Best Hiking Boots Under $50 – Top 10 of 2021

When it comes to hiking, your hiking boots can be your greatest companion on the journey or painful experience. It is because if the boots are supportive and proven to be top-notch, you can make it to the amazing places without getting yourself hurt.

Footwear especially for hiking is no less than the right partner in your life. You always want to end the ties with them if they become additional headache rather than a comfort throughout the journey.

Therefore, you must make the choice of hiking boots seriously and choose wisely for any trekking or hiking adventure.

So, to help you with the selection process, we have lined up the best hiking boots under $50 for you. It is people’s choice list with an authentic rating.

Check it out for both men and women to plan the hiking trip with confidence and finish the trail without hurting your feet on the way.

Best Hiking Boots Under $50 for Men

It is your chance to find the best hiking boots for men. The list includes hi-tech boots with amazing features to support you throughout the hiking trip.

#1. Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Hi-Tec is one of the companies making footwear from the ’70s. It is a reputable brand and Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof hiking boots are known to be the top seller on Amazon.

The deal of getting the boots is a great deal as the waterproof leather along with the nylon straps is great for the ones starting up their hiking activity.

One can choose from the 4 main colors of the boots, Brown/Olive/Snow, Camo, Taupe/Gold, and Bone/Brown/Mustard.

And the most important feature of the boots that attract more people is the price between 50-60 bucks. The shaft of the boots is approximately 5” from the arch. And the steel shank helps in supporting and managing stability while moving.

Getting the comfort and convenience of hiking for this amount of money is a choice that no one wants to deny. The boots are not only high in look and style but high in comfort, durability, and performance too. It is easy to carry in the backpack as it is light-weight.

The removable contoured insole made from foam guarantees comfort and the collar of the boots protect your ankle and upper foot. It is all good, but some people say that extra padding can make tying of lacing difficult.

About the waterproofing feature of the boots, it is dependent on the circumstances you put them in. So, in some quite unreasonable conditions, they might not keep your feet dry.


  • Value for money
  • Cushioning for comfort
  • Wide feet option is also available
  • Best choice for the ones starting with their love for hiking


  • Laces are not quite secure as they are hard to tie
  • Not so great for a harder hiking experience
  • The insole is not effectively comfortable

#2. Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka

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The Relment Pelmo is one of the boosts that most people seek with the love of outdoor pleasure. It has durable suede upper and quite protective toe and heel overlays. The seam-seal waterproof feature of the boots makes it more reliable for hiking especially if any beginner is out of their testing waters.

The comfort of the boots lies in the padded tongue along with the soft fabric lining. Moreover, the midsole and Memory Foam insole and the quality aren’t only about the flexibility, but its lugged outsole condenses multidirectional traction.

The options you get in the width are D-standard and 4E extra wide. The relaxed width design makes it more spacious as it helps the owner to fit the shoe just fine. Also, the outsole traction allows you to bend the foot comfortably. The ridges at the front and the back end of the sole aid wearers during descents and ascents.

The midsole is however designed with foam that is thicker at the heel to help you with more shock absorber walk. The construction of the boots with seam-sealed waterproof material gives you a fresh and dry feel during wet encounters.

Finally, you can get the boots in Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, and Grey colors.


  • It is a budget-friendly hiking boot
  • The gear is versatile
  • The width of the boots offers a right fit
  • Excellent cushioning from the boot’s insole
  • It is good for cold-weather hikes


  • The boots are heavy in weight
  • Laces are strong
  • The shaft of the ankle can be very stiff for some hikers

#3. NORTIV 8 Men’s Boots

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If you look at the picture of these brown boots, you will be mesmerized. But the beauty of the hiking boots doesn’t lie in the outlook. The look and style is a bonus, but the quality is all about the protection it can provide to your feet.

The size of the NORTIV 8 waterproof hiking boots is 8.5 M and the construction of it includes leather material and is specially designed for outdoor hiking.

Moreover, the boots are made with heat reflective material and microfiber that gives comfort and keep the boots dry all day. And if you are willing to go wild in the wilderness, the rubber outsole and midsole will help you stay safe during it.

