12 Best Rifle Scope Under $1000 [Long Range & Durable]

Shooting over a long range has become a popular sport among gun enthusiasts. But it is also a pricey hobby. From the rifle to the license and even the bullets – they are all expensive.

But if there’s something that really costs a lot of money, then that’s the scope. Luckily, you can always go for the best long range rifle scope under $1000.

If you want to build a nice long-range shooting kit, then you’ll need the right scope. And there’s surely nothing better than a decently-priced one.

Here, we’re going to focus precisely on those: the most affordable options for those who are expecting excellent quality.

Are you interested in what they have to offer? Then read up!

Benefits of Rifle Scope Under $1000

Yes, the price is one of the advantages. You won’t have to empty out your bank account to get one of these. But there are actually a lot of benefits that these scopes provide.

Here are some of them:

Long-Range Accuracy

Shooting over a long distance is no easy deed. It takes more precision and aiming ability than many people think. But sure enough, using the right scope can always save some of the efforts.

It takes the shooter closer to the target while aiding to achieve the ideal elevation, windage, and overall aim that scope-free rifles wouldn’t be able to reach.

This ends up in way more accurate shots and less effort when trying to hit the target. And that’s something any gun enthusiast will love.

Confidence When Shooting

While a sniper scope under 1000 is not necessarily an expensive option, it still makes the product better than the cheapest ones. That gives the user a sense of confidence about the build, capacity, and overall set of features.

If you’re looking to feel confident and sure that you can meet a target with the scope, then you’re more likely to do so. And only the best rifle scope can offer that kind of advantage.

Top 12 Long Range Rifle Scope Under $1000

So, are you ready to learn more about the best scopes under 1000? Well, you’ll have to learn about the different models available first.

Here are 12 high-end models under one thousand that you will probably love:

1. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Riflescope

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We love amazing brands. That’s for sure. And when it comes to the best long range scopes under 1000, the most fantastic brand is Vortex Optics. It is not exactly the best, but it still manages to provide exceptional options that surpass expectations.

One of these models we’re talking about is the Viper HS-T riflescope. With its excellent magnification at 6-24x, it can get you utterly close to targets that are up to a mile away.

This pairs up well with a 50mm objective lens, offering exceptional image and overall quality that will make your shooting even more accurate. Along with the multi-coated lenses with a low dispersion design, the color and the resolution is merely outstanding.

You will even get XR and Armortek coatings, ideal for both light transmission as well as extra protection from fog, water, dirt, dust, and more.

As for adjustability, you will get a decent target-style turret set. It will help you achieve proper windage and elevation according to your demands.

And it’s all done with a finger click. Sure enough, it comes with a CRS Zero Stop that makes it easy to return to zero with your adjustments with a simple touch.

And this works amazingly well with a VMR-1 reticle with MOA, so you can hold faraway targets effectively. The construction is still fantastic.

You get an O-ring sealed scope with an Argon-purged design. This adds up to its weatherproof capacity, adding top-notch durability & resistance over time.

Moreover, you can use this scope for almost anything. This is a great choice for many rifles including 338 Lapua Magnum.

And it will stand the harshest of uses — all of that for a pretty decent cost.

  • Exceptional lenses for color quality & accuracy
  • Durable construction with ArmorTek coating
  • Second focal plane
  • Excellent glass quality
  • High-end adjustability with CRS Zero Stop & VMR-1 reticle
  • Eye relief can be challenging to meet
  • Slightly problematic parallax

2. Leupold VX-R Riflescope

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Another brand that we think is always an excellent option to go for is Leupold. The quality this brand offers stands over almost every other at the same price – and that’s something you can’t dismiss.

A VX-R model is a perfect option if you want to save a few bucks. It all starts with 4-12x magnification. Although it is not the largest you can get, it will quickly help you in a medium-range shooting. That would be the ideal choice for hunting and competition.

