How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes?

Camping is an absolute enjoyment, especially when the whole gang of family or friends is around. It is one of the most adventurous outdoor activities loved by all American citizens.

Singing and playing games while sitting with the most special people under the starry night beneath the mild moonlight surely makes some unforgettable memories.

Campfire and cooking on grill grates may seem fun, but it does leave a strong and stubborn odor in your clothes that could last for days.

So, do you want to know how to get campfire smell out of clothes?

Well! Here are some helpful tips.

Tip # 1 – Strong Detergent

Campfire smells can stay for days even after washing your clothes multiple times. But have you tried high-efficiency laundry detergents to remove the smell?

If no, then you better get them because usually the detergents, which are used in most of the households, are called the soft detergents that don’t work on diminishing stubborn smells like the one you have got from your last campfire.

So, this time when you go for grocery shopping, make sure you buy a high-alkaline cleaner that has a pH between 13 and 14.

Don’t worry; there is no need of buying an entire stock. Just purchase it in a normal quantity and use it in the same way as you have been doing it for a long time. It will help you in removing all the campfire smell without harming the fabric.

Tip # 2 – Laundry Fragrance Boosters

Despite having a strong detergent, you can always look for fragrance boosters, which can surely eliminate all the bad smell of campfire from your clothes.

You can easily find numerous cleaning additives from online stores, such as Amazon or from your nearby market.

You can either soak your washed clothes in the fragrance boosters or you can simply add them along with laundry detergent.

One of the best things about these fragrance boosters is that they come in different fruity odors, so you can pick the one that you are most comfortable with.

Moreover, these are available in beads and liquid forms, so whatever suits you; just bring home that one, and you will the magic after a first wash.

Tip # 3 – Drying Your Clothes Under the Sun

Believe it or not but drying your washed clothes under a hot sun can help you get rid of all the campfire smell out of them.

For this, it is not necessary to use a high-alkaline detergent, and even a soft detergent can do wonders. But you have to follow the process, which includes the washing of clothes and then hanging them in your backyard or lawn under a sunny day.

Make sure, you don’t leave your wet clothes on the drying rope for the night because the moisture in the atmosphere would make the clothes stinkier.

So, it is better to dry your clothes in the day time and pick them up as soon as they dry. The entire drying process will hardly take 2 to 4 hours and you will be amazed by the results.

Tip # 4 – Use Cheap Vodka

People remember vodka in the times of celebrations, but its consumption is not limited to special occasions. In fact, you can use vodka to remove bad campfire odors out of your clothes.

Of course! It is not suggested to use an expensive vodka bottle to do this job, but you can always find a cheap one.

So all you need to do is to pour 30% of vodka in a spray bottle and then mix it with 70% water. Now feel free to spray the mixture all over your clothes and let them dry.

You will find that 80 to 90 percent of the smell would be gone, but how’s that possible? Well! Vodka helps in killing all the smelly bacteria from the clothes.

So, make sure you repeat this process at least twice to get better results.

Tip # 5 – Make a Spray out of Lemon

Lemons can provide you more than just lemonade. No wonder why lemon is utilized as the main ingredient in most of the cleaning solutions. So what’s wrong in making a cleaner of your own?

But before you go any further, take your time to gather a spray bottle, a glass of water, and 2 to 3 big size lemons.

Now fill the spray bottle with water and squeeze all the lemon juice in the spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it on your clothes.

You will be surprised to see the results because the smell would be gone, as lemon is acidic in nature just like vodka.

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Tip # 6 – Did you try the Baking Soda?

Just like lemon can be used to get rid of campfire smell out of your fabrics, similarly, you can use baking soda to kill the smell.

And you don’t have to be a scientist or a pro laundry person to do the job. All you need is a regular washing machine, a normal detergent, and a cup full of baking soda.

First thing first, put all your smoke contaminated clothes in a washing machine with the detergent and let it complete one cycle.

Once the first cycle is completed, now add half or a full cup of baking soda (depending on the number of clothes) and give it another spin.

Once done, now pour freshwater and drain the old one, and add another half cup of baking soda again for a final spin.

Now hang your clothes outside, preferably in an open environment, and let them dry in the day time. And guess what the result would be? No more campfire stink.

One of the best things about camping is spending a wonderful time with your friends and family.

But the consequences of campfire could come in the form of bad smell, and this is why many people limit themselves from relishing the brightness of fire and the peaceful silence of the night.

So, don’t let the fear of having campfire smell from your clothes spoil all the precious moments.

You can clear away all the smells by using the above-mentioned tips, but you can’t bring back the time.

So! Enjoy camping to the fullest.

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