Best Scope for Marlin 336 [Top 10 Picks]

Marlin firearms brought out the 336 first in the market in 1948.

Even though it has aged quite a bit, it is still in production and is still one of the go-to options for shooters looking for a centerfire rifle.

The reason behind such popularity is that it can offer an extraordinary amount of performance at a fair amount of price.

However, just like any other hunting rifle, the sight is not really that ideal for bullseye accuracy for this firearm.

For that reason, you should get the best scope for Marlin 336.

One of those will let you take full advantage of the range that it has to offer.

Tracking targets and landing precise shots on them will also be pretty easy with one of those.

Top 10 Scope for Marlin 336 Overview

Why Should You Get a Scope?

scope for marlin 336

Before we do get into the worthy units that we are eagerly waiting to introduce you to, allow us to get over the reasons that you should consider getting one of these.

They are:

  • To Effectively Use the Effective Range

Let us first give you an idea about the effective range. It is something that will differ from firearms to firearms.

And the bullet that you are going to use will also have a good amount of impact on this. The 336 has an effective range of 200 yards.

However, you would need to use .30-30 or the .35 shells for that.

Even though it has a reasonably high effective range, the range you can effectively utilize with the sight is below 100 yards, which is quite common for most hunting guns.

And to effectively use the effective range, you need the best rifle scope.

  • To Track Targets Accurately

When it comes to hunting, patience is the key. And no matter how patient you are, if you can not correctly track the targets, all your patience will go in vain. That is where these units step in.

With the proper one, your view will be much brighter. And tracking the targets will be a piece of cake for you.

Also, as you are going to have a good tracking ability, you would be able to predict the position of the moving targets pretty easily.

  • To Land Precise Shots

Aside from the tracking ability, with the sight, the chances of you landing a precise shot on the target are pretty slim.

And precision is all that matters when you are hunting. Missing a shot gives away your location as well,

So, just one shot is good enough to decide whether your hunting adventure will go well or not. And by getting one of the good scopes, you would see a slight increase in precision and accuracy.

As a result, it would get quite easier for you to land accurate shots.

  • To Lower the Eye and Neck Strain

If you have the experience of using a gun with only a sight, then you probably know how straining it is to the eye to track targets with those.

You need to squint your eye to a substantial amount to get a proper view. Well, you would not have to do that if you get one of the good scopes.

Also, there will be no need to til your head for acquiring the target with one of these either.

So, the chances of your neck getting strained would be substantially low too.

What Magnification Do You Need?

premium scope for marlin 336

Magnification is something that will highly depend on the distances that you are planning to shoot at.

Nevertheless, the firearm that we mainly focus on here is generally good for close to medium-range targets because of having an effective range of 200 yards.

That being said, let us give you an idea about the magnifications and which shooting are they ideal for:

3x Magnification

It is a common thumb rule to use 3x per 100 yards. In other words, you would have to up 3x zoom if you want to advance each of the 100 yards.

In that sense, 3x zoom should be the one that you need to pick if you are mainly planning to shoot at close range.

At 100 yards, you would have more than the required magnification with the 3x units. In fact, you would not even require more than that if you want to land shots precisely in that range.

6x Magnification

As we have stated, from the 3x thumb rule, it can be stated that if you are mainly planning to shoot targets in 200 yards, you would require a 6x magnification.

Those are going to offer you a good amount of zoom, which is essential for tracking targets that are closer to medium-range.

9x Magnification

If you want to push the firearm to its limits, you should opt for the 9x magnification.

And according to the thumb rule, you can land shots on targets that are within 300 yards. However, you will have to time your bullets right.

Also, you should factor in the bullet drop and aim for a good angle depending on that if you want to land shots on targets that are more than 200 yards away from you with this rifle.

1x to 4x Magnification

Regardless of the thumb rule, you will find the units that will not be multiplication within the three times. And many of the manufacturers are going to offer 4x lenses.

These are for close range. So if you are mainly planning to hunt within 100 to 120 yards, these are for you.

2.5x to 10x magnification

Aside from the 1x to 4x, many of the brands are also offering 2.5x to 10x zoom lenses. These have the same range limit as the 9x zoom.

You would be able to get targets that are within 200 to 300 yards with these.

However, as we have stated above, you would be pushing the rifle to the absolute max in this range.

10 Best Scope for Marlin 336

Now that you know why you should get one of these and have a proper idea about the magnification, let us get to the main point you are probably here for, knowing about the worthy units.