You will still get a decent objective lens at 50mm. That’s a huge image that you can enjoy with superb clarity and contrast.

The colors will be amazing as well. And when it comes to night performance, it doesn’t disappoint with a magnificent Twilight Light Management System.

Another extra feature that makes it an excellent choice is the illuminated Fire Dot Duplex reticle. It stands out in low-light environments and makes shooting exceptionally accurate at any time.

And sure enough, you will still get the chance to adjust windage and elevation with its 30mm diameter tuber. You will get the opportunity to achieve outstanding precision & easy aiming at all times.

The lenses are still fantastic. They are shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof. That pairs up well with 6061-T6 aluminum construction, making it a super long-lasting option for gun enthusiasts.

If you want a tactical scope that doesn’t cost too much but can still provide exceptional quality, then you should go for the Leupold VX-R.

  • Perfect magnification for short & medium range
  • Superb adjustments with an illuminated reticle
  • High-end construction for extra durability
  • Could have better magnification
  • Parallax can be tricky to master

3. Vortex Optics Viper HS LR Riflescope

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Coming back to Vortex Optics, it is now time to go over the Viper HS LR. This is a top-notch riflescope with 6-24x magnification and a high-quality 50mm objective lens.

What stands out about this scope is the ability to get outstandingly close to most targets. Even if you’re a mile away, the scope will let you aim accurately and without issues.

The magnification goes well with an adjustability system for smooth handling. It boasts target-style turrets for elevation, as well as a radius bar for a rotating point of reference.

Yet, you can get it back to normal when needed with a straightforward CRS Zero Stop system – an effortless & practical feature to have.

And the reticle doesn’t stay behind in quality. You will get an XLR crosshair with an MOA-based design. It comes with wind references, so you can dial for bullet-drop or holding-drop when needed.

But all of that wouldn’t be possible without the XD Glass construction. It offers a super sharp & clear image. And that comes from the XR multi-coated lenses, offering superb light transmission and top-notch zoom.

You will still get a top-notch construction with Armortek Coating, an Argon-purging build, a precision-force spring, plus a precision-glide erector. Together, they make sure you get a shockproof, fog-proof, waterproof scope.

If you want to take your shooting performance to a whole new level, then you’ll enjoy everything this scope has to offer.

  • Outstanding construction for resilience
  • Handy adjustability and XLR reticle design
  • Excellent magnification and lens quality
  • Zero stop may not be as reliable as expected
  • The magnification ring is stiff to use

4. ATN X-Sight II HD Riflescope

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For those who prefer an utterly convenient scope, the ATN X-Sight comes as a great option. Not only it works like a scope, but it also offers the chance to record and get an outstanding HD view at all times.

All that sounds a little bit too much – and it is. The ATN X-Sight HD II stands out for its exceptional practicality, so you can do whatever you want without a lack of results.

The first thing to mention is 5-20x magnification settings. That’s a massive capacity with a Smooth Zoom system.

It is one of the best long range scopes out there in the market. It offers the chance to get super close to things and magnify effectively even at the farthest targets. But that’s not all it offers. You will also get a Smart Range Finder.

It will let you identify targets easily so you can aim in the most accurate of ways without making much of an effort. And with the Ballistic Calculator, you can know what ballistics you need for the perfect shot.

Another fantastic quality is the Day and Night vision. Its HD vision lets you enjoy high-end images even in the lowest light settings.

Add up the HD video capacity, and you’ll have the chance to store everything you want on an SD card to watch later. Whether it is a sporting activity or a hunting experience – you can save it all on this scope.

Sure, though, it offers decent adjustability settings with zero stop. And the reticle won’t let you down either.

If you’re a blogger or someone who likes sharing his experiences, then this model will come as a great choice.

  • Decent magnification settings & image quality
  • Unique recording capacity at HD quality
  • Unbeatable low-light and night vision
  • Does not withstand recoil too well
  • Operating it can be tricky

5. ATN X-Sight Sensor-Ultra 4K Pro Smart Riflescope

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While the ATN X-Sight II is an excellent model, the X-Sight Sensor-Ultra 4K Pro is even better. Similar to the previous model, this one comes with a wide array of features.