Also, it has multi-directional lugs that are designed for traction on various terrain. So, you get the support through lining and cushioning and stay uptight the whole day.


  • Multi-directional lugs
  • It is also easy to clean with leather conditioner
  • It is heat reflective
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable mesh lining


  • They are less durable for long hours

#4. NORTIV Men’s Ankle High Waterproof Boot

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Hiking is a great opportunity to connect with nature. But enjoying and getting all the pleasure out of this adventure is only possible with the great boots.

As they are an important piece of hiking gear, then you must choose them by keeping all the benefits and quality features in mind.

This is the reason for NORTIV 8 Men’s ankle-high boots are the most popular among the hikers. These boots are offering everything a person needs, protection, comfort, support, traction, and also they are lightweight.

These boots are perfect finest for durability because of the durable rubber outsole, and the protection against abrasion is due to rubber rand at the toe and heel part.

As the name suggests, boots are waterproof and the upper part is made with sturdy material that protects you from almost every hazard that can harm your feet. And for shock absorption, it is equipped with a cushioned EVA footbed.

When we talk about the support, the lacing system of the boots has your back for it. And tractions with multi-directional lugs make you walk all day without any discomfort to your feet and regardless of the roughness of the terrain.


  • Comfortable
  • Construct with durable material
  • Lightweight
  • No break-in period


  • Not as breathable as other boots like this
  • The narrow shape can hurt the wide feet

#5. HI-TEC Skamania Boot

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The boots of HI-Tec men’s new 2018 are getting popular as they are lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. So, if you are looking for a comfortable experience, this can be your ideal choice for taking up the next adventure.

The soft padded collar dips help you wear it comfortably for the whole day. And the most important feature of the shoes is the hardware lacing system that keeps them fit in every situation.

Removable molded EVA and steel shanks provide more support to the foot and save your feet from any shock or strain.

Multi-directional traction rugged rubber is improving the reliability and grip of the boots. So, every feature of the including sturdy suede leather upper is all about support to your feet for all day.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • It has toe guards and heel bumpers


  • It is not an ideal choice for heavy use
  • The toe box is too tight for some hikers

Best Hiking Boots Under $50 for Women

Hiking or any sports like walking or climbing up the rocky trails is not just limited to the boys and men. Nowadays, women are not less than any tough guy who is willing to take risks and walk through difficult paths.

But again, the right boots are the best companion for any one of them on their journey.

#6. Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Boots

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Outdoor escapes are meant to be perfect and if you have a pair of boots like Mountain warehouse adventurer, you are lucky.

The durable synthetic upper of the boots and mesh in the lignin of it allows air to pass and keep your feet cool and comfortable. The high traction and molded footbed.

It makes it more comfortable and keeps your feet safe during adventures. If you are a woman of substance, you will be willing to take a high and tough road. And these are the kind of boots that help you test the waters with their waterproof feature.

The deep lugs add grip and stability to the feet. And if you are seeking longevity, you will be glad to know about the rubber reinforcement at the heel and toe.


  • Waterproof
  • Rubber sole
  • It is breathable and let your feet stay dry and comfortable
  • Extra stability and traction


  • It is said to be a little unfit because of the width

#7. Hi-Tec Women’s Bandera Boot

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Just because you are a woman of strength and power, doesn’t mean, you won’t like anything cute and stylish. This is just a bonus and being a style icon on the hiking trails is great.

It is also popular because of the higher shaft of 5 inches. Also, the padding helps you in reducing the stress over the ankle and save it from twisting. The boots are also offering durability and traction.

People are rooting for their comfort and sturdiness due to the padded collar.  And most importantly, it is available in wide sizes.

So, the long-lasting comfort with a removable molded EVA footbed and the stability make it a great pair of boots for hiking adventure for women.