Well, these are the ones that we believe are worth the recommendation in that regard.

#1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II

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You might have heard about the brand Vortex a couple of times. They are one of the leading brands when it comes to optics for guns. And they are showing off what they got to offer with this model.

To start with, you will have a couple of options in the case of the reticle. It is available in dead-hold BDC, V-Plex, and V-Brite options.

And no matter which one you pick, the lens of all of them will be high in quality. They will have multiple coating on the surface to lower the reflections.

Alongside that, the coating will also make sure that the images you see through the lens are bright. So, it would be pretty easy for you to acquire targets with this.

And as the pictures are going to be clear, tracking the acquitted targets will be much more manageable for you.

Other than that, you can make plenty of adjustments. There are reset turrets that are finger adjustable.

You would not need any sort of tools, nor would you have to fiddle with it too much to adjust it.  The clicks are MOA, which will offer you the responsive click to assure you that the adjustments are made.

Aside from that, the overall construction of the tube is pretty solid. It boasts a single-piece tube construction to enhance the overall rigidity.

And as the material utilized is aircraft-grade aluminum, it will offer a splendid shockproof performance.

The eye relief is pretty long as well. And the eye box is pretty forgiving.

Getting a quick sight of the target and tracking the target when it is moving will be a piece of cake for you because of those.

This scope is quite affordable – priced under $300. It is also a good choice for 17 WSM.

  • Three different reticle options available
  • Lenses have multiple coatings on them
  • Offers clear and bright images
  • Eye relief is pretty long
  • Has clicky turrets
  • Gets a bit weak after 7x magnification
  • Red dot of the V-Brite reticle option is not that bright

#2. Nikon P-Tactical .223 3-9×40 Matte BDC600

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Another manufacturer that quite well-known for making lenses is Nikon. Well, they are also boasting about what they are capable of manufacturing by offering this model to the market.

Unlike some of the other scopes in the market, this one has a unique open circle reticle.

This unique reticle has marks from 100 yards all the way up to 600 yards. And those marks are going to make it easier for you to track the distant targets and land accurate shots on them.

On that note, the lenses on this model are quite something that Nikon can boast about. They have multiple layers of coating on the surface.

These coatings are going to make sure that the reflection amount is reasonably low, which will make it easier for you to acquire targets in a bright environment.

Talking of which, it is capable of showing bright images. The tube has a unique design that will pass the light efficiently from the lens to your eyes.

As a result, the brightness of the image will be considerably high. So, acquiring targets in low-light conditions will be a fairly easy task for you.

Aside from that, the zero-reset turrets are spring-loaded. And as they have a tool-free operational mode, it will be pretty easy for you to adjust them.

Also, both the windage and elevation turrets have clear markings on them. For that reason, it would be possible for you to adjust them with the highest amount of precision.

Other than that, the overall construction of the unit is pretty rugged. Nikon has utilized high-quality materials for manufacturing this.

And they have put proper emphasis on making it shockproof. So, you can rely on it fully in extreme environments.

This scope comes with a price under $400 which is really good comparing the features.

  • Features a unique open circle reticle
  • Lenses have multiple layers of coating on the surface
  • Comes with spring-loaded turrets
  • Turrets have clear labelings on them
  • Sturdy and shockproof
  • Reticle might be a bit hard to get used to for some hunters
  • Turrets tend to get a bit stiff over time

#3. Monstrum G2 1-4×24

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Even though many of the scopes in the market will offer you an option for the reticle, not all of them are going to offer you options regarding the outlooks.

However, you will get that if you choose to go for Monstrum.

Let us talk about the feature that makes it stand out the most first. It comes at two different color options and a price under $200.

Depending on the looks you are shooting for, you can either opt for the flat dark earth color option or the plain black one.

However, both of them are going to look pretty tactical on the Marlin 336.

Other than that, the magnification that it offers is from 1x to 4x. For such a magnification range, it is ideal for close targets.

You can also pull off in the case of landing shots on the ones that are more than 100 yards away, but you need to time your bullet properly. And the overall construction is of high-quality aluminum too.

Alongside that, it utilizes a first focal plane. The reticle has an easy-to-read range finder printed on it.

And as it has a first focal plane, the readings are going to remain constant no matter which magnification you are in.

So, getting a proper idea about how far the target is from you should be reasonably easy for you with this.