The first thing you’ll notice is a Ballistic Calculator. It helps to measure your shots more effectively and achieve exactly what you want.

Whether it is the wind, range, angle-to-target, humidity, and much more – you can set it all within this scope. It still manages to deliver an excellent recording feature.

You can store images at up to 4K quality, which makes it the best you can get when it comes to recording aiming activity for the cost.

And all that matches well with the HD Sensor. It has a 4 dual-core processor that makes it easy to enjoy the most beautiful colors and provides superior optic capacity.

Whether it is zooming or adjusting overall settings, this sensor allows all that. Another super exciting part is the Night Vision mode.

It allows the scope to provide decent clarity even in the lowest light settings you can imagine. You won’t have any problem shooting at twilight or early in the morning.

Despite the fantastic set of features, you can still enjoy a low-profile system. It lets you save battery and keep it working for up to 18 hours non-stop. And that’s something no other scope of the same kind can offer.

Overall, this is a model you don’t want to dismiss. Especially for the cost, it is a no-brainer.

  • Superb image sensor for easy & practical use
  • Outstanding night vision & low light capacity
  • Unique recording feature for up to 4K quality
  • Super bulky and challenging to install
  • Not the most resilient scope out there

6. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Riflescope

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If we had to pick the best scope for all kinds of users, we wouldn’t think twice before going for the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II.

Why do we think it is such a fantastic product? Well, it all starts with its vast array of models.

You can get it from 1-6x in magnification, to the best long-range precision capacity at 5-25x. There’s simply no shortage of options to choose from this model. But what really sets it apart from the competition is the construction.

While you can get different magnifications and sizes, it is the high-end build that makes it an exceptional model. It all starts with an O-ring sealed design with an Argon-purged build. This protects it against all kinds of weather conditions.

Yet, it is the Armortek set of coatings that keeps it clean and scratch-free. Along with the XR multi-coated lenses, you can enjoy the clearest image and light transmission, while preventing damage.

You can still enjoy its practical adjustability system with turrets. With a simple dial, you can use bullet-drop, change windage, and adjust parallax if needed.

And sure enough, you get an optic rotation indicator as well as an RZR Zero Stop feature so you can bring everything back to normal.

All that works well with an extra-low dispersion glass build, which along the EBR-4 Moa Reticle, makes it easy to achieve superior results.

Whatever magnification you need, this super handy model from Viper is not an option to overlook.

  • Comes in a wide array of sizes & capacities
  • High-quality reticle and adjustment system
  • First-grade construction quality for resilience
  • Not the easiest adjustability system
  • The image looks a little darker than expected

7. ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

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Merely on the verge of the price range, the ATN Thor LT is a Thermal Riflescope for those who are willing to pay a little more money. It is an excellent choice still and a hugely practical one.

Like all other ATN models in the list, this scope delivers a wide array of features, including heat-detection sensors that let you see in the harshest of environments.

Whether it is fog, smoke, darkness, or even tons of vegetation – this thermal feature lets you see through it.

The magnification is not the highest, but at 3-6x magnification, it is not a bad choice still. It will still let you get close to targets even at several hundred yards.

You will get an objective lens and tube diameter of 30mm. That’s enough to get all its features and enjoy a high-quality image at all times.

And with a One-Shot Zero function, you can move the reticle to wherever you want and enjoy more accurate shots.

Still, the performance is on another level. And it all comes down from a Li-Ion battery that offers up to 10 hours of battery life. The scope is decently efficient as well, so it drains up little to no energy.

Another exciting part is the high-end construction. You get a hardened aluminum alloy build, totally recoil resistant, and utterly light.

It is pretty easy to install, making this an even better model to have. If you’re a practical-scope lover, you will certainly appreciate this one.