  • Steel shank provides support and stability
  • Multi-directional traction
  • Ghillie lacing system makes the tying of it secure and safe
  • Lightweight & durable


  • The quality of the material is not so great
  • People also complain of these boots being heavy
  • Lace holders easily break

#8. Northside Pioneer Mid Rise Leather Boot

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Northside Women’s pioneer mind rise boots are known as comfortable, inexpensive, and lightweight. Hikers fall in love with these shoes because they are comfortable and great in any given circumstances.

Well, about the other features of the boots. You may want to know that rugged suede leather on the upper ankle part makes it breathable and mesh lining provides better airflow. And to protect the feet, even more, there is protective rubber on toe.

It is a sporting heel of approximately 1.5 inches and the multidirectional rubber outsole ensures good traction and best shock absorption.

For all-day comfort, you get the padded synthetic collar and tongue. Then, for longevity and reusability, the removable insoles are provided with cushioning.

However, the overall construction may not come as durable as customers expect, but then it is also about the hiking adventures you are taking and what are you expecting from your shoes.


  • Lightweights
  • Multidirectional-traction
  • Inexpensive
  • The ability of shock absorption


  • It may not be the best choice for people with wide feet
  • Not so durable

#9. Nevados Women’s Boomerang II

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It is a product of warmth, comfort, traction, and moister-wicking features. These are one of the boots with 100% leather material along with the moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry in wet weather conditions.

The construction of the boots also includes a thermoplastic rubber toe cap that protects the feet from injury.

The shaft measures 5 inches from the arch and the heel is approximately 1.25 inches. Other than the comfortable features, you can also get a variety of colors in it.


  • Value of money
  • Comfortable and safe
  • An ideal option for traction


  • They are not waterproof
  • Some customers complain about too many adjustments for the padding

#10. Hi-Tec Wn Logan Waterproof Boot

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Hi-Tec is the company dealing with hiking boots and making them inexpensive, but with good quality. The logan boots are constructed with leather and a lightweight fork shank that offers great support to the feet.

The arch support is not enough in them so, you may need an insole for the support and stability.

The outsole is made of rugged rubber that provides amazing grip and durability. With a multi-directional lug, the traction improves and helps you while moving down the hill.

The tongue is gusseted and keeps your feet safe from the dirt or pebbles and from wounding the feet. It is waterproof and the breathable mesh provides a good airflow to keep the feet dry throughout the walk. The shaft of the Logan is approximately 4.75 inches making it a tall shoe.


  • Ankle support is good
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Good gripping


  • Chafing is possible if you don’t wear proper socks
  • Limited color options
  • Weak arch support

Features To Look For in Hiking Boots

Finding the right boots for your hiking adventure is not less than a mission. Hiking is not a random walk to the trail. It is a sport and sport cannot be played with the wrong equipment. And for this sport, the most important factor is your boots.

They are like a road companion and the support of feet on the tough and rocky trails. Therefore, if you are adventurous and want to live the best of your hiking adventure, you can avoid all the troubles coming with the wrong choice of boots.

Remember, it is not something to be selected randomly. So, while you are choosing your next hiking boots. You must look up for some critical factors and features before making a final purchase for the hiking boots. So, the right question is that what do you need to look into?

By the way, if you can increase your budget, don’t forget to check out the best hiking boots for under $100.

Does The Boot Fit Right?

If you are a regular hiker, you must know that your feet swell while you hike. So, fitting is more than your little ramp walk in the stores or at the time of receiving a parcel. Moreover, while you are coming down the hill, your toe-nails can get damage.

Now, when you are purchasing the boots, try them, check pressure points, check toe room and tap your toe. Wear the right pair of socks. Walk as much as you can and check the stability and fitness of the boots before taking a big adventure.


Traction is the main selling point for the boot companies. They know that to avoid the slippery slopes while coming down to hill requires traction and it is the feature that you need too. So, remember that slipping is the most common reason for injury on the trail.

Now, if you don’t want any injuries or want to protect your feet for good. Make sure that you have checked the traction and there is a test for it run by the companies. Moreover, the Hiking shoe traction is achieved with an increase in outsole traction along with the midsole stability.

Water and Dustproof

Waterproof boots are important as you might be walking through the pebbles and wet boots will not only hurt your feet badly, but you can have trouble walking too. The best boots are water-resistant and dustproof.