Aside from this, you can control the illumination of the reticle using the dial that it has on the side. You will have the freedom to change the intensity of both the red and the green illumination.

There are multiple brightness intensities that you would be able to choose from, offering you a clear and bright picture at night.

  • Magnification range is 1-4x
  • Utilizes a first focal plane reticle
  • Reticle has range finder marks
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Illumination level is adjustable
  • Illumination lasts for only 20 minutes
  • Rail screws tend to come loose

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Clarity is one of the most important things that a manufacturer must ensure to become recommendation-worthy.

Well, Bushnell had factored that in when they were planning to bring this model out in the market.

The scope is a budget-friendly one. You can purchase this for under 100 bucks.

First of all, the lens that they have utilized for this unit is of high quality. Because of being high in quality, the amount of clarity that it is capable of offering is reasonably higher than the average units that are out there.

Also, the images are going to be much brighter than those ones as well.

Apart from the lenses, they have sourced quality materials for the body too. The tube features a single-piece construction, which enhances the overall sturdiness and ruggedness of the unit.

It is built to last for a long amount of time. And it is tested extensively as well.

Aside from that, the lenses have multi-coating on the surface. The coating is going to reduce the glaring issues that might occur when you are under direct sunlight.

Also, the amount of reflection on the lens will be considerably low too. That means you will be able to acquire targets reasonably fast with this.

Alongside that, there is a brightness adjuster on the side. That will enable you to increase the brightness when you are in a low light condition.

And the reticle that it boasts is a Multi X reticle. There are ¼ MOA windage and elevation turrets on the side. Those offer a clicky response as well.

Besides that, the tube is properly shut, which makes it highly resistant to fog and water.

So, even if you are in a comparatively damp environment, you will not have to worry about the inside getting foggy.

  • Lenses utilized are high in quality
  • Sturdy and pretty rugged
  • Resistant to water and fogging
  • Brightness slider on the side
  • Features clicky windage and elevation knobs
  • Some of the packages will ship with missing knob caps
  • Reticle might be too thin for some hunters

#5. CVLIFE 24×50 AOE Red and Green Illuminated

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When you are looking for a scope for your rifle, there is a high chance that you might not have a mount available with you.

In that case, you need to buy it separately. However, you will not have to spend extra money on that if you get this.

Unlike some of the other brands, CVLIFE includes a mount in the package.

That means you will not have to go through the hassle of finding the compatible mount and purchasing it with extra money. And the mount that it does include is easy to set up as well.

Aside from the bundled mount, it integrates an illuminated Rangefinder reticle. It will offer you the full freedom to change the brightness of both red and green levels.

You are going to have the option to change the illumination from five different levels. As a result, acquiring targets in bright and low light conditions should be pretty easy.

Other than the brightness levels, the reticle has proper markings and dots. Those will make tracking the target and determining the range an easy task for you.

And the magnification range of the unit is 6x to 24x, which is higher than what most of the other units can offer. So, long-range shooting will be a walk in the park for you.

The objective lens is adjustable. You can adjust it by moving the parallax dial that is at the end of the scope.

And after properly adjusting it, you will have the capability to get a sharper and clearer picture.

Also, the unit’s field of view is 28 feet at 100 yards, which is reasonably wide. And the windage and the elevation knobs are pretty clicky too.

  • Bundles with a mount
  • Objective lens is adjustable
  • Features clicky windage and elevation knobs
  • Reticle is illuminated
  • Has five different brightness levels
  • Tends to get blurry after 12x
  • Not that easy to focus on long-range targets

#6. Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 511039

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The terrains that you are going to tread on might not always be adequate. Sometimes you might have to tread on extreme ones for hunting.

Well, Simmons had a proper idea about such types of terrains, which is why they have taken proper measures to manufacture this unit.

To start with, the manufacturer has utilized high-quality materials for manufacturing this. The materials make this one achieve a rugged and sturdy build quality.

Also, it earns a high rating in waterproofness and shockproofing for such a construction, which makes it ideal for all of the rough environments.

Aside from that, the inside of the unit has nitrogen purging. This purging will make sure that the inside does not get foggy if you move from environments with varying temperatures.

Alongside that, it has a Truplex Reticle. Even though there are not many markings on it, it does a good job in making it easier to determine the distance of the targets.

And as the lenses have a proper coating on the surface, you will not have to worry about any glaring or reflection issues either.

