Kelty Coyote 80 Internal Frame Backpack Review

Whether you want to go traveling or simply go on a hike, a good backpack can go a long way. What exactly makes a good backpack? Well, having tons of pockets and compartments, enough storage space, sturdy zippers, and good suspension are a few traits of a high-quality backpack.

If you’re looking for such a backpack and are having difficulty finding the perfect one, we’ve got you covered. Kelty is a brand specializing in backpacks and different kinds of bags, and the Kelty Coyote is one of their best.

In this Kelty Coyote 80 backpack review, we will be breaking down all of this bag’s features and show you why it would be a good purchase. We will also be talking about the usage of this backpack and how you can make the most out of it.

So, if you want to know more about this amazing travel backpack, be sure to read this in-depth review till the end.

Who This Backpack Is for?

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This amazing backpack can be used by anyone, actually. But it is most appropriate for while traveling, or going trekking, hiking, mountaineering, or even camping. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes can use this bag.

Being large enough, with adjustable straps, both children and adults can use this backpack.

About the Brand

Kelty is a backpack brand that Asher Dick Kelty founded in 1952. They were one of the first brands to produce and sell external-frame backpacks intended to be used by everyone.

The brand produces backpacks, tents and shelters, outdoor gear, camp furniture, and more. All of their products are pretty high quality, but they are most well-known for their backpacks.

You can rely on Kelty to provide you travel and mountaineering backpacks that are of the highest quality. And the Kelty Coyote 80 is an example of that.


Before we get into the details of the features, let’s have a brief look at the specifications of this amazing backpack.

  • Best Use: Backpacking
  • Type of Frame: Internal Frame
  • Capacity for Gear (L): 80 L
  • Capacity for Gear (cubic inches): 4,750 cubic inches
  • Weight of the Bag: 5 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Torso Length (in.): 15.5-21 inches
  • Material of Bag: 420-denier polyester
  • Material of Frame: Aluminum + HDPE
  • Number of Stays: 2
  • Access of Pack: Top/bottom/panel
  • Exterior Pockets Number: 7

Features of Kelty Coyote 80

Offering everything you would need in a rugged and versatile backpack, the Kelty Coyote 80 is certainly a beast of a backpack. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features and how they can benefit you.

#1. Size and Weight of the Bag

The size of the bag matters a lot. One could argue that compact bags are the new trend, but it doesn’t work when it comes to this genre of backpacking.

Travelers and mountaineers need to carry all their travel belongings in a single backpack if they want to roam around freely. They need to carry all their stuff with them at all times, so they need a spacious backpack.

This baby was made for that exact purpose. The Kelty Coyote 80 and all the other backpacks that Kelty produces are highly spacious. You can fit all your traveling gears in this backpack, and rest assured you won’t have to leave anything behind.

If we talk about the dimensions of the backpack as a whole, it measures 34 x 16.5 x 16 inches in height, width, and thickness, respectively.

With a capacity of 4750 cubic inches, this bag is gigantic! 4750 cc translates to roughly 80 liters, by the way. Hence the model name is Coyote 80.

As for its carrying capacity, it can handle up to 60 lbs. of weight.  This is enough space for anyone and would allow you to store more gears compared to other backpacks in the market.

Despite being so spacious, the only downside of this bag is that the backpack itself is quite heavy. It weighs about 5 lbs. 9 oz. This bag is very much on the heavier side and might add to the weight of stuff you carry in the backpack.

While an extra 5 lbs. should not make that big of a difference, it is not something we could ignore either. However, even though there are lighter backpacks in the market, this one beats those with the storage capacity. You win some, and you lose some.

Also, we must mention that the 5 lbs. of weight make the bag sturdier than most competitor backpacks, so it’s actually a good thing in a way.

#2. Material of Construction

The material of construction plays a vital role in determining the longevity of the backpack and how durable it would be. Here we have to pay attention to two things: the material the bag is made of and the material of the frame.

As we have mentioned earlier, this is one of the pioneering backpacks that use an aluminum frame. It is a feature that makes it stand out. Also, this is the reason the bag weighs so much.

