10 Best Elk Hunting Tips For Beginners [Really Works]

Elk hunting is an exciting and breathtaking business for hunters. If you are a new hunter, you should learn all the basic tips of elk hunting. Because elk hunting could be a risky business without a good knowledge of it.

Even a small mistake can cause serious danger to you. So, you have to stay careful when you go hunting.

You will always experience something new on your elk hunting. But when you are new, you have to learn from others’ experiences.

Here I am listing a few common tips that experts suggest for beginners. Following these tips, you can hunt elk safely and comfortably.

Best Elk Hunting Tips For Beginners

elk hunting tips for beginners

#1. Build Up Stamina

Fitness is a crucial thing that you must need for hunting. Working in the wild area needs huge stamina and energy as well.

If you are a weak person, you won’t able to overcome the workload and this impacts negatively on your elk hunting.

The areas elk live is impractical and impassable sometimes. So, you need enough stamina on your hunting. Before you go hunting, you should concentrate on stamina improvement.

Taking healthy meals, jogging, and regular workouts help to increase body stamina. You will find lots of stamina build online courses that especially teach how to improve stamina for hunting.

You can follow a regular routine and increase your stamina effectively. This will help you to avoid risks on your hunting.

Also, you feel confident to take the risk on the hunting. This helps to enjoy your elk hunting conveniently.

#2. Take An Experienced Partner With You

Experience is the thing that helps you in every aspect of life. If you bring an experienced person along with you, it will obviously help you to learn something effectively and avoid risks on your hunting.

Old female elks are clever and they are able to identify the bow and rifles. If you are new you won’t know the secrets and this will make the hunting boring. This is the reason you need to bring an experienced person when you go hunting.

Always you go to a new place for elk hunting, you should discuss with a local or someone who has hunted in this place before.

This will help you know the nature of the elk of that specific place.

You will be able to avoid risks and overcome any difficulties. You can keep safety weapons along with you if know about dangers.

#3. Choose The Rifle Or Bow Carefully

Elk hunting is much more effective with the bow or rifles. Thus choosing the bow or rifle is essential.

If you pick the wrong bow or rifle, it will impact your hunting negatively. You can consult with an experienced hunter and identify the perfect weapon for elk hunting.

Compare features, price, and effectiveness of your bow or rifle. This will help you to pick the best feature weapon effectively.

Of course, you can pick a modern bow or rifle. But it won’t help you with your hunting.

Because without knowing the features, you can’t operate the weapons properly. You must use a simple but powerful feature weapon that you can manage on the battlefield.

Don’t purchase a low-capacity rifle or bow to save your money. Because this will make your ultimate loser in elk hunting.

You won’t able to take a perfect shot on your hunting with a low-quality weapon.

Also, don’t forget to have the best elk hunting scope.

#4. Understand The Elk Behavior

Understanding elk behavior is essential. Because this will make the hunting easy and comfortable as well. If you don’t know the nature of elk, you won’t able to shoot them.

Few species of elk are very clever and they can identify the bow and rifle. If you are new you can make silly mistakes on hunting.

This will help them to flee and make your elk hunting unsuccessful. Talking with an expert will help you know elk behavior properly.

Depending on the ground elk behavior is different. You will find elk in many different places. Try to understand the behavior where you are trying to go hunting.

Read about the area and elk that live in the place. This will enrich your knowledge about the elk behavior of the place and you can easily understand the movement.

#5. Rutting Season

Understanding the rutting season is important. The term “Rutting Season” refers to the period of sexual excitement.

Mostly used in British English. If you want to become a professional hunter, you must need a good knowledge of the rutting season.

The behavior during the rutting season helps in hunting. If you know the secrets and behavior elk do in the rutting season will be helpful for hunting.

Depending on the states, the rutting season is different. You need to know the rutting season about the place you are going hunting.

In Colorado, the rutting season is considered from mid-September to mid-October. But the rutting season in Arizona is mid-August. If you talk with expert hunters, you will know about the rutting season of an area.

You can also talk to the locals. Elk travels nearly 5 to 30 miles in the rutting season which helps to identify the area as well.

#6. Understand Elk Movement

Understanding the elk movement is another important factor for elk hunting. In the earlier paragraph, we mentioned that elk travel in the rutting season. Not only in the rutting season, but they also have general movement in a certain area.

If you are new, you won’t know the area they move to. Discussing with specialists, you can easily know about the elk movements. This will help you to find an elk effectively when you go hunting.

Understanding the communication system of elk is also essential. How they call one another or warn, you need to know this type of behavior as well. This will help you to understand the movement and follow them properly.

Also, this helps them to attract if you need it. You can use sounds, vegetables, fruits, or other foods to attract them. This is the reason you have to know the elk movement on hunting.

#7. Natural Habitat

If you are starting elk hunting professionally, you must learn about elk natural habitats properly.

Because knowing the habitats will help you find the elk easily. Where they live, what they eat, where they move for breeding, you need to learn about these habitats.

You can then easily identify a safe place for hunting. Finding a safe place for shooting is essential. Knowing the natural habitat will help you to find a good place for elk hunting.

Following the natural habits, you can separate elks and attract them to the trap. Experienced hunters follow this technique in their hunting.

If you are a beginner, you must read a lot about elk natural habits. This will help you to make your first hunting successful and enjoyable. You can also avoid dangers on hunting as a beginner.

#8. Find A Safe Place

You can’t shoot on a crowd or public property. When multiple groups go hunting, it becomes dangerous, because someone might be affected. So, you have to identify a safe place for elk hunting.

You should not damage or destroy the property of others. Knowing about the safe zone is essential for any type of hunting.

If you are a beginner, you must know about safe zones and avoid mistakes. Avoid the crowd and public places for a good elk hunting experience.

If you don’t find a safe place or no elk is available in your chosen place, you can attract them following elk attracting techniques. This will help you to ensure safe elk hunting.

Attracting an elk takes time, but helps in proper elk hunting. Hunting without knowing the safety tips is always dangerous for beginners.

#9. Footwear Selection

Footwear is important for any kind of outdoor activity. If you are going elk hunting, you must consider the right type of footwear.

Because you are going to experience a rough and tough situation in your hunting. If you don’t use a hunting boot, it might distract you from hunting. Also, improper footwear is responsible for an unwanted foot injury.

Using a high-quality shoe on hunting will save your leg from injury. Also, give you the confidence to move forward without any fear.

#10. Practice Long Distance Shooting 

You have to practice long-distance shooting before you go wild hunting. Because you are not hunting in the backyard. You will not find the elk near to you always.

Thus learning distance shooting is essential. You have to overcome many difficulties in elk hunting. Finding the elks near to you depends on fate. This is the reason you have to practice distance shooting.

Distance shooting is also essential for safety in hunting. Experts recommend special weapons for distance shooting.

Final Words

If you have read the post carefully, we are sure you got a clear concept of how to become a successful elk hunter.

Following these beginner guides from experts, you can enjoy your elk hunting and keep yourself safe on hunting.

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