Apart from that, the lenses are high in quality. Because of that, the images that you are going to view through it will be sharp and clear.

Also, the HydroSheild coating that these have will make sure water does not accumulate on the surface that easily.

Other than that, you will find a complete set of mounting rings inside the package. Those will make the installation process hassle-free.

And the SureGrip adjustment knobs that it features will make the adjustment process more manageable when you are wearing gloves.

  • Features a Truplex reticle
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • The lens has HydroShield coating
  • Has nitrogen purged inside
  • Knobs have SureGrip gripping
  • Knobs are not that clicky
  • Only ideal for the dovetail mounts

#7. TheOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k

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Having options regarding magnification is always a plus point in our books. And theOpticGuru is providing exactly that in this unit that they are offering in the market.

First of all, there are two different magnification options. One is the 3x to 14x, which is ideal for close-range shooting and the other one is 5x to 20x, which would be ideal for long-range.

And both of the versions pack an Obsidian IV Dual Core processor to make the image on the lens sharper and clearer.

Aside from just making the image sharp and clear, the process does a great job of making the image brighter too. So you will not have any trouble acquiring the targets in low light conditions.

Also, it will offer you the ability to record the things that you are viewing. You can stream the video through wifi chip that it has.

Apart from that, the process that it packs will make landing shots a piece of cake for you. It has a ballistic calculator, which will predict the point of impact. And the point of impact can automatically adjust by factoring in the bullet type.

On that note, the electronic parts are powered through a battery. And the one that it utilizes can provide up to 18 hours of operational time with a full charge. Also, the processor is capable of learning your shooting style.

It will adapt to the recoil of the rifle, and the accuracy of the point of impact function should get more efficient over time.

Lastly, the lens has multiple layers of coating on them. Those will ensure that the amount of reflection and glaring is low when you are hunting under direct sunlight.

  • Comes in two different magnification versions
  • Both of the versions pack a dual-core processor
  • Can stream video through wifi
  • Has a smart Ballistic calculator
  • Point of impact adjusts automatically
  • Battery life degrades over time
  • Clarity tends to degrade after 15x for the 5x to 20x version

#8. Monstrum 2-7×32 AO

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There are plenty of scopes in the market. However, there are only a few that have an adjustable objective lens. And this one that is being offered by Mosntrum is one of those.

To start with, it will offer you the ability to change the magnification range. You will have the option to dial from anywhere between 2 to 7 times.

And even though the range it is advertising to offer is up to 400 yards, you can track targets within 300 yards with ease at that magnification range.

Aside from that, the reticle that it features on the lens has an illumination feature.

You can adjust the brightness to five different levels, which will allow you to properly track the targets, regardless of the environment you are in. It can even properly increase visibility in the night and low light conditions.

Apart from that, the reticle has a proper set of markings that will make it easier for you to estimate the range. With that, you will not have to guess and shoot your shot.

Instead, you would be able to estimate the movement and bullet drop, which will increase the chances of your shots landing on the target.

Other than that, the objective lens is adjustable. You can fiddle with it and make proper adjustments to the image that you are seeing.

As a result, you should be able to increase the sharpness and properly focus on the prey. It will also do a proper job in eliminating the image parallax occurring.

Alongside that, the overall construction is of quality material as well. The manufacturer has utilized aircraft-grade aluminum that makes it exceptionally sturdy.

  • Zoom is adjustable from 2x to 7x
  • Features an adjustable objective lens
  • Reticle has an illumination feature
  • Has variable brightness levels
  • Constructed of high-quality aluminum
  • MOA clicks is not as described
  • A bit hard to zero the reticle

#9. Crimson Trace Optics 6-24x56mm MOA

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An illuminated reticle can make it much easier to acquire the target in low light conditions. Well, you will get that feature in this unit that is being offered by crimson trace optics.

First of all, the lens that it is equipped with can magnify 6 to 26 times. Because of having such a variable magnification option and such a range, you will be able to use it in both the close range and the long range.

You should be able to acquire targets that are from 200 yards to 300 yards pretty easily.

Aside from that, it features a first focal plane design. The reticle is etched into the glass. And as it is laser etched, you would not have to worry about it coming off or fading off that easily either.

It will offer you full freedom to scale the reticle according to the magnification you are going to set.

Other than that, as the reticle is illuminated, tracking your targets in low-light environments would also be possible.

It will offer you a precise ballistic hold point at any given range, which means the shots that you are going to shoot will have a higher chance of landing directly on the pretty.

