you to keep the screws from water and fogs.

Most of the screws are prone to rust. Entering the water on your screw holes can cause rust and damage the scope protection system. This will cause a problem in the long run.

This is the reason; you need lots of attention and use chapstick to protect your scope in rain. You can use similar makeup kits instead of lip balm and chapstick.

#7. Use Electric Tape

To prevent water from coming inside the barrel, you can use electric tape on the barrel and other equipment. You can also use the tape on screw holes. Alike using chapstick this is a temporary solution and helps for a short period.

You can block all the holes using electric tape and remove them when the rain stops. Don’t use the tape for a long time.

You can shoot even the barrel is tapped. Because this barrier is negligible and does not impact the shooting.

But, obviously prevent the water to come in. So, using electric tape is a clever way to keep your scope dry in rain.

#8. Use Oil Soaked Rags

We all know oil and water do not mix. Thus, the oil-soaked rags method was invented. You can polish oil on your scope to keep it waterproof for a short time. You can also use petroleum or any type of gel in the process.

Using rags helps you to soak the oil properly. Every day we use various types of oil for different purposes. You can use any convenient type of oil on your scope.

#9. Use Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes are very much effective to wipe water and fog. If your scope is already affected by water or moisture, you can use a cotton cloth to wipe your scope.

This will effectively make the scope dry. Here is a post on how to clean scope lenses.

Final Words

For convenient hunting, you must need a dry scope. If you are hunting in the rain, you must take care of your scope properly following the above-mentioned techniques.

This will help you to keep your scope dry and safe during the hunting in rain.

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