An aluminum frame sure does add to the sturdiness of the bag. However, it is not just aluminum; the frame is constructed of aluminum and HDPE. The combination of the two makes for a pretty durable frame.

Now, let’s talk about the material of the bag itself. This one should not come off as a surprise to anyone, as most bags in the market use this material. Polyester is one of the most common materials when it comes to backpacks or technical wear.

But the reason we think this backpack has a material better than other options is because of the type of polyester. This backpack is made of 420-denier polyester, which is the best kind of synthetic material available.

#3. Comfort and Usability

In terms of comfort, the Kelty Coyote did not exactly impress us. It’s isn’t bad at all per se, but it does not offer any notable amount of comfort while using it.

The shoulder straps and the waist belt are the reasons we think this backpack could have been more comfortable to use.

The straps and belts are not as soft, and the foam does not offer as much support as you would expect it to. This is why the backpack doesn’t feel uncomfortable with lighter weights.

As soon as you fill it up with heavy items, the straps start to give some discomfort. The foam does not really offer much support while carrying a lot of things in the backpack.

However, it isn’t as bad as it seems. With a moderate amount of items with a decent weight, you can still carry the back without feeling too uncomfortable.

This backpack is certainly usable for trips and trekking. And the kind of stuff you carry during such trips, don’t overweigh the bag, causing the discomfort.

So you can rest assured that the quality of the straps and waist belt will not hamper your experience of use.

If we really had to pinpoint how comfortable this backpack really is, we’d rate it a 6/10; 0 being a rock and 10 being a memory foam mattress. And mind you, a six is not bad by any means, so you can definitely opt for this bad boy.

Certain other features make the Coyote backpack comfortable. They are:

  • Breathable Back Panel

This backpack comes with a breathable mesh back panel that works as a ventilator. While the bag is pressed against your back, this mesh ventilation helps keep it cool back there. As a result, you don’t sweat as much as you would otherwise.

Due to this ventilation, enough air is passed through, and the heat is not trapped behind your back. We could say this provides additional comfort to the user as it reduces the amount you sweat while carrying the backpack.

  • Load-Lifter Straps

One of the most impressive attributes of this backpack is the load-lifter straps. These are the straps you grab onto with your hands while carrying the bag so that it doesn’t weigh you down too much.

Thanks to these straps, your spine remains aligned throughout the whole time you carry the bag, reduces stress by many folds. We would go as far as to say this is one of the best features a travel backpack could provide.

  • Lumbar Support

Thanks to the aluminum frame and the load-lifter straps, this backpack provides enough lumbar support for your spine. It reduces back fatigue to some extent, and it’s a feature everyone looks for in a good backpack. Fortunately, the Coyote 80 does offer this.

  • PerfectFIT

It is a special feature of Kelty, which is the suspension system. PerfectFIT allows you to choose a backpack and not worry about it being the right size. Because of this feature, the bags become one size fits all.

You can get a bag of any size, and rest assured that the adjustments this suspension system allows you to make will surely fit snug against your back.

Say goodbye to having to choose a backpack size based on the size of your torso. The PerfectFIT feature, with just a few simple adjustments, makes the backpack hug you comfortably. And the best part is, you don’t have to take it off to adjust it or customize it. It’s so convenient; you can adjust it while it is on your back.

Even when you loosen it up while on your back, tightening the straps is pretty easy, and it stays tight after setting it right. It is the kind of freedom you want from a backpack while traveling, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Stabilizers

Stabilizers include all kinds of straps and belts that the backpack is supposed to come with. It is a feature that determines how high quality and reliable a travel backpack really is.

For the Kelty Coyote 80, this feature is one of its strong points. As it features mesh shoulder straps, a waist belt, a sternum strap, and more.

These straps, or should we say stabilizers, ensure more stability (obviously) while carrying the backpack. It comes in handy the most when you go hiking or trekking. You get some additional balance thanks to the stabilizers on this backpack. So we would say these are its plus points.

  • Sternum Strap

On top of the regular straps that go over your shoulders, you also get a sternum strap. Most of you should be familiar with this feature, as it is seen in a lot of backpacks these days.