Alongside that, the turrets that are exposed have are mr1-moa knobs. These will offer you the tactical click, which would ensure that you have properly made the adjustments.

Also, the tube is constructed of anodized aluminum that keeps the weight low but enhances the overall durability and sturdiness.

Besides that, there are 11 different brightness settings. You are going to have full control over the illumination of the reticle on your hand for that.

  • Reticle features illumination
  • Has eleven different brightness settings
  • Knobs are mr1-moa
  • Can magnify from 6 to 24 times
  • Sports durable overall construction
  • Lens does not have a proper coating on it
  • Has some glaring issues

#10. Leupold FX-II Ultralight 2.5x20mm

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Being able to get a clear and bright image of your target is the first step for landing your shots accurately. And this one that is being offered by Leupold has the ability to provide such a type of image.

To start with, it integrates a Twilight Max Light mechanism. This mechanism will bring more light into the lens, which will eventually enhance the overall quality of the picture that you are going to view.

The image will be vivid and sharp. So the process of tracking moving targets should be an easy task for you.

Alongside that, the lenses have a wide field of view. That means it would not be necessary for you to move your hand and your head that much.

And because of the Twilight mechanism that it has, it would be able to provide you with a bright image in low light conditions. Hunting during the dusk will finally be possible with this.

Other than that, the overall construction is pretty solid. The material that the manufacturer has utilized for the construction is high in quality.

And the impact resistance of the tube is pretty praiseworthy.  It will last for an extended amount of time without showing any issues.

Apart from that, the rubber gaskets are pretty thick on the lenses. Those will ensure that there is a proper seal inside the tube.

As a result, water will not find its way inside. That means you would be able to hunt in damp and moisture-enrich environments at ease.

Besides that, it has proprietary gas purged inside. That gas will make sure that no fogs build up inside when shifting through environments with variable temperatures.

  • Boasts Twilight Max light mechanism
  • Has a wide field of view
  • Overall construction is pretty solid
  • Waterproof and is sealed using thick rubber gaskets
  • Inside fog proof
  • Does not have any adjustment knobs
  • Magnification is just 2.5x

How to Choose the Best One?

Now that you have gone through the reviews, you might be thinking you are well prepared to get the best one out of all of the options that are in the market. Well, going through the reviews is not going to be enough for that.

You should also keep these points in your mind.


The general rule to find the right one with the ideal magnification with your shooting style is to follow the general rule, which is 3x for every 100 yards.

For example, if you were to only shoot within 200 yards, you need to go for the ones that have at least 6x zoom.

On the other hand, if you are planning to land your shots on the preys that are usually 300 yards away, you would have to go for the ones that can offer at least 9x zoom.

The Lenses

No matter how much of a magnification a unit can offer, if the lenses are not of high quality, it would get quite tough for you to acquire any target.

For that reason, you need to put proper emphasis on the quality of the lenses. The higher the quality of the lens, the better the images are going to look.

Alongside that, the sharpness of the pictures is also going to depend on the lenses highly. The high-quality ones usually tend to offer sharp and clear images, which will enhance the chances of your shots landing on the target.


Apart from the quality of the lens, you need to also check whether the lens has a proper coating on them or not.

There will be a high amount of glare without any coating when you are out in direct sunlight. Also, the number of reflections on the surface is going to be reasonably high too.

Considering that, you should opt for the ones that have multiple layers of coating on the lens.

Those will have a low chance of producing glaring and reflection when you are in an environment with too many lights around.

Sharpness and Focus

Other than all of the other factors, you should also factor in the sharpness of the image that the lens is capable of producing.

The sharper the image, the easier it will be for you to track the targets. Also, a sharper picture of the target will make it easier for you to land precise shots as well.

Alongside that, you need to make sure that the lens is easy to focus on. If you put too much time into focusing on the lens, the prey will have a higher possibility of acknowledging you and escaping the location.

The Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets are what is going to make an efficient seal. And the thicker the gaskets, the better the seal will be.

If you happen to get one with poor sealing, the chances of water and moisture getting inside will be reasonably high.

And you would not want water or moisture inside because if they do find their way inside, the image you are going to view will be blurry.

Landing precise shots can be extremely tricky with blurry images.  For that reason, we would highly recommend you opt for the ones that utilize thick and durable rubber gaskets.