In this case, many claim the boots to be waterproof, but you need to crosscheck it to be sure about it.


The great hiking boots will always give you enough ventilation to provide comfort and manage the airflow. Otherwise, the feet may get damage during the hot climate conditions. And no one wants to have a hiking adventure on the risk of skin problems.

If the boots are breathable, they will provide the right temperature and humidity inside the boots. So, while you are out for the hiking adventure, you need the breathable feature of the boots to protect your feet from skin problems.

Ankle Support & Toe-Cap

Now, the great hiking boots are not just about taking care of the feet inside them. It protects your feet outside too. For a comfortable hike, they support your ankles. Moreover, the toe cap is also important to protect your toes from getting ripped off because of the long walking.

Strength of Laces

Most of the boots complain about the laces. The strength of the laces is important. If you are out for hiking, you will need strong laces to tie up the boots.

It shouldn’t be only for the one-time run as the hiking trails and adventures are not meant to end because the laces break in the middle of the hill.

So, you need to check their strength on the time and get your boots to replace if there is a problem.


Cushioning is the feature that lets the boots absorb the shock and protect your feet from wounding or from falling. The cushioning increases the duration of impact and reduces the possibility of sock transfer to the muscles.

So, midsole cushioning needs to be in the features otherwise the shoes you are buying are not enough for a rough walk on the rocky trails.


If you are going on rough and snowy terrain, you need stiff soles to maintain the balance on the slippery trail as it helps in carrying heavy loads. Well, the drawback of the stiffening sole is that it can be tiring and energy-consuming.


Durability is an undeniable factor. You cannot rely on boots that are not offering any durability to you.

So, to stand on your feet even in the rough conditions of the trail, you need to ensure that the hiking boots you are purchasing are durable and stable for you to carry out the adventure you are looking for.

Special Tips: Don’t forget to carry bear sprays if you are going on any bear trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Comfortable Hiking Boots?

The most comfortable boots for hiking are the ones with ultimate comfort, traction, slip-resistant, waterproof, and breathable. Moreover, the comfortable boots are needed to have the most important feature and that is shock absorption.

So, when you are looking for comfortable boots, they are not only about the style and design, they are required to be stable and resilient throughout the journey or a walk.

What is Better Hiking Boots or Hiking Shoes?

Hiking shoes are softer as compare to hiking boots. Moreover, the shoes are good enough for the gentler terrains and in dry weather. So, if you are going for the simple hiking trails or terrain, you can use hiking shoes for it.

However, for the tougher trails, you need hiking boots to keep your feet safe and have a fantastic trip without causing yourself pain.

Should I Get a Half Size Bigger for Hiking Boots?

Keep in mind that your feet will swell during the walk and fitting may get tighter if you purchase the normal size of your shoe. However, with the half-size boots, you will also not be able to wear extra socks which are normally required in snowy trails.

Also, while you are walking down the hill, your feet will slide a bit inside and may cause you injury or damage your feet on the way.

How Do I Choose the Right Boots for Hiking?

There are many crucial factors to choose the right hiking boots for your hiking trip. Check the fitness of the boots, the type of boots, and the reliable choices for the type of hiking trip you are planning.

Moreover, the material of the boot and the construction of it is also important for you to get the right boots.

Is Cotton Socks Bad or Good for Hiking?

You may realize by the time that boots are not the only important element for a hiking trip. You need the right pair of socks too.

Cotton socks are normally considered bad for hiking because they absorb too much moisture and they are heavy as compare to any other socks.

Also, if the cotton socks get wet, they take more time to dry and wetness can just cause more problems to your feet.

Final Thoughts

Finally, making a choice for cheap hiking boots is a considerable and important task and one must keep every essential point in mind before choosing it. So, if you are going to choose based on price, just don’t.

Always consider the value for money, if the boots are expensive but better than many in protection and comfort – they are always the ones to choose for the adventure.

Another way is to go for the customer choice or someone who has experienced the boots before and the ones that can rate the boots for your understanding of quality.

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