But for those of you who do not know about a sternum strap, it is basically a belt system around your chest that is attached to you using a plastic buckle system. What is the benefit of this strap? Additional securing of the backpack, of course!

Alongside your regular straps, the sternum straps offer a multitude of support while carrying the backpack. You just adjust the buckle onto your chest and let the strap take in some of the strain from the backpack’s weight. It will ensure the bag stays attached to your back more securely.

  • Waist belt

We had to include the Sternum Strap and Waist-belts separately because we cannot stress enough how much these make a difference when it comes to backpacks. Similar to the sternum strap, a waist belt ensures additional securing of the backpack onto your back.

It looks like a fusion between the shoulder strap and the chest strap. And it is placed around your waist (no shit, Sherlock). It is made of mesh on the outside and foam on the inside, just like the shoulder straps.

The Coyote 80 features high-quality and reliable waist-belts that secure the backpack even more along with the other stabilizers.

  • 2 Pick-up Handles

On top of all the straps and belts this backpack features, you also get two dedicated pick-up handles that are placed in two different parts of the bag. These handles make it even more convenient to carry around. They are very stable, and you can use them to control and carry your backpack as well.

  • 2 Light Beam Aluminum Stays

Don’t you just hate those backpacks that get all scrunched up or folded when they are not being used? Well, you can say goodbye to that issue because the Kelty Coyote does not bother you with that.

The aluminum beams ensure that the bag does not fold or scrunch up when they are empty. These bags come with two lightweight aluminum stays that offer this sturdiness. They’re also very adjustable so that you can personalize them for a better, more comfy fit.

#4. Pockets and Compartments

A large number of pockets and compartments are what make a travel backpack unique. We can’t picture one without pockets being all over the place. In fact, the more pockets a backpack has, the more organized it is.

And lucky for you, the Kelty Coyote 80 comes with A LOT of pockets and compartments to keep your belongings in. Let’s have a look at each of these and see how they benefit you while traveling.

  • 3 Access Points

Accessibility is the most important feature of the pockets and compartments. The whole point of their being pockets everywhere is that they make your bag more organized and accessible.

There are three main access points in this backpack: one at the top, one in front, and one at the very bottom of the backpack. One of the coolest features of these access points is that the backpack’s front panel opens up to the whole bag. You can access it without even unpacking the bag entirely.

  • Large Front Pocket

The Coyote 80 has a pretty spacious front pocket where you can keep the more delicate items. This pocket is situated on the outermost side of the backpack, so it makes sense to put the fragile items there, as they are at the least risk of getting broken in that pocket.

Being spacious enough, you can actually keep a lot of things in there. It is closed by a zipper, making it easily accessible as well.

  • Integrated Daypack

What if we told you, you are actually getting two bags in one? No, you are not exactly getting two whole backpacks, but you are getting a small daypack integrated with the Coyote 80.

The pocket on top can be transformed into a sling pack pretty conveniently. While it isn’t something too spacious or function as a full-blown backpack, you can use it as a separate pouch to store small things like a water bottle or maybe a lunch box; pretty much anything considerably compact.

You can use this daypack for times when you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with you and can leave your luggage at the hotel room, or camp, or wherever you’re staying.

This little pocket or mini-bag comes in handy more often than you think. And we think this is one of the best features of this backpack.

  • Sleeping Bag Compartment

Another really cool and impressive feature that this bad boy offers is the sleeping bag compartment. You read that right; you can fit a sleeping bag inside this baby and even get a dedicated compartment for it.

There is enough space at the bottom of the bag to accommodate sleeping bags rather easily. Thanks to this space, you can conveniently carry those comfortable sleeping bags and spend the night literally wherever you want.

One could argue that you can carry sleeping bags in the main compartment of the backpack. But have you ever had a backpack that has a dedicated slot for this particular purpose?

It’s like one of those things that you didn’t think you would need until you actually got it and fell in love with it. Trust our words, and if you are a frequent camper, you will use this feature more often than you would expect.

  • Water Bladder Compartment

We know it sounds a little weird, but hear us out. Do you know those bladder-like water bags? Yeah, those. The Coyote 80 features a compartment that is specially made for storing those bladders, making this bad boy hydration compatible.