Gas Purging

Apart from the sealing, you need also to consider if there is any sort of gas purged inside or not.

Without any purging, the possibility of the inside getting foggy will be considerably high. And if the inside does get foggy, it will be pretty hard for you to acquire targets.

That is why you need to opt for the ones that have gas purged inside. Those will be fog proof, which means the chances of fog building inside will be slim.

So even if you do tread on terrains with varying temperatures, you will not have anything to worry about.

Build Quality

Hunting is not that easy. Most of the time, you would find yourself treading through tough terrains.

And if you tread on those terrains with a flimsy scope, the chances of it surviving a single hunting session will be lesser than you finding a needle in a haystack.

Nevertheless, you will have to check the quality of the materials utilized in the overall construction for the build quality.

The higher the quality of the materials, the better the build quality is going to be. And the ones with better build quality tend to be durable and sturdy. So you can expect them to be shockproof as well.


The weight is something that you would not have to put that much emphasis on for most of the scopes because most of them will be aluminum.

And aluminum tends to be lightweight. However, many will utilize heavier materials. Those are the ones that you would want to steer clear of.


Another thing that you should factor in is the reticle of the scope. The type of reticle will differ from one to another.

You might also be accustomed to one type of reticle if you have more rifles with scope in your arsenal. So this factor will be more of a personal preference if you are not a newbie.

However, if you are fairly new to scopes, we would recommend opting for the one that rangefinder on it. Those are going to make it easier for you to estimate the distance of the target.

If you can get used to it, finding out the bullet drop and landing precise shots on the prey will be an effortless task for you.

On the other hand, you would also have to consider if the reticle is laser-etched or not. Laser etching will make sure that the reticle does not fade away over time. So, you will be sure to have an extended use out of the unit.


You might always be on a hunt during the day. There might be times when you are out tracking prey when the lighting condition is reasonably low.

Well, in those conditions, if you can not see the reticle at all, the chances of you hitting the target will be lower than you hitting the jackpot in a lottery machine.

For that reason, if you are planning to hunt when there is not too much natural light around, you should make sure the one you are getting has an illuminated reticle.

Those will have a brightness slider, which will enable you to set the illumination accordingly.

However, it should be noted that the illuminated reticles tend to be a bit heavier than the ones that do not have any illumination.

Nevertheless, the advantages that you are going to get with these will overshadow this slight little disadvantage that it has.

Alongside that, you should also make sure that the battery that it utilizes is high in capacity.

If you happen to get one that does not have such kind of battery, you need to carry an extra set of batteries with you all the time, which would be a bit inconvenient.


Many of the units that you will stumble upon in the market will utilize a dovetail mount. However, there will be some that will require a proprietary mount.

Nevertheless, make sure that the one that you plan to purchase can be mounted with Marlin 336, or else you will end up having a useless scope in your arsenal.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is basically a technical term that refers to the optimal distance that should be between your eye and the unit’s objective lens.

For rifles that have high recoil, the higher the eye relief, the better. Because of the recoil that it has, with a scope that has a short eye relief, there will be chances of the scope hitting the face.

However, the Marlin 336 does not have that much heavy recoil. So for this, the chances of that occurring will be pretty slim.

Considering that, you can opt for the one that you are most comfortable with. But do make sure that the one you are planning to purchase offers you a good field of view.

Windage and Elevation Knobs

Having adjustment options is always a plus point. When it comes to scope, the windage and elevation adjustments can make it easier for you to land your shots precisely on the target.

You would want the maximum amount of precision and accuracy, right? Then you should opt for the ones that do have these knobs.

However, do make sure that the knobs offer clicky feedback.

Usually, the MOA ones offer the clickiest feedback. And this clicky feedback will ensure you that the adjustments that you have made have been registered.

Also, do ensure that the knobs do not require any sort of tools for adjustments. If you happen to get one that requires tools for the adjustments, you will have to keep the tool with you all of the time when you are out hunting.

How to Use a Scope?

There are two ways of using a scope. One is the right way, and the other one is the lousy way. If you want to land your shots on targets, you will have to follow the right way.

And the steps for that are as follows:

Step 1: Mount it Properly

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have mounted the unit properly on the rifle.

Without a proper mounting, the possibility of you being able to precisely track and shoot your target will be pretty minimal.

Step 2: Align the Reticle with Your Eye

For aligning the reticle with your eye properly, you have to consider the eye relief distance. Many of the units will have adjustable eye relief.