It easily takes performance to another level.

  • High-quality construction for resilience & durability
  • Exceptional thermal sensor for superb vision
  • Light, easy to mount, and effortless to use
  • Slightly blurry image at an extended magnification
  • Not the best adjustability system

8. Burris Veracity Riflescope

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For those who appreciate simplicity, the Burris Veracity will come as an excellent idea. It offers all of the best features you should go for, as well as a superb array of characteristics.

The first thing you’ll notice is the 5x magnification. It is not the longest range you can get, but it will still handle most operations.

You can shoot things up to hundreds of yards away. Yet, it is the Hi-Lume coatings that ensure the clearest of images, so you won’t get short on clarity at any time.

Its design is exceptional in terms of practicality. You can use a fast-range acquisition system that offers a wide field of view. This allows easy aiming and makes it a piece of cake to shoot accurately.

On the other hand, the adjustment system is no joke, either. You get a 15 MOA adjustment with target knobs.

That’s enough to make the scope work in any setting so you can shoot according to your needs. And with the Zero Stop adjustment feature, you can reverse everything at any time.

But this system doesn’t work alone. You will also get a wide array of reticles to choose from. From the SRC MOA to three types of Ballistic Plex and a Ballistic E2 – these are enough to make your shots amazing.

Apart from that, this is a hugely resistant and durable scope. It offers an outstanding build that stands even the harshest of environments. You can use it anywhere you go, and the scope will handle amazingly well.

Also, it all comes down to a nitrogen-purged build, with double spring tension, and high-grade optical glass. You will get no less than an exceptional scope.

  • High-end construction for durability & resilience
  • Practical adjustments with Zero Stop feature
  • Superb reticle with high-quality vision at all times
  • Less magnification than expected for the cost
  • Calibrated reticle design can be tricky to use

9. Burris Scopes XTR Ii Riflescope

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Coming back to Burris, the XTR li comes to make it clear it is not a brand to overlook. This excellent-quality scope offers everything you need for a pretty decent cost.

In contrast with the previous Burris scope model, this one does offer more magnification. But this time, you can pick eight different options as well as a wide array of objective lens diameters.

If you want a close-range model, you can pick the 24mm up to the 50mm. At long-range, they’re all 50mm.

The exciting part comes from the reticles. You can pick four different designs according to your needs. That’s enough to make it easy to achieve your desired performance when shooting.

But the reticle doesn’t end there. You will still get an illuminated function so you can add up the extra night vision to the whole scope.

If you love shooting at the beginning or end of the day, then that’s something you will undoubtedly appreciate.

Moreover, the image class is superb. The 34mm tube diameter allows the image to come through amazingly well.

That ends up with a high-quality MOA adjustment system for both elevation and windage. This adds up with the excellent parallax, so you can aim effortlessly at all times.

It is still highly durable and resilient. That makes it ideal for harsh environments in which you need extra quality.

And sure enough, it can even handle tons of recoil and shock, so you won’t have to worry about that either. Overall, it leaves no space for mediocrity. And for such a cost, this is a no-brainer.

  • Clear & performance-oriented reticle
  • Outstanding image with excellent low-light capacity
  • Easy adjustments with ideal aiming options
  • Tends to distort on high magnifications
  • Parallax can be a little complicated

10. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen I Riflescopes

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The Vortex PST Gen I model is probably the best scope under 1000 if you appreciate reliability over everything else.

It stands as one of the most practical options, as well. The first thing it stands out for is decent short-range magnification. It goes from 1x to 4x.

That’s enough for short and medium-range shooting, especially for practice or for more tactical needs. This pairs up well with a 24mm objective lens.

You can watch anything through it without losing the slightest quality, and with the 30mm diameter tube, you will still get superb results in adjustability.

Whether it is elevation or windage, you can set it all up with this scope. The reticle doesn’t stay behind.