It is pretty common knowledge that campers, trekkers, and hikers get thirsty from all the walking they do. And it is pretty obvious that they would carry water with them. A lot of people prefer bladders as opposed to bottles, as they are more portable and easier to carry.

So just to store such a bladder, the Coyote comes with a specialized pocket. How convenient is that?

  • Side Pockets with Zippers

We cannot imagine a backpack without side pockets. Usually, backpacks would have pockets with mesh and elastic to accommodate water bottles on each side. However, this one has side pockets with zippers.

Now, you might be wondering, how can side pockets with zippers be convenient? Well, you can still store small items like candy, mints, chap-sticks, keys, etc. The only issue is that these pockets are on the tighter side, so you can barely fit anything in them.

  • Stretchable Front Pouch

Although the backpack for big guys already provides enough space to put a lot of stuff in it, it features a stretchable front pocket to accommodate even more items. Most often, people store jackets and sweaters in this compartment, but you can store pretty much anything.

  • Large Hip-Belt Pockets

Remember the waist belt? Well, it has pockets too. Two pockets on each side allow you to store snacks of small size and even your phone. The storage space of these pockets is rather large so that you won’t be disappointed with them.

  • Top Loading Pocket

We almost left this one out. On top of every other pocket, literally, you get a pretty spacious pocket to store more or less anything. Mark our words, this is the pocket you will be storing stuff in the most.

  • External Gear Attaching Points

Sometimes you just have stuff with you that you can’t possibly fit inside your bag, no matter how spacious it is. For situations like these, this backpack comes with straps that can be used to attach various external gear like walking poles, dirty shoes, etc. The bag also features an ax loop to attach your ax with the backpack.

#5. Durability

As we have talked about the materials of construction of this backpack, it is clear that this is one hell of a backpack. It can definitely take a few punches here and there and last you pretty much a lifetime.

The 420D polyester fabric and the tough aluminum frame offer enough ruggedness for this bag. So we can all agree that this is a very durable backpack and is perfect for travelers and campers.


  • This backpack features PerfectFIT, which makes suspension easier to make the bag stay snug against your back
  • It comes with a large array of pockets and compartments, all specialized for different purposes
  • The top pocket can be converted to a separate bag for additional usage
  • Made with 420D polyester fabric and has an aluminum frame. It is pretty durable
  • It stays snug and maintains lumbar support thanks to the stabilizers and aluminum frame
  • Provides enough space to accommodate a lot of items weighing up to 60 lbs.
  • The back panel has a breathable mesh, so it does not accumulate sweat from staying stuck to your back all day.


  • Even with nothing inside, the bag itself is a little heavy
  • When fully loaded to its capacity (60 lbs.), you may feel some discomfort from the shoulder straps

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this review, you may have some questions. Well, you’re not alone, because a lot of people asked these questions about the product.

Can I take this backpack to my vacation at the beach?

Yes, we don’t see why you can’t. Although this backpack is more targeted towards campers and hikers, you can always use it as a general travel bag.

Can a tent be stored inside this backpack?

If it’s one of those portable tents, then yes, it can be stored in this backpack. While the Coyote is pretty spacious, we don’t think it can fit the larger tents, though.

Is the Kelty Coyote 80 waterproof?

Well, it is slightly. What we mean by this is that it can bear light rain. However, we do not recommend that you drench it in water just to test its limits.

How long will my Kelty Coyote 80 backpack last?

If you take care of it, it should last you for several years pretty easily.

What exactly is the PerfectFIT feature?

The PerfectFIT feature offers easy and comfortable suspension to make the backpack fit you nice and snug. It lets you adjust the straps conveniently and almost automatically.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, this thing is a pretty good option for a travel or camping backpack. We hope you know if you want to purchase it after reading this Kelty Coyote 80 backpack review. Consider the pros and cons, and see if the cons actually make a difference for you.

If you ask for our opinion, we would say, despite the heavier weight of the bag itself and the slightly uncomfortable shoulder straps, this is one hell of a backpack. We would definitely recommend it to you.

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