So, if you are not comfortable with the factory settings, you can adjust them according to your preference.

Step 3: Get Familiar with the Different Knobs

Before you go hunting, you should familiarize yourself with the different adjustment knobs on the unit. That will enable you to quickly make changes, which will increase your chances of having a successful hunting session.

Step 4: Adjust the Magnification

Most of the units will have a variable magnification range. For this, you have to consider the 3x per 100 yards rule.

By factoring in, you should adjust the magnification according to the distance of your target.

Step 5: Get a Good Line of Sight and Take the Shot

Once you have modified all of the settings and set the magnification to the right amount, you need to get a good picture of the prey.

All that would be left to do at this point is to pull the trigger and take the prey down.

How Do Scopes for Marlin 336 Work?

The Marling 336 scopes work the same way as any other caliber that utilizes a 30-30 shell. These rifles tend to have a low amount of recoil, which means the scopes for these guns will have a reasonably shorter eye relief.

However, there will be many that will offer you the freedom of adjusting the eye relief.

With one of those, you can make the eye relief a bit longer or shorter. Also, the units for this specific gun tend to be considerably lighter in weight.

And the reason because of the minimal weight is the construction material. Most of the manufacturers are going to utilize anodized aluminum, which keeps the weight low.

Even though these are lighter in weight, they are not one bit behind in durability and sturdiness. Most of the models are tested to be highly shockproof.

Along with that, they have tight rubber seals, which will make sure that water and moisture do not find their way inside.

Apart from that, most of these will have a variable magnification range. You will have the option to change the zoom according to the distance of your prey.

And the mounting mechanism is quite similar to some of the other calibers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the illumination last?

It will depend on the battery that the unit is packing. If the battery that it has built-in is not that high incapacity, the run time will be considerably low.

It will be around 2 to 4 hours. For those, you will also have to carry an extra set of batteries with you.

On the other hand, the ones that pack a high-capacity battery can offer a run time of up to 8 hours.

With those, there will be no need to carry an extra set of batteries with you because the run time is quite enough for a single hunting session.

  • Are all of the scopes have a fixed zoom?

No, not all of the units have a fixed zoom. Many of the models that are out there will utilize a varying zoom mechanism.

Those will offer you the ability to set the zoom according to your prey’s distance. So you are going to have a load of flexibility with these.

  • Is a fixed zoom lens better than a variable zoom lens?

It depends on your shooting style. If you are accustomed to shooting targets that are in a specific range, then you will not feel the need to change the zoom. And for those cases, the fixed zoom units will be better for you.

However, you might not find a good vantage point for the fixed zoom lens that you have on your scope.

Also, if you want to track and shoot the targets that are farther away from what your fixed zoom lens is capable of capturing, you will have to take the shot by guessing.

Considering those scenarios, we would say that it is better to have a variable zoom scope.

  • How much do the scopes for Marlin 336 cost?

The cost for these will vary from one offering to another. But most of the average to good ones should have a price range of $200 to $300.

However, if you want to assign a budget for these, you will have to be extra careful. Make sure that you compromise too much on the quality to cut the cost of getting one of these.

  • What is the effective range of Marlin 336?

Rifles such as Marlin 336 should have an effective range of 200 yards. However, without any scopes, utilizing the entire range can become quite tough.

Also, if you do install the right scope and have proper shells loaded to it, you can make it achieve 250 to 300 yards range.

  • Are digital scopes with streaming features worth it?

If you are one of the adventurous hunters, then you might be interested in the features that those have to offer.

However, the features that they offer come at a price, and most of them will skimp on quality for utilizing those streaming and recording features.

So, if you are just like any regular hunter who just wants to land their shots accurately, we would recommend avoiding them.

  • Is maximum and effective range the same thing?

The effective range and the maximum range are two different things. And the effective range applies for the gun, while the maximum range is for the scope.

With a highly magnified scope,  you can view the targets that are 400 yards+ away from you. However, the effective range of the gun will limit you from hitting that target.

  • Do all of the scopes have nitrogen purging inside them?

Not really. There will be some that will not have any gas purged in them. Those are highly likely to get foggy when you are moving from terrains with different temperatures.

Final Words

If you are determined to get the most out of the effective range that the

Marlin 336 has to offer, you would have to settle for the best scope for marlin 336.

We are hoping that the one that you pick allows you to quickly acquire a target, track it precisely, and enable you to land precise shots.

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