It offers accurate aiming with a fast-dialing turret system. Also, it matches with the illuminated crosshair, so you can have outstanding low-visibility results.

Add up the CRS Zero Stop system, and you can reset the adjustments for extra handiness.

As for the construction, you will get an extra-low dispersion glass. That would be an XD construction that provides high-quality images.

The vision through the lenses will be simply outstanding. Yet, it is the erector-spring system that makes it so fantastic.

You will also get O-ring seals with an Argon-purged design. That offers even better resilience against shock and water.

And sure enough, it provides decent recoil capacity with the precision-force spring so you can use this scope with high-caliber guns easily.

If you like short-range scopes that don’t leave anything behind, then this can be an excellent choice entirely.

  • Outstanding image overall
  • Superb construction for extra durability
  • Decent reticle settings for convenience
  • Stiff magnification turret
  • Low-light performance is not as good as expected

11. Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scope

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We love Leupold as a brand, and it all comes down from the quality of its products. The VX-5HD would be a perfect example of why – this riflescope comes with all the different features you could need.

The first thing you get is a magnification of 3x up to 15x. That’s a medium-range system for those who are shooting from a few dozen yards up to hundreds of yards without problems.

Yet, it is not the magnification alone that makes it such a great option, but the overall quality of the image. This scope comes with a high-end lens at 44mm.

That’s large enough to let tons of light through, so you can enjoy exceptional aiming results when using.

But the image quality doesn’t work alone. You will also get an illuminated reticle with a Fire Dot Duplex design.

That’s a hugely practical option that offers Motion Sensor Technology, so you can target your objectives much more easily when aiming.

Of course, you will also get windage and elevation settings. The turrets allow easy handling so you can make it work however you prefer.

Yet, it is the Zero Lock CDS that stands out the most, offering fast reverse to zero adjustments when needed.

You will also enjoy the Twilight Max HD Light Management System. It offers an excellent dim-light performance so you can aim and shoot accurately at any time of the day.

All of that wouldn’t be possible without high-end construction. The Guard-Ion Hydrophobic lens coating keeps the scope super durable, scratch-free, and resistant to water, dirt, and fingerprints.

You won’t have anything to worry about when using this scope.

  • Excellent magnification & adjustability system
  • A super resilient lens with unique coatings
  • Comes with different types of reticles to choose from
  • Too heavy for most small rifles
  • Some reticle options can be tricky to use

12. Leupold VX-3i LRP Side Focus Riflescope

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We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning the VX-3i LRP riflescope model. This is a true long-range scope that takes results to a whole new level.

When it comes to quality, you get a high-end 50mm objective lens. With its side-focus design, it allows exceptional shooting at any time.

Yet, it is the quality of the images that stands out the most. You’ll quickly get the target on sight without making much of an effort.

This comes with an LRP adjustment system. You can achieve the ideal elevation and windage targets, so getting accurate shots becomes a piece of cake.

The zero-stop system allows easy reversion when needed, so you don’t waste time or effort doing it yourself.

And that pairs up well with the FFP or first focal plane reticle – a TMR model for extra magnification level.

This reticle is hugely practical as well, especially if you don’t go for the TMR but the Front Local models that come with extra readings.

To enjoy all that to the max, you can use the 6.5-20x magnification. That way, getting close to your target becomes effortless, so you can shoot even more accurately.

Let’s not forget the construction is also ideal. It offers the chance to enjoy superior image quality, as well as an excellent low-light performance with its Twilight Max Management System.

Yet, it is the ability to stand several years of use, shock, fog, water, and even recoil that makes this scope so fantastic. If you want true quality, you wouldn’t think twice before going for the VX-3i LRP from Leupold.

  • High-end construction in its entirety
  • Astounding magnification for long-range shooting
  • Unique adjustment & reticle quality for results
  • Magnification could be better for a long-range optics
  • Reticle options could be hard to pick

How to Get the Best Rifle Scope under 1000

The following factors are essential if you want to choose the best long range scope under 1000. Here, you’ll learn everything there’s to know about riflescope before you make a final choice. Read on!

Objective Lens

This is the first thing most people look for – and it is for a reason. The objective lens refers to the part that people use to look through the scope.

It matters because its size and overall design will tell you how much you can see when looking through it. The larger and better it is, the more quality you’ll receive out of the product overall.

And the way to do that would be to consider its diameter in millimeters. If it has a proper diameter, then it will let more light go through it and offers a broader and brighter image. Otherwise, it will probably not look as expected.

We recommend models that offer at least 34mm of overall objective lens diameter. That’s the ideal objective lens for short and medium ranges. And for the best experience, go for those with 50mm. That would be the perfect option for long-range scopes.

Tube Diameter

After considering the diameter of the lens, then you’ll have to consider the diameter of the tube. This part is also essential because the tube will be where the light will travel through when you’re aiming.

Here, the measurements are slightly different. Most scope tubes go from 20mm up to 34mm or close to that. That’s because the tube needs to be smaller so it can have adjustment turrets on top.

The diameter doesn’t change quality directly, but along with a huge objective lens and overall quality, you can get an excellent product.

If you get a nice diameter with the lens, then going for the right tube diameter may improve the quality overall.

Adjustment Turrets

What are these turrets we talked about several times before? Well, they are the target turrets that people use to adjust their elevation and windage settings.

These settings allow the shooter to adjust their aim according to the environment. But of course, all scopes come with these adjustments.

So, you not only have to make sure that you have them but also ensure that these adjustments are more than ideal.

Here, you will have to look for either MIL or MOA adjustments. But the real matter would be the amount that the turrets can change, and for how much in total.

The more adjustability you get out of the piece, the better will be the turrets and overall scope. And sure enough, you’ll get better results and better performance.

Similarly to the adjustment level, you should also go for a zero-stop system. This feature allows you to go back to zero range on windage and elevation with a simple click.

That makes it easy and fast to come back to general settings without having to make much of an effort.


The reticle is the next thing to look for. This is hugely important because it is the thing that shows you where you’re aiming at.

What varies here? Well, it depends on the model you go for. Some models offer simple Duplex reticles with a cross-like design and a center point. Others are somewhat more complex, with distance markings, windage, elevation, and so on.

Another exciting part of reticles is that you can get illuminated models. These will offer the chance to see exactly where you’re aiming at with even more ease. That’s a huge benefit to add, especially if you’re going hunting or shooting in low-light environments.

Also called crosshairs, you will find them with a wide array of names. You can find VMR, BDC, Duplex, Ballistic, Plex, and more.

They are all different and offer a wide variety of advantages accordingly. Some offer center dots, others are only across with a point, and so on.

Make sure you get the right one according to your needs. Some people like bulky reticles, while others like simplicity better. So be careful when choosing.

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Yes, adjustments are ideal, as well as reticle design. But what really sets everything apart is the magnification. This is probably the second most important thing to look for.

Why? Because magnification tells you how far you can see through the scope – the more magnification you get, the farther you’ll be able to see.

Typically, magnification levels vary depending on the type of scope you get, its tube diameter, adjustments, and lens size. But you can find models going from 2x up to 10x, while some of them start at 5x and end up at 25x.

This changes the different levels of magnification you get, as well as how much or how little. Long-range models, for example, offer between 4x and 25x, while medium and short-range models are between 2x and 20x regularly.

There are many other factors to consider here, but this will give you a general idea of what to look for. So, choose accordingly.

Focal Plane (FFP or SFP)

When we talk about the focal plane, we’re talking about where the reticle stays. For FFP or the first focal point, you get a reticle that sticks to the magnification lenses. So, every time you zoom in or out, the crosshair will move along.

In contrast, SFP or second focal plane reticles stay on the last lens and don’t move. So, even if you change magnification back and forth consistently, the reticle won’t move at all.

Both types of focal points have their advantages. An FFP mode, for example, will be ideal for long-range shooting as it lets the reticle move alone with the zoom. It will provide a more efficient and practical way to calculate distances, windage, elevation, and more.

As for SFP, you won’t get the same type of capacity. But you will get more consistency.

That means you won’t have any problem moving the zoom in and out, so you’ll always have something in your aim as long as you don’t move too much. This is excellent for medium and short-range shooters.

Overall, people prefer FFP or first focal point scopes. But they’re both excellent options. For the long-range, FFP would do. But for short-range, you’re probably better off with an SFP.


The last thing to consider when buying scopes is the build. Remember, you’re not on the low end of the price range, but you’re not on the high-end either.

That’s why you must still be aware of what you’re looking for if you want a decent product. Here, we recommend aircraft-grade aluminum above anything else. This adds tons of durability and resilience to the scope.

But that’s only the case of the product. You must also look for nitrogen-purged builds and special coatings on the lenses. That will make the whole scope more resistant to fog, shocks, and water.

To add up, you can also go for special spring-loaded systems. They are often ideal for guns that have a lot of recoils. These systems will prevent any type of move from causing damage.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

It won’t be enough to know about a few factors or small things about rifle scopes under $1000. You will also have to learn about the brands that make them. That’s why we’re talking about the best ones here:


It is one of the oldest scope brands you can get and they are very well-known for their pocket-friendly rifle scopes. Leupold has been making them since the 40s.

That makes it one of the most prestigious brands you can get. But it stands out not for the prestige, but the unbeatable reliability. Leupold would be like the Toyota of scopes – that’s how amazing they are.


The second youngest on the list, Vortex, was founded back in the 80s. Since then, it has been made clear that quality comes from results and functions.

You won’t find any Vortex model to be less than utterly practical. And sure enough, they’re still reliable and well-made for a very decent cost.


This is the youngest on the list. ATN was founded in the 2000s, which makes it one of the newest brands in the market as well.

What sets ATN apart from the competition is the vast array of features like recording, night vision mode, and thermal sensors. You can use ATN scopes for all kinds of shooting.


Burris is the second oldest brand in the list. It was formed in the 70s and has delivered exceptional quality since then.

Burris would be the perfect example of quality and reliability without leaving reasonable prices behind. There are budget Burris scopes, but also high-end models with a friendly price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re genuinely interested in getting the ideal model, then you wouldn’t think twice about wanting to learn more regarding riflescopes.

That’s why we wanted to bring an extra informational section with our FAQs.

Here are some of them:

1. What does MOA mean?

MOA refers to the Minute of Angle. It tells you how much you can change the elevation and windage when setting up the aim.

MOA actually refers to 1/60th of a degree. That is 1.047 inches for every 100 yards through the scope. And that is how much you move when adjusting the turrets of the scope.

2. What does MIL mean?

It is used the same way as MOA, but it has different measurements. Here, you won’t be using 1/60th of an inch, but 1/1000th.

That would be 3.6-inches for every 100 yards. This is a little harder to master, but it offers exceptional accuracy in the long range when the user is experienced.

3. How to use a riflescope?

The first thing is to let the rifle stay still. Then, you can start looking through it and find the target. After you have the target on sight, you can adjust the parallax, windage, and elevation accordingly.

Finish up by changing the reticle and parallax. Once you have the target on view, you can shoot.

4. What’s the difference between fixed & variable scopes?

Fixed scopes refer to those that don’t move when the magnification zooms in or out. In contrast, variable scopes do move when a person adjusts the magnification. Both are excellent choices in their own way.

For example, fixed options work for short-range, while variable options are for long-range.

Final Words

By now, you should be well-aware of what you want to go for. But don’t worry if you aren’t.

It’s all about choosing properly, and that means getting to know as much about these scopes as you can.

The best rifle scope under 1000 is the one with the highest-quality features. That’s what you should strive for. Good